Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Illamasqua Cream Blush Collection & Swatches

Morning lovelies!

As i preach my love for Illamasqua Cream blushes in a few blog posts and recommend them to everyone i know and since i have recently acquired a new one, i wanted to show you my mini collection!
♥ Illamasqua Cream Blush in 'Promise' ♥
This is the first cream blush i owned and the one i keep banging on about! It is a gorgeous, creamy barbie pink, that blends beautifully and has amazing colour pay off that lasts all day! Please excuse the dirty MAC 109 brush hairs that are left behind! I have had this forever, use it almost daily and can only just start to see the pan in the centre of the compact. I will definitely repurchase this once i ran out! 
♥ Illamasqua Cream Blush in 'Rude' ♥
This is the colour that i have been after the longest and i dont really know why it took me so long to purchase? It was on sale on ASOS a couple of weeks ago for a bargainous £12 and it would have been rude not to buy! (see what i did there?!) Although i havent used it yet, i know im going to love it! Again, it is highly pigmented, looks scarily orange in the pan but blends to a gorgeous peach. 
♥ Illamasqua Cream Blush in 'Sob' ♥
I bought this at the same time as i did promise and as you can see it has stayed unused, my reason for this? I thought it looked identical to promise and when buying couldnt chose between them! So i kept promise on the go and was going to use this after! Check the swatches below, how wrong was i?! These colours are completely different! Promise is warmer and this is cooler, cant wait to finally start wearing this! 
♥ Swatches ♥
Illamasqua cream blushes are available from the Illamasqua Website Here and retail for £16.50.

What colours, if any do you own? Im looking at Dixie next!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Top 5 OPI Nail Polishes

Hi everyone!

If you can cast your mind back, i recently did my Top 5 Summer Nail Polishes (Link!) blog post, today i wanted to show you my top 5 OPI nail polishes! Admittedly, I do only own 10 OPI Nail polishes (Although i do have 2 more on the way!) so this probably isnt my top 5 OPI nail polishes ever as im sure there are some i havent yet discovered, but it is my top 5 out of the few that i own! 
♥ OPI 'Teenage Dream' ♥
This is one of the Katy Perry OPI's. Possibly my favourite nail polish of all time, this is such pink glittery goodness! I get quite a lot of wear out of this, especially on nights out and feel like a back up is in order! 
♥ OPI 'Rumples Wiggin' ♥
Rumples Wiggin is part of the shrek collection. It is a gorgeous milky lilac colour and looks great with a tan! 
♥ OPI 'Mod About You' ♥
Another of my favourites is Mod About You, a extremely light milky pink, and again looks especially lovely with a tan! This is one of the polishes that i had forgotten about until i was digging about in my collection today but i cant wait to get it back on my nails! 
♥ Sephora by OPI 'Metro Chic' ♥
This is only available from Sephora so not readily available in the UK and i received this in a custom purchase. It is a perfect Autumn/Winter shade and is a grey-brown. 
♥ OPI 'Mad As A Hatter' ♥
Mad as a hatter came out with the the Alice in Wonderland collection, i have used this so much it has gone all gloopy and nearly run out, luckily for me i have another bottle! This is gorgeous and absolutely jam packed with glitter! 
I usually purchase my OPI polishes from Ebay from sellers in the US as they are usually much cheaper than over here! Around £5/6 a bottle instead of £10!
I especially love the glitters and own more glitters than i did standard colours! They are simply stunning! 
Are there any colours i should be looking out for? 

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EDIT: The Lilac OPI is in fact Rumples Wiggin from the Shrek collection not Lucky Lucky Lavender! Sorry for that mistake! 

The Ebay seller i usually use for my OPI polishes is here

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Week In Photos No2

Happy Saturday! 
♥ Tickets to see The Inbetweeners Film ♥
♥ My Gold Angel Wing Necklace (Link)  that i have been getting a lot of wear out of ♥
♥ Cinema Snackage ♥
♥ Liverpool ♥
♥ Me & the Mister in Liverpool♥
♥ Picasso's Weeping Woman ♥
♥ Illamasqua Gamma Nail Polish ♥
♥ Yummy Chocolate Fudge Cake ♥
♥ Weekly delivery ♥

This week saw me finally get to see The Inbetweeners film! I have loved the inbetweeners since the beginning and there isnt a episode that i havent seen! I think its hilarious and the film definitely didnt disappoint! Neil has to be my favourite! My cinema food goodies included this snack box crammed with a fanta ice blast (mixed flavours FTW), popcorn and a kit kat! Nommers! I have also been getting a lot of wear out of my mini gold angel wing necklace which is currently on sale in my shop (with free P&P at the minute too!)

This week i also went to Liverpool with the other half to celebrate our 6 year anniversary! We visited lots of museums and art galleries, ate and drank way too much yummy food and drink and shopped, a perfect trip away! The painting is Picasso's Weeping Woman which is housed in the Tate Gallery in Liverpool (I must add that i did get told off for touching this painting and warned that it was worth over 70 Million! Wowsers!)

I purchased Illamasqua Gamma nail polish from ASOS which i have been lusting after ever since the Toxic Nature collection was realeased, but was happy to see it in the sale and quickly snapped it up! It is a luminous highlighter orange which is currently on my toes! I am grasping onto every last bit of summer! :) I also had dinner with my friends in pizza hut and had this yummy chocolate fudge cake & ice cream for dessert! The Topshop and ASOS parcels are this weeks deliveries which consist of Illamasqua rude cream blush (Which i have been wanting forevs!) and a blouse and blazer from Topshop! Theres too many nice things in there at the minute!

How has your week been?

I also want to say a HUGE thank you to Fern who created my fabulous new header! I love it! 

Friday, 26 August 2011

Review: MAC Saint Germain Lipstick

Hello lovelies!
When i posted my first Week In Photos (which had a great response thank you so much!) Phoebe asked for a review of the MAC Saint Germain Lipstick, so this is for you hun! 

Saint Germain was if i remember correctly, the first MAC lipstick i ever owned, bought for me by my boyfriend around 2 years ago! I got this one a couple a weeks ago as a back 2 MAC! 

It is quite an intense bubblegum barbie pink so what i tend to do is wear a balm underneath, usually a Sleek MakeUP Pout polish and it sheers the colour down ever so slightly. 
It has an amplified finish which means it is quite bright and opaque, although i still find it to be quite moisturising, especially if you have a balm underneath like i do. You can change the intensity and a quick swipe will leave you with a pop of colour, whilst you can also go extremely bright and build the colour up. 
Saint Germain Lipstick is available from MAC Cosmetics for £13.50.

Is this a lipstick that you own? 

Any other lipsticks you would like to see a review of?

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Newest Perfume Additions

Hello ladies!

If you may remember way back over a year ago i posted my Current Perfume Collection (link!) and have pretty much said i will showcase you my newest perfumes ever since! I own quite a few more since then and wanted to show you a few of my newest favourites! 
♥ Marc Jacobs 'Lola' ♥
I bought this perfume last year in duty free coming back from Tenerife after lusting after it for quite some time! Its such a teeny tiny bottle and i barely use it because i love it so much which defeats the object entirely! The bottle is absolutely gorgeous with the plastic rose on top! One of my favourites for sure! 
♥ Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' ♥
Again, another of the Marc Jacobs perfumes that i wanted forever! This was a present from my lovely mummy (who reads my blog, so hi mum!) for Christmas and this is a huge bottle! Smells gorgeous, looks gorgeous and has the rubbery daisy's on the lid which are just adorable! 
♥ Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique' ♥
Another perfume from my mum! She bought this for me coming home from Egypt at the beginning of the year! What i love about this perfume is that it is one that i have never looked at or would consider buying for myself, not in a bad way! So it was very nice to receive this as a gift! I love the bottle, it is classic Jean Paul Gaultier (Which i totally had to look at the box on how to spell this!) and is also a lovely scent!
♥ Juicy Couture 'Viva La Juicy' ♥
You may have read my Juicy Couture Solid Perfume Ring Post (link!) and already know that i have a bit of a thing for Juicy Couture perfumes, i think they all smell lovely, minus the original which im not too keen on! This was purchased by my lovely boyfriend for Valentines Day and the bottle is absolutely massive! This is another perfume that i wanted forever and was such a lovely surprise when i received it! Smells beautiful and i am in love with the ever so tacky bottle! 

I am useless at describing scents but i definitely suggest for you to give these a sniff next time you are shopping! 

Have you aquired any new perfumes lately? 

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Aussie Giveaway Winners!

Evening ladies!

Just a quick one! I had around 60 entries for my Aussie Giveaway so thank you so much everyone! I loved reading all your reasons to celebrate and some of them had me in tears! I roped the mister in to help me chose and we picked our favourite 7!
The winners are...
Steph is celebrating life! She is extremely happy and content with everything in her life at the moment and wants to celebrate this with everyone around her! A huge thing to be celebrating lovely! 
Charlotte is celebrating moving back in with her lovely boyfriend, future plans with bloggers who have become friends and all the wonderful friendships she has made through blogging! A wonderful celebration im sure you will agree! 
Ellie is celebrating losing weight and feeling great! She is going on holiday soon so will now feel comfortable and confident on the beach! Congratulations Ellie, such an amazing achievement! I loved reading your entry hun and really thought you were such a deserving winner, a true inspiration!
Sarah is celebrating quite a few things! She has just graduated from University with a first class degree, massive congratulations hun! She is also celebrating the beginning! The beginning of life, job opportunities within the beauty industry and reaching 500 followers on her blog! The world definitely is your oyster! Congratulations Sarah! 
Naomi is celebrating her friends 21st Birthday next week and has lots of fun things planned! Her Auntie has just been diagnosed with kidney disease with the only positive for Naomi is that she is celebrating living life to the full and valuing relationships with friends and family. A perfect reason to celebrate Naomi! 
Amanda is celebrating been cancer free and in remission for one year! Her hair became thin through treatment and she would love some Aussie products for her hair! Amandas comment was one that really touched me and brought me to tears, I hope you enjoy your products Amanda! 
Danielle is celebrating her daughters 1st Birthday and a pain free life as she had gallstones after her pregnancy which left her in pain. She is also celebrating getting engaged to her long term boyfriend and moving out of her parents house into a flat with her lovely fiance and daughter! Congratulations Danielle Jane, looks like you have lots to celebrate!

I hope you all feel that the 7 that won are such deserving winners with lots to celebrate in their life! Congratulations everyone you will all receive a Aussie Summer Party Pack!

 I will email you all now for your address and pass your details onto Aussie!

Thank you again everyone for entering! I loved reading your entries! I wish i could give you all something!


Sleek MakeUP Nude Collection & Swatches

Afternoon ladies!
This morning the Sleek MakeUP Nude collection popped through my door. This new collection is due out at the end of the month and consists of three products, the 'Au Naturel' Eyeshadow Palette, the 'Suede' Blush and the 'Bare Minimum' Pout Polish. 

As the collection name suggests it is full of neutrals perfect for a make up transition into Autumn and Winter! The nude collection is a permanent collection to the Sleek MakeUP range! 
♥ Sleek MakeUP I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in 'Au Naturel' - £6.49 ♥
 Left hand side 
Right Hand Side
♥ Sleek MakeUP Blush in 'Suede' - £4.29 ♥
♥ Sleek MakeUP Pout Polish in 'Bare Minimum' - £4.29 ♥
First impressions are that this collection is right up my street! The eyeshadow palette is lovely and something i can see myself reaching for on a regular basis, I am loving 'taupe', 'moss' and 'mineral earth' in particular. The pout polish doesnt have much colour pay off but isnt sticky on the lips and leaves them with a lovely sheen. Lastly, the blush in 'suede' is a matte nude brown colour which i am looking forward to giving a try as i dont have another colour like this in my collection. 

Overall, another lovely collection from Sleek MakeUP and one that i have been excited and looking forward to for a few months! 

The Nude Collection launches on the 31st August 2011 and will be a permanent collection. It will be available from Superdrug and from Sleekmakeup.com

Do any of the products take your fancy?


Friday, 19 August 2011

Week In Photos No1

Charlotte, me & Carla having a glass (or two) of wine in Yates ♥
♥ Back 2 Mac'ing in Harvey Nichols for Saint Germain Lipstick ♥
♥ The wine in question! ♥
♥ Topshop Delivery ♥
♥ My gorgeous new Topshop Goodies! This gorgeous Blazer & This blouse ♥
♥ My new Casio watch courtesy of The Fairy Hobmother ♥
♥ Meet Norman the iPad
♥ Micky Mouse lollipop from one of my best friends from Paris ♥
♥ Making Anniversary plans with the Mister ♥

I seem to have jumped on the 'week in photos' bandwagon Instagram style! I have always loved reading week in photos posts so i thought i would make it a regular feature! I saw the Instagram version on gorgeous Milly's and have been hooked on it ever since! 

I think this week is pretty self explanatory, I attended a Girls Day Out event in Leeds which included some gorgeous bloggers, nice food, some retail therapy and a few drinks with lovely lovely people! A perfect day out! I back 2 Mac'ed and picked up Saint Germain lipstick. I wanted Vegas Volt (Even though Charlotte was trying to convince me i didnt need it!) When it was out of stock i took it as fate that i didnt really need it & very happy with the one i chose! 

My Topshop delivery arrived and i must admit i am extremely happy with both the blazer and blouse! They are absolutely stunning! Love them both! I also received my Casio watch from Amazon (Link!) which again, i love. 

I also acquired a iPad! Ladies meet Norman, named on Twitter by Nicola and Godmother Cat.Thank you for all your help ladies! One of my bestests brought me back a adorable Micky Mouse lollipop (Or 'Sucette') from Disneyland Paris! I am also trying to make plans for the 6 year Anniversary with the boyfriend to Liverpool! If you have any suggestions of things to do or places to see then please let me know! 

Hope you have enjoyed reading, please let me know if you would like this as a weekly feature!

Hope you are all well and having a lovely week


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Smooch Cosmetics

Hello ladies!

I was recently contacted by Smooch Cosmetics to review some of their products. After looking at their website a few of the products took my fancy so i took them up on their offer! They are a new cosmetics company in the UK that have just started up in the last month.

They asked what products i wanted which i thought was really nice of them and i chose out a couple of things and i wanted to share with you my first impressions and swatches.
 Smooch Cosmetics currently have 4 blushers on offer, two duos and two singles. I did actually ask for this blush but never the less i am happy with what i received. Kookie Crumble features a pale peach matte shade and a shimmer pale pink shade. I found that While the pink shade was smooth and quite pigmented, it took me a while to pick up any colour whatsoever from the peach side with my finger. However, the pinky coral shade was well pigmented with one swipe of my finger. The packaging is very similar in size, shape and actual packaging to the NARS blushes with 'Smooch' embossed on the outside in pink. The Smooch blushers retail for £8.50 and you get 4g of product. 
Smooch Cosmetics have 3 bronzers on offer, with 'Bronzed' been a shimmery, single bronzer. This was extremely smooth to touch and highly pigmented with one swipe. The bronzer is housed in a large plastic case, with a mirror and a brush. The Smooch bronzers retail for £13.95 for 10g of product.
My favourite product out of those that were sent, this is the Smooch Cosmetics Eyeshadow Duo in 'Dare to Bare'. This duo features a gorgeous shimmer peachy-gold and a shimmer brown. Absolutely stunning! Again, buttery soft to touch and extremely pigmented. The Smooch eyeshadow duos retail for £9.50 for 2.5g, with a range of 12 shades to chose from. 

Overall, i really enjoyed using the Smooch Cosmetics products. I know that i will get use out of all of them, especially the eyeshadow duo which is gorgeous and can see myself using on a daily basis. They are extremely pigmented (minus the peach matte shade of the blusher duo) soft to touch and are extremely affordable.

As a intoductory offer, Smooch Cosmetics are offering 50% off every single product on the website for one month only!

Which means you can get your hands on the eyeshadow duos for less than £5 and the blushes for just over £4! Delivery is £3.50 or free over £25! 

The website is girly and packed full every make up product you could possibly want! I would definitely urge you to have a little look!

Will you be buying?

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