Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Handmade Jewellery #1: Coleyyyful

Hello cupcakes!

I have always had a love for jewellery and recently have been supporting my fellow bloggers in purchasing some of their handmade creations and wanting to do a little handmade jewellery series on my blog to share the love with you as there are many creative blogger amongst us!

First up, I recently won some small brown cross earrings from the lovely Cole which i wanted to share with you.
I have been eyeing up her handmade jewellery for quite some time as they are such affordable prices and lovely designs including lots of cross jewellery which i love and i will be placing an order as soon as she has some gold designs in! She also sells lovely little friendship bracelets too! 

I entered her twitter giveaway last week and to my surprise i won these little cuties! My pictures most definitely dont do them any justice! She also has these in a turquoise which are equally as gorgeous! These retail in her shop for a bargainous £2.50 which i think is amazing value and im sure you will agree! 

Thank you so much Nichole! You can view her shop here.

Are there any other bloggers shops that i should check out? Or do you sell handmade jewellery yourself? I would love a peep! 

Monday, 26 September 2011

Review: Boudoir Prive September 2011 Box

Hi everyone!

I was recently sent the September Boudior Prive box. If you are unaware of what Boudior Prive is like it is basically like the Glossybox but it is £10 a month including postage and you receive 5 or 6 deluxe sample size products in a luxury box. You can also cancel at any time. 
The Boudoir Prive box itself is a gorgeous light pink sturdy box with a magnetized flap and the Boudoir Prive logo on the top. Housed inside is a hand written note (by none other than the gorgeous Vivianna from Vivianna Does Makeup who is their new intern!) which i think is a lovely personal touch! There is also a pink bow, black tissue paper and a leaflet with in depth information on each product you have received in the box. 

Inside was 6 sample sized products and i instantly recognised the Zoya nail polish! 
The box included: 
Colbert MD Nourish Eye Cream
A product ive never heard of which makes me think this box is more luxe than other boxes similar to this on the market. I am always on the look out for a good eye cream now that i am getting older so i am looking forward to giving this a whirl. A full size 15ml product of this eye cream retails for a whopping $110! Fingers crossed i dont fall in love with it as i cant afford to pay out that much to repurchase! 
 Zoya Nail Polish in 'Tao' 
This is the product i was most happy with seeing in my box! The colour is gorgeous and a perfect summer for the transition into Autumn. I also love the swatch plate of the Zoya smoke & mirrors collection which has definitely got me lusting after some of the other shades. This is a 7.5ml bottle which is half the size of a full size bottle (15ml) which retails for around £10. 
Mai Couture Blot and Bronze
A product i have never heard of or seen before! A blotting powder that is also a bronzer! I am so intrigued by this product & cant wait to try it!
Cargo Boogie Nights Eye Liner
I have most definitely heard of the brand cargo before but never tried anything from their range. The eye liner i received is a blue shimmery eyeliner which i would have never of dreamed of trying before although i am most definitely willing to give this a try instead of my usual black. 
 Tropic Skincare Body Smooth
I am always on the look out for a body exfoliator and again ive never heard of Tropic skincare.  A large 200ml size of the Tropic Skincare Body Smooth retails for £19.95. 
Agent Provocateur L'Agent
I am a fan of the original Agent Provocateur scent and the L'Agent is one that i hadnt tried before. This one doesnt dissapoint, it is much more musky than the original and a scent that would be suited more for an evening. This is a 1.5ml sample. 
Macadamia Hair Repair 
I have been intrigued by hair oils for a while and have already given the Macadamia hair oil a whirl! It is a good sample size in a glass bottle and smells lovely. I rubbed a little into my ends when my hair was damp and it definitely feels much smoother. This is a 10ml size bottle which retails for £5.75. 

There is no doubt in the fact that the Boudoir Prive box is worth the £10 posted price that they charge each month. The packaging is outstanding, i love the pale pink magnetized box which will make great storage! You already have your £10 back just from the Zoya polish and the Macadamia hair repair oil. I do love the element of surprise and the gift like package each month! 

Sunday, 25 September 2011

GIVEAWAY: Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool

Hi everyone!

If you recently read my review on the Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool (Link!) you will know that i really got on really well with using the product and i was going to give one away! So here is what you have been waiting for! 

1.  You must be a follower of my blog either by Bloglovin' or Google friend connect as i would love this prize to go to someone who enjoys my blog.

2. Leave a comment below with one product you would love to try from the Sigma Website (Link here!) 

3. Leave you email address so i can contact you if you win

4. The prize will be sent straight from Sigma themselves 

5. The giveaway is open internationally, to anyone in the world!

6. It starts now & will close on the 16th October 2011, so you have 3 weeks to enter!

Good luck! 

Friday, 23 September 2011

Boots 17 Autumn Collection & Swatches

♥ 'Broken Hearted' Eyeshadow Trio & 'Sulk' Nail Polish ♥
Sulk is a gorgeous blue turquoise nail polish with shimmer that looks different in different lights and the Broken Hearted eyeshadow trio consists of a green-grey, dark Forrest shimmery green and a dark grey. They are extremely pigmented, especially the dark silver shimmer as you can see from the swatches below. The nail polish retails for £2.99 and the eyeshadow trio £5.49. 
♥ 'Vengeance' Eyeshadow Trio & 'Revenge' Nail Polish ♥
Revenge nail polish is absolutely gorgeous and the colour changes with the light however i must state that this was the streakiest nail polish out of the three and isnt opaque in one coat like the other two, it takes a bit more work. The 'Vengeance' eyeshadow trio is equally as gorgeous and very wearable and contains a pale lilac, dark purple and a taupe-purple (which is my favourite shade in this duo!) 
♥ 'Enraged' Trio Eyeshadow & 'Fury' Nail Polish ♥
Possibly my favourite eyeshadow & nail polish combo out of the 3 i was sent. The eyeshadow trio is neutral and right up my street. It is simply stunning. I cannot quite begin to explain how pigmented the eyeshadows are. They need a slight swipe with your finger, are buttery soft to touch and give a high colour pay off as you can see from the swatches. I will get a lot of use out of this trio! As above, the nail polish retails for £2.99 and the eyeshadow trio £5.49. 
♥ Nail Polish Swatches ♥
Im sure you will agree each of the colour duos are extremely Autumnonal and im sure there is something for everyone! The prices are extremely affordable and the quality is high, especially of the eyeshadow duos which i was pleasantly surprised with! 

The 17 Autumn Collection is available to buy in Boots & now. 

Will you be purchasing? 

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New Britney Spears Perfume: Cosmic Radiance

Hello cupcakes!

You may remember way back last year ( a year bang on to be exact!) i reviewed the Britney Spears Radiance Perfume (Link!) today i have Britneys newest addition to share with you which is out today! 

As i have said many times before i am a massive fan of Britney Spears perfumes (celebrity perfumes in general really!) and i usually have at least one in my perfume collection. I am a HUGE Britney fan (Would love to go see her in concert later this year!) and my favourite Britney music video has to be 'Hit me baby one more time!' this song is such a classic! I also loved her in the film 'Crossroads' as i love the song 'im not a girl, not yet a woman'. Anyway reminiscing over...onto the fragrance!
“I believe that all women can create their own world where they shine the brightest.  It’s all about having the power and confidence to be yourself.  When I wear my new scent, COSMIC radiance, I feel beautiful, empowered and sexy,” 
Britney Spears
Britney Spears is the Number 1 celebrity fragrance brand in the whole entire world! COSMIC Radiance is also a Eau De Parfum so lasts much longer on the skin & the smell lingers more than a EDT. 

The scent behind COSMIC Radiance was inspired by Britneys Album 'Femme Fatale' the fragrance is a tribute to bold, empowered, strong and confident women. It is an extremely feminine and floral scent which i absolutely love and find it not as strong or sweet smelling as Radiance is so if you werent too keen on that then im sure you will love this. 

It is infused with citrus, succulent fruits such as pear and lychee and white flowers with notes of amber, sandalwood and vanilla to make a perfect, floral scented perfume. 

First impressions are that I love the box, it is pink and shiny which is always a plus point for me, with a large picture of Britney looking stunning on the other side! The bottle is hefty and made out of glass like the Radiance perfume, however the difference this time is that it has a black and white designed bottle. The lid is plastic and it has 'COSMIC Radiance Britney Spears' emblazoned down on side of the bottle. 

Prices will be: 
30ml - £23
50ml - £29
100ml - £38
So they are exactly the same as last year and haven't increased at all which is always a bonus!
To celebrate the launch of COSMIC radiance BRITNEY SPEARS™ we are giving away the chance to win an out of
this world experience with… the Femme Fatale herself!  From 21st September – 18th October, we will be
giving away
TWO tickets every HOUR to the much anticipated Femme Fatale tour, plus one bright star will win
two VIP passes to
MEET BRITNEY at the Wembley London show including flights, accommodation, VIP tickets and backstage passes.

For more information on how to enter go to

Britney Spears Cosmic Radiance is due out TODAY (21st September 2011) & will be available in Boots and from

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Vivo Cosmetics

Hello cupcakes!
I was recently sent a couple of products from Vivo Cosmetics. From what i can gather Vivo are a cosmetics range that will be launching in Tesco stores soon (if not already) with prices starting at £1.50 and creeping up to £6. I am yet to find them in my Tesco though and take a look at the full range! 
♥ Trio Eyeshadow Palette ♥
This is my favourite product out of the three things i have been sent! The Vivo trio eyeshadow palettes come specifically with three colours that will compliment each other. They are nicely pigmented and buttery soft to touch with a shimmery finish (my favourite!). I must admit i was pleasantly surprised. These retail for £2.50 and i have spotted a neutral palette in the range so i may have to pick it up! Available in 5 different trios to chose from.
♥ Pressed Powder Compact ♥
The VIVO Pressed Powder compact comes in a silver mirrored compact with a sponge puff & 'Vivo' embossed into the powder. This is available in 3 shades only and i believe the shade i have 'Antique Shade' is the darkest out of the 3 which will most definitely be a problem for women with a darker skin tone. This currently is a touch too dark for my skin tone and would have been more suited to shade 1 or 2. It is pigmented and has a good colour pay off without being chalky. This retails at the bargain price of £2.39. 

♥ Shimmer & Shine Lipgloss ♥
The Vivo Shimmer & Shine lipgloss come in 3 shades, nude shimmer, just peachy and pink frost. The shade i have is pink frost, a sheer pale pink with shimmer. This isnt overly sticky to apply on the lips, leaves a shimmery sheen and smells lovely. The Shimmer & Shine lipglosses retail for £1.99 which again is a bargain.
♥ Swatches ♥
Have you tried any products from the Vivo range? Do you plan to pick some up on your next trip to Tesco?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Review: Sigma Beauty Cleansing & Polishing Tool

Hello everyone!

As part of the Sigma Affiliate Programme I was sent the Cleansing & Polishing Tool (Link!) which i have been using for the past few weeks. As soon as i saw it released i thought that it looked quite similar to the Clarisonic which i have wanted to try for a while but at a much cheaper price! 
The Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool comes with the tool itself and also three different brush heads in soft (pink), medium (pink/white) and firm (white). 
It comes in a cute pink and white striped box, and the tool itself along with the brush heads are housed in a pink, frosted plastic case. 

I personally use the soft brush head for cleansing and polishing my face as my skin can be quite sensitive and when using this daily i want to be as gentle as i can. I remove my makeup with a face wipe previous to using the actual tool itself and then I apply some of my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish to the brush head when its on the tool. I do this because i dont want to Cleansing & Polishing tool to act as a makeup remover but more as a skin exfolitator. 

On a morning, i use this with my Liz Earle cleanse & polish again but without the need to use a face wipe first and then tone and moisturise as usual. 

Sigma suggest that you use the medium and firm brush heads for body exfoliation although i am sure you can use these on your face too if you dont use it as often. 
The price itself is the winning factor to me, this retails at $39 which in UK terms is just under £25. Amazing value! The Clarisonic retails for well in excess of £100! So it is at least a quarter of the price! 

With constant use, morning and night this has well and truly transformed my skin. My skin went through a patch where it was absolutely terrible to the point i was contemplating panoxyl which i believe is for acne.  Cleansing & Polishing with this tool, which is extremely simple and with the Liz Earle product on top is the winning combination for my skin! It is now pretty much completely clear. It is so simple to use and literally takes a minute of your day. It leaves my skin extremely cleansed and polished. 

It has two speed settings, however i use the fastest as i find that the slowest is too slow. It takes 2 AA batteries which arent included and is water resistant so you can use in the shower if you chose to do so! :) 

Overall, i love the Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool. The price is amazing and the quality of the product exceeds the price. It is quite heavy and doesnt seem like a cheap product at all. It is so easy and quick to use and the brush heads can be changed with ease. I also love the carry case of this tool! So you can keep everything nice and neat and altogether! 

If you order anything through Sigma here then you will receive a free gift if you spend $30! 

I have a giveaway of the Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool coming up in the next couple of days so please look out for that! 

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