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Review: Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Moisturising Cream & Eye Cream

Afternoon lovelies!

A few weeks ago i was sent some of the Eucerin products from the AQUAporin ACTIVE range and i have been roadtesting them all for you. As always all opinions are my own and honest.

Eucerin are a dermatological skincare brand based on honest skin science. They produce products to the highest dermatological standards and use active ingredients. The range provides a vast range of products for many different skin types including: Blemish prone skin, Anti-aging, dry skin and sensitive skin. 
The Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE SPF15+UVA moisturisng cream is a creamy moisturiser, that smells amazing and contains SPF15 so is perfect for the daytime. I have been using this after cleansing and toning on days where my skin may be exposed to the sun or if im not wearing much make up. It absorbs extremely quickly into the skin without leaving skin feel greasy. It is suitable for sensitive skin which is always a bonus and is best used on normal skin types. It is available to buy from the BOOTS website here for £13.27.  
The Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Rich moisturising cream is the thickest out of the three moisturisers i tried. It is fragrance free which is good for those who dont like scented moisturisers and lotions. This has been the moisturiser that i have been using on a night time, after cleansing and toning before going to bed. Again, it absorbs into the skin quickly and feels silky on the skin. This cream would be perfect for those who have dry or sensitive skin as it is quite thick in consistency and would provide much moisture to your skin. It is available to buy from here from the BOOTS website and retails again for £13.27.
Possibly my favourite out of all the creams i tried was the Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Light moisturising cream. This cream is particularaly suited to those who have normal to combination skin which most suited my skin type. This is the cream i used on a normal after cleansing and toning when i didnt particularaly need a SPF. The consistency is somewhat like a lotion, it left no stickiness and absorbed well into the skin, leaving a lovely base for makeup. It leaves my skin feeling soft and supple and doesnt feel heavy on the skin which is always good! You can buy it from the BOOTS website here for £13.27. 
I have been using the Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Eye cream day and night for the past couple of weeks. It is extremely lightweight and is quite like a gel. It also felt really soothing on my under eye area and really seemed to wake me up and freshen my face when this was applied. I love the pump packaging, as yo can distibute as little oras much product as you want. It is suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin and it is also fragrance and alchol free. You get 15ml of product in the tube and you can buy it from the BOOTS website here for £13.27. 

Overall, I am impressed with all the products i tried and will continue to use them all. I particularly love the Light moisturising cream as this is much more suited to my normal/combination skintone and felt lightweight on the skin and made a perfect foundation base, without leaving my skin greasy. I think the £13.27 price point for moisturisers that are 40ml in size is excellent value for money.

Have you ever tried any products from the Eucerin range? 


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  1. I love Eucerin so much - they really are my skin saviour! Great reviews on these products :) xxx

  2. I really like Eucerin I have those awful like bumps that people get on there arms and this works really well on them. Quite good value for money as well. Great review :) xxxx

  3. Great review!!

    I've never heard of these products before but now I really want to try them, especially the light one as I have combination/oily skin too, Thanks for all the info :-)

    x x

  4. I have never used Eucerin, but I have been searching for a moisterizer so perhaps I will check it out. So do you not wear a primer if you are wearing moisturizer?

  5. I haven't heard of these before. the products look good. I like the packaging aswell. Might have to check these out xx


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