Saturday, 20 August 2011

Aussie Giveaway Winners!

Evening ladies!

Just a quick one! I had around 60 entries for my Aussie Giveaway so thank you so much everyone! I loved reading all your reasons to celebrate and some of them had me in tears! I roped the mister in to help me chose and we picked our favourite 7!
The winners are...
Steph is celebrating life! She is extremely happy and content with everything in her life at the moment and wants to celebrate this with everyone around her! A huge thing to be celebrating lovely! 
Charlotte is celebrating moving back in with her lovely boyfriend, future plans with bloggers who have become friends and all the wonderful friendships she has made through blogging! A wonderful celebration im sure you will agree! 
Ellie is celebrating losing weight and feeling great! She is going on holiday soon so will now feel comfortable and confident on the beach! Congratulations Ellie, such an amazing achievement! I loved reading your entry hun and really thought you were such a deserving winner, a true inspiration!
Sarah is celebrating quite a few things! She has just graduated from University with a first class degree, massive congratulations hun! She is also celebrating the beginning! The beginning of life, job opportunities within the beauty industry and reaching 500 followers on her blog! The world definitely is your oyster! Congratulations Sarah! 
Naomi is celebrating her friends 21st Birthday next week and has lots of fun things planned! Her Auntie has just been diagnosed with kidney disease with the only positive for Naomi is that she is celebrating living life to the full and valuing relationships with friends and family. A perfect reason to celebrate Naomi! 
Amanda is celebrating been cancer free and in remission for one year! Her hair became thin through treatment and she would love some Aussie products for her hair! Amandas comment was one that really touched me and brought me to tears, I hope you enjoy your products Amanda! 
Danielle is celebrating her daughters 1st Birthday and a pain free life as she had gallstones after her pregnancy which left her in pain. She is also celebrating getting engaged to her long term boyfriend and moving out of her parents house into a flat with her lovely fiance and daughter! Congratulations Danielle Jane, looks like you have lots to celebrate!

I hope you all feel that the 7 that won are such deserving winners with lots to celebrate in their life! Congratulations everyone you will all receive a Aussie Summer Party Pack!

 I will email you all now for your address and pass your details onto Aussie!

Thank you again everyone for entering! I loved reading your entries! I wish i could give you all something!



  1. Congrats to all the winners, they all really deserve it :)
    Lucy x

  2. OH MY GOD, Thank you so so so so much Sinead, I've just ran around my flat with excitement and called my Mum up on the phone haha. I'm so happy. Totally made up now :D :D

    Danielle Jane

  3. Sinead, I can't thank you enough!! I can't believe I have won. I'm so excited and can't wait for my prize. Thank you :)

    Naomi xxx

  4. OMG thats me!!! wow! :o thank you lovely!! totes made my week!! xxxxxxxx

  5. Thank you so much sinead, I've never won anything. Amanda xxxx

  6. congrats to the winners :D


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