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Review: Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe Ultra Dark

Hello ladies!

If you remember from this post i recently went to the Xen Tan pop up boutique outside Selfridges in the Trafford Centre. 

I had a lovely consultation with Amy about my skin type and tan wants and both agreed that as i have already used the Dark lotion to try out the Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe Ultra Dark (Wow what a mouth full!) As i had just come back from one holiday and was about to venture on my next i agreed that this would be most suitable. 

I tested it out for the first time last week as my holiday tan was slightly fading and i wanted to share with you my thoughts. 
♥ Pre-Tanning ♥
I used the Xen Tan Body Scrub just before applying the fake tan, which smells absolutely amazing, so fresh smelling and exactly like mint! It exfoliates well and doesnt contain any oils therefore helping to extend the life of your fake tan.  

♥ Smell ♥
Firstly, this smells amazing! It has a vanilla scent that seriously smells good enough to eat! However, once developed this tan does have that biscuity scent that does come with self tans but once showered and the guide colour washed off the scent goes. 

♥ Application ♥
The application was so easy and simple,even for a fake tan novice like myself! It goes on quite thick and a little bit really does go a long way! It blends in really well and you can see where you have applied it even though there isnt much of a guide colour. I found that on myself it did take quite a long time to dry but application for my whole body only took 10-15 minutes, it was super fast! I applied it at night, just before bed and washed off in the shower the next morning. 

♥ Colour ♥
I found the colour to be dark, but not overly dark like what i was expecting! I have used the Dark Lotion in the past and felt that once i had washed off the guide colour it didnt leave me with much of a tan however this was darker than that but not too over the top, although i was still slightly tanned when i applied so it wasnt a massive difference to the colour i was however if i applied this in my untanned natural state im sure i would have noticed a bigger difference. The colour at first before washing off felt very orange, but much of this rinsed away when i had showered. I was left with a sun-kissed olive coloured glow which was streak free, overall i was extremely impressed with the colour and ready to hit the town that night with my new tan (& legs out!)
Left: Before Application/Right: After Application
♥ Lasting Power ♥
I found the lasting power of this tan amazing, im quite lazy and do like my tan to last a long time as usually they take forever to apply. It has been 9 days since first applied and i have literally just scrubbed the last bit of the tan off today. It didnt go patchy in the slightest and stayed consistent over the whole of my body. 

♥ Price ♥
The price is the biggest issue for me as this product retails on the Xen Tan website for £39.99, I am too much of a Self tan newbie to justify spending so much on a fake tan when there are so many other brands and products that i am yet to try. However, a little google search shows that this product is available much cheaper (see the link below where it can be found for £25) which i would be happy to spend on this product.

♥ Overall ♥
Overall, I am extremely impressed with this fake tan! I much prefer it to the Dark Lotion as i find the colour much more suited to be skin tone (Even though i am extremely pale!) and i find it a lot easier to apply as it is thicker and blends into the skin really well. It does have the fake tan biscuit scent which is the case for most fake tans but once rinsed off this disappears. It applies like a dream and extremely quickly and even though i am a fake tan beginner, i thoroughly enjoyed using this fake tan! It can also be used on the face, which i didnt do this time i just used a darker foundation, but i will definitely try this next time!

The Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe Ultra Dark is available from the Xen Tan Website for £39.99 although it can be purchased from luxebc.com for £24.99. The Xen Tan body scrub is available from the Xen Tan Website for £14.99 and the tanning mitt is available from here for £3.99.

Have you ever used Xen Tan tanning products?



  1. Great review! I've never tried the ultra dark but it sounds great, I think I'll try it when I get back from my holidays as I think it may be a bit too dark for my pale british skin xxx

  2. im a tanning newbie as well, im really pale so am always worried about looking too obvious, i am currently trying st moriz (it was a cheap way to try tanning lol), im still not sure i like it... or maybe i dont have the right application technique :D


  3. That looks great, i never do tanning, bur this looks really good :)


  4. Dying to try this tan out. The price puts me off though, so glad there's somewhere to get it cheaper. I'm pale, too, so find it difficult not to look too fake! xo

  5. I've got a bottle of the Dark lotion sitting on my dressing table waiting to be used this week. I've been so lazy with fake tanning this year though that I've become scared I'll be too dark!x

  6. Ooo more magazine will be pleased to see a new picture of your hand babes!! sweeeeeeet mother £39.99 for a tan! For that price I would expect it to apply itself! Never the less, the tan looks a lovely natural colour on you. I tried St stropez for the first time last week and I was majorly dissapointed. I was tanned but it was fading but still there was NO colour. I am in two minds of whether to try the Xen Tan dark lotion or the laurens way one. I have tried some xen tan products before and loved them. How amazing the exfoliatior? I want to eat it it smells that good!! xxx

  7. Great post lovely! I bought Zen Tan Dark Lotion in the Debenhams sale a while back, £20.99 with free delivery. Anyway I've used it twice and I love it! I can handle smelling like a digestive for the colour it gives, it's so natural. I'd try the ultra dark too but not for the full price! Wow! xx

  8. I've only used the Xen Tan mousse, which I love... but this looks amazing too! I thin I'll have to give it a go x

  9. The St Moriz mousse is by go to tan... And you can buy it for £2 + p&p, so it's really cheap.

    I've tried St Tropez mousse and St Moriz mousse, and I honestly prefer the St Moriz one.

    I would definitely recommend it, it lasts well and is really easy to apply!

    You can get it here http://www.google.co.uk/products/catalog?client=browser-rockmelt&channel=omniboxaq%3Df&q=st+moriz&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=8538506771139960810&sa=X&ei=Ed0lToaZNs-XhQed2KyBCg&ved=0CC8Q8wIwAA


  10. Great review, the tan looks fab.

    Sadie x

  11. The body scrub smells gorgeous. It may sound disgusting but it actually reminds me of chewing gum - which I love! Although some may not. I sometime find the pump a little hard to use though xoxo

  12. Ohhh.. May have to try this stuff!
    I'm a big fan of your blog and have linked you in an award I was just given. The rules are you have to let the person your sending it on to know so... tadahh! This is my blog so you can just see where the post is: http://fibeautybox.blogspot.co​m/
    Just ignore if you find this annoying! sorry and keep up the great work ly ♥

  13. I was given the One Lovely Blog award and I would like to give you this award too!
    Please have a look: http://rhiannonloves.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-first-blog-award.html
    Rhiannon x

  14. Every time I go into Debenhams I pick this up and then put it down, and then pick it up and put it down again! I've been waiting for the push to purchase for some time now and this may be it. It certainly seems impressive. x

  15. I've just had to change the link of my blog:
    Thank you x

  16. I just tried this having used the dark lotion religiously. I have to say Im not that impressed so far. The bottle does say deep instant tan which you get with the dark lotion which means you can where it out while it develops, however this had no colour at all, infact when I was applying it it was white, like moisturiser. The colour isnt great either, its no where as dark as the dark lotion. I have tired literally all fake tans on the market from the cheap £1.99 bottles to high end £50 tans, and I do love Xen Tan but this product was not my favourite :( ! I'll try another layer tonight and see how it looks.


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