Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Giveaway Winner & Make A Wish!

Afternoon all!

Hope you are all well!

First things first, this will be a bit of a rambley post as i wanted to cram everything into one! A couple of days ago i reached 3000 google friend connect followers on my blog, wowsers! That is a massive number and i want to thank each and every one of you for following, reading and commenting! You all make it so worth while! I have been blogging nearly 2 years now (the time has absolutely flown by!) and i have loved every minute of it! Thank you Thank you!

Secondly, thank you to everyone that entered my Serenata Giveaway to win a hamper! It closed yesterday and I had 75 entries in total. I used random.org to find the winner and it chose number 4 so...
The lucky winner of the hamper is Kate Louise! 

Congratulations lady! I will email you now!

Thirdly, the Fairy Hobmother from Appliances Online ( who sell various appliances including Washing Machines ) is making her way around the blogosphere bringing joy and happiness to the worlds bloggers and granting wishes!

I left a wish on Emily from http://www.sparkleandshade.com/ blog for clothes as i start a new job next month and i am in need of some appropriate attire! Yesterday, i received a email from the Fairy Hobmother herself granting me with a very generous amazon gift voucher to spend on what i like! Amazing right? Thank you very much Fairy Hobmother! You made my day! 

As a added bonus, the Fairy Hobmother herself has asked that if you leave a comment on this post and make a wish you could be visited by her! 

Finally (if you have got to here well done!) posts i have coming up include:
Liz Earle Skin Tint Review
Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation Review
Whooga UGG Boots
Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool Review (+ a GIVEAWAY!) 

Remember to leave you wishes below, you never know it may be you that is visited by the Fairy Hobmother next!



  1. Seen this on so many peoples blogs now, it's such a cute idea to grant wishes :)

    I'd love some new clothing as my wardrobe is so dull and dreary at the moment, I'm literally living on leggings and an array of plain white tees! :(

    Or I'd definitely treat my Mum & Nanna to something special as they've done so much for me these past few years and I owe them back. They're the best two people on this earth in my eyes, and I don't know where I'd be in certain situations if it wasn't for them. I'd love to be able to treat them to something to thank them for all they've done. They're the type of people who love to pamper themselves whether it be a spritz of new fragrances or simple beauty pleasures! It'd truly make their week! x

  2. YAY! Thats such an achievement well done on all the followers!

    Look forward to the Liz Earle Skin Tint post, I have this to try as well.
    I have heard lots about the Illamasqua Skin base so this will be good to see.

    I think the Fairy Hobmother is very kind with her wishes!

    I would also wish for an Amazon Gift voucher to buy my grandad birthday present as his birthday is soon and I like to spoil him.

    Thanks hun x

  3. My wish has to be for a new bag for college - There are a few that I have my eye on, but it would be lovely for my recently made redundant mum to not have to shell out on my behalf!

    Congrats to the giveaway winner!

    Sara xx

  4. Well done to katie Louise on her win, it was a really generous prize; v.jealous!

    I wish for a new suitcase; my mother very kindly broke mine when she borrowed it to go on holiday and has never replaced it for me :(


  5. Well done on your 3000 followers hun, you deserve them! I love your blog.

    Aww i'm loving all the love that the Fairy Hobmother is spreading. If I had a wish I would ask for a new iPod as mine is breaking and the sound goes all crackly whenever I move while using it :(


  6. Absolutely delighted that you reached 3000 followers, you deserve them because your blog is so lovely!

    I think Amazon vouchers sound like the greatest thing to get, with my Masters coming up it would be nice not to have to spend all my moola on textbooks!


  7. Congrats on the followers again hun :) well deserved!

    I opened my wardrobe today to find,
    A moth had been very unkind.
    He'd found my worth clothes and munched through,
    And now I need to buy work clothes of new.

    Unfortunately I am very tall,
    And finding clothes is no ball,
    So fairy Hobmother, please help me!
    This rag-clothed Cinders longs to be free!

    And if the Hobmother is feeling very flush,
    then off to Paris I'd love to rush,
    Any vouches to pave my way,
    would be greeted with a hip-hooray!

    Fingers crossed xx

  8. What a lovely idea!
    My wish would be to have an SLR camera. I adore photography but as I am hopefully going to uni next month there's no way i'll be able to buy one for a few years!

  9. Well done to Kate! I'd wish for some new clothes for college, despite a recent shopping trip. I barely got anything, I am in need of stocking up on some basics as a I have like no clothes at the moment!!

  10. Well done on the win!! I would love the Fairy Hobmother to visit me so I could give something to my boyfriend. He is really upset at the moment because his Grandad passed away on Sunday. I don't know what would help him smile for a little while though, maybe a dvd? I don't know, I just want him to be a bit happier. His dad lives alone and he has been the most amazing support for him when he has been ill, so he really deserves a little treat. I know nothing will help him with the pain, but a little distraction for a couple of hours would be nice. xxx

  11. Well done on 3000 followers... can't imagine what that feels like and all the hard work you must have put in so well done!! :D

    Also congratulations to Kate!!

    I am fairly new to the blog world so haven't actually heard of the Fairy Hobmother but i have just has a quick look around and think she is amazing. It's so amazing for something like this to happen in this day and age... did i just sound really old??

    If the Fairy Hobmother is listening (reading) i would wish for a new fridge or a chest freezer. When i moved out i bought them off my Auntie and both are barley working now 3 years later.

    Nicola xx

  12. Wow well done on the followers hun thats amazing :D x

    My wish would be for some lovely things to fill up our conservatory, my husband and I have just bought our first house together so lots of rooms are looking bare, and I would love to fill our conservatory with pretty things to make it feel like a home :D

  13. I would love for the fairy hobmother to give me a food processor as I am about to move in with my boyfriend and want to make nice meals!

    Anna x

  14. wow so many things to comment on lol, well done on reaching 3000, you deserve it. congrats to the hamper winner, enjoy it :D i hope you show us the things you get with your vouchers :D

    If i could wish for anything at the moment it would be some new, matching bedding and bed linen. i moved in with my boyfriend over a year ago but we spent money getting furniture etc so would be great to make the bedroom look more grown up :D

    have a great day


  15. Congrats on the win....lucky you!

    What would I wish for from the Fairy Hobmother? Peace and harmony across the UK, of course. But something perhaps a little more achievable? The perfect vintage typewriter. I spotted one in my local charity shop but I just couldn't bring myself to part with the money. Tis a very poor month!

    T x

  16. Congratulations!

    My wish would be fall & winter clothes for my husband and I for the coming semester. We are in desperate need of new coats and boots and as I am graduating in December I need interview clothes badly. What a cute idea...the Fairy Hobmother :). Adorable.

  17. Well done, that's a hell of a lot of followers!

    The Fairy Hobmother is such a good idea! I wish for some Lize Earle skincare because everyone raves so much about it but I can't afford to spend so much on it! My skin is a sorry state due to it being so sensitive and I hate having to cover up all my redness, eczema and urticaria with makeup!


  18. Well done on you 3000 followers and your win!
    Oooo a chance for a wish from the Fairy Hobmother!
    Hmmm, my iPod was nicked a few months back & when I join the gym in a few weeks time, it's gonna be very lonely without it!
    So I would wish for something that I can put towards getting myself a new iPod, as on a student budget it's taking me a long while to save up!

    Rhiannon x

  19. Congratulations on the followers, your blog is amazing so it isn't surprising!!

    I would have to wish for a Michael Kors rose gold watch as it is absolutely beautiful and I have been lusting after one for ages. Or if I'm very lucky a brown/tan Mulberry Alexa!!

  20. Congratulations on the followers! Wow!
    I wish for some new clothes (or vouchers to spend on clothes!). I'm hopefully starting Uni next month and have very little clothes. It's a new start so I want to make a good impression!

  21. Here's to the next 3000 followers ;)

    If I had one wish........

    ....... Well havng two small people to keep entertained over the summer (and whilst I catch up on reading blogs) I would have to wish for something for my children. I love them loads xxxxx

  22. Well done :)

    I wish for a nice present for myself as it was my birthday the other day so I think I deserve something nice as I'm another year older..boo! :(

  23. Congrats on the 3000 followers! Such a huge number! Give yourself a big pat on the back!!!

    My wish would be for some ikea or Argos vouchers. We are just in the process of buying our first home but only have a budget of 750 to decorate and furnish with!! Deck chairs in the living room :)


  24. great job (:

    My wish would be for a homecoming dress. As I don't have much money to spare for one.

  25. Congratulations on all your followers! I really trust your views and opinions on products and websites so look forward to your posts! :)

    Hello Fairy Hobmother :) If i could have one wish it would be for accessories and furnishings for my new bedroom. I'm trying to go for the shabby chic theme but so far have black furniture! - I have a way to go! xo

  26. OOooh lucky you! :)
    My wish would be for some new makeup - I have NO money at all at the moment and my collection needs brightening up! I've had a rubbish day and this would certainly make me smile!



  27. I'm moving to London from Malta for a year for my Masters. Since rent is so expensive in London I had to limit myself to a very small room. I would love to receive a next voucher cos I found the most perfect duvet cover and carpet to brighten up my dreary room :)

    thank you xxx

    GFC yana_mifsud

    email: yanuccia@hotmai.com

  28. Congratulations on 3000 followers! You deserve it :)

    If I could make a wish it would be for money for a new rucksack for school - sounds boring but it is something I need and I have my eye on a really cute one!

  29. congratulations on 3000 followers! im quite a recent follower but lovee your blog! :)

    i hadn't heard of the Fairy Hobmother before, but i love the idea of it! :D
    my wish is similar to yours - for new clothes as i've been sorting through my wardrobe and realise i am in desperate need of new clothes for starting at my new college this september!

    once again, massive congratulations on reaching 3000+ followers! :)

    nicola xx

  30. wow, firstly well done honey on reaching a wonderful amount of followers. you should feel v proud and it reflects the hard work you clearly put into your blog.
    I have to admit - I hadn't heard of the Fairy Hobmother until now, (living under a rock much?!) but think it is a super idea. I would wish for some supermarket vouchers to give to my little brother. He is moving to uni next month and I would love to think of him settling in with a well stocked fridge!
    oh and maybe an iPad2 for the boyfriend! ;)


  31. Congrats to the winner!

    How kind is the Hobmother? I think I would need some clothes as I'm soooo poor with my tight university budget. I would need a job too, but I'm scared I would have to do too many hours and that it would affect my grades...

  32. Congratulations!
    FAO The Fairy Hobmother: I've just started a job in retail despite spending two years training to be a science teacher (no jobs!) and my first wage at the end of the month will go on my car tax and rent, I'd love a little something to spend on myself after all my hard work! There are so many beautiful frocks around and I am totally skint! Fingers crossed.....!

  33. All I wish for is the country to get back to normal, unfortunately even fairyhobmother can't grant this one :(

    My wishes are pointless in comparison


  34. I love the wishes that the fairy hobmother is granting! I've been wishing for something to treat myself with but an amazon voucher sounds good as there's all sorts of lovely things to choose from! I'm also desperate for a kindle as I'm commuting loads at the moment and need something to keep me entertained!

    Lauren xx


  35. Aw wow! A, congrats my beautiful friend!! So proud of you reaching such a massive following you defo deserve it!

    I have to say I feel a little in the dark about this Fairy Hobmother stuff! I haven't heard too much about it! If I could have any wish granted right now it would be for a new job because I am just getting so fed up and down about constantly going through the process of finding a suitable one, applying, gearing up for interview, thinking I have it, I must have this one! and then finding out I don't. It is so destroying :(

    I doubt highly the Fairy Hobmother can grant me that wish so failing that I am dying, seriously, dying to pack in my current job and do some travelling of America. Take six months or so out and just do my own thannng! And whilst I have a about three savings funds going on and bills to pay that leaves me with no money to buy travl-ly things, such as guides etc and get a real plan going!

    Gotta say I'm pretty in love with Computer Girls poem, fab!!!!

    Love you loads babes,xxxxx

  36. congrats on reaching 3000 followers :) you totally deserve it!

    I wish for an iPod touch! I'm going to college next year and I know for a fact I'm going to be crying myself every night to sleep because I'll miss my family a lot. My laptop doesn't have a webcam, and so an iPod touch would be perfect because it has the facetime feature and my dad has an iPhone. Plus I can listen to music as I work out haha...and maybe play the occasional fruit ninja :P

  37. Dear Fairy Hobmother,
    You are the best thing in the blogging world in these recessionary times! I have been looking after family and worrying franctically about money that I have kinda being distant from blogging! I wish for a voucher for amazon or somewhere that I could purchase clothes or makeup to blog about and make me happy and my lovely ladies happy! and once Im happy everyone around me will be! :)

  38. :O That's me!! *squeals* Thank you SO much - this is such perfect timing as I have someone in mind at the moment who really needs cheering up. Shall check my emails now - thank you again! <3 :D xoxox

    PS: Congrats on the followers hun and good luck to everyone with their wishes! x

  39. Congrats on 3000! Hey fairy :) i wish for some books.. i start a new training course in September and the books i need are pretty expensive :( xxx


  40. If the lovely fairy hob mother visited me, my wish would be for some new music cd's, books and dvd's. I'm about to go and house sit at my mums for 3 weeks and need some new entertainment while I am there!!

  41. My wish would have to be new clothes too, I'm currently looking for a job and find it really hard to put interview outfits together from what I already have :) xx

  42. Congrats for 3000! You deserve it hun (: Ooo The fairy hob mother! Well i'd love a DSLR, to make my blog pictures better and also because my camera broke! I'm trying to save up for one but they are so expensive and i just don't have the money : ( This is a great idea and i'm glad girlies on the blogosphere are getting rewarded! (: xxx

  43. Ahh I need to make a wish, I've heard so much but haven't participated! :) Starting my postgraduate degree in October, so I wish for a new bag for uni - haven't bought one in over a year and I've been saving for one that I wont have to change every year :) I'd wish for appliances but I'm living in halls.. :/

    Congrats on 3000 Sinead! Your recent posts have all been amazing, looking forward to more :)

  44. congratulations on reaching 3000 followers! I would love the Fairy Hob mother to visit me with some vouchers maybe I could use to treat my boyfriend to as he is forever spoiling me and is working crazy hours this Summer on placement. Would just be nice to give a little something extra back. xxx

  45. Congratulations on reaching 3000, that's amazing!!!

    My wish for the fairy would be some new reading material, i've recently been made redundant so inbetween applying for jobs which can be so tedious at times, reading a good book would be very appreciated :).

    Sadie xx

  46. congrats on reaching 3000 followers hun its great and i love your blog.

    My wish it to be able to treat my fiance to something nice. Hes just had an major operation and spend 2 weeks in hopstial. He had a bad turn but is ont the road to rovery. After all that hes been through i would love to treat him to somethings nice to cheer him up.


  47. Congrats you gorgeous girl on the 3000, I am so very happy to be one of them as you know how much I adore you!

    My wish would be for a new Laptop because Lydia (yes she has a name) is dying, she's got slow and doesn't do what I ask her to do but she is very old too, I need her to obviously blog but more importantly talk to my sister on the other side of the world!!


  48. ohh i really need a wish granting from the fairy hobmother, my boyfriends been unemployed for 8 months and we're being forced out of our current home. i'm gonna have to find all the money from somewhere and when we move in we wont be able to have much money for appliances and stuff :(
    would be SO grateful for any help!!

    love this idea of spreading love though, great job fairy hobmother!

  49. Congrats to Kate for winning and to you for reaching 3000 followers.

    I'd wish to be able to give my granny a little surprise and cheering up since she was burgled last saturday and as well as a lot of her jewellery she lost a lot of sentimental possesions which belonged to my late grandfather so she's not been feeling too great about it.
    Its the second time in a few years shes been robbed so its very sad.

    I'm sure she would smile a lot if I could give her a little something like the murder she wrote box set so she could take some detective tips from there.


  50. Well Done on reaching 3000 followers- thats a crazy amount of people reading what you've got to say :)

    My wish is for a new handbag. I bought one the other day online and its not what I was expecting and is getting sent back, its too small for my uni stuff and I'm gutted!



  51. I would wish for something to cheer me up - Alex Monroe Owl hoop earrings - I have been lusting after these for years and hope to get them for my 40th next year.

    For my Mom and Dad, I would wish for Amazon vouchers so I could purchase the Morecambe and Wise complete box set for him and Miranda series 2 for Mom.

    A smaller wish - a donation to Macmillan Nurses who looked after my Aunt.


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