Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New Purchases

Hello ladies!

I have recently made a couple of new purchases which i wanted to share with you! A couple were cheeky sale buys and the other things i have been lusting after for a while and i thought i may aswell take advantage of my student discount as i wont have it for much longer! (sob!) 
I have been eyeing this dress up for a while as i thought it would be perfect for summer with a tan waist belt and a pair of sandals, so i finally took the plunge and placed a online order. I must admit, I am in love with it! It didnt have the most glowing reviews on the Topshop website as some said it was quite see-through and too short. A) It is slightly see-through but it is not that much of a problem that you will be flashing your underwear, and B) It is not too short! I am 5''9 and this sits absolutely perfectly on me! I have much shorter day dresses than this from Topshop, the length is not a problem at all!
As seen on Mollie from The Saturdays (Great taste lady!)
Thanks for the link Lisa :)
♥ New Look Cape Dress ♥
Recently, this dress has been much talked about on twitter by some of the beauty girlies and i have lusted after it for quite a while. To my delight it was down from £22.99 (Still a bargain price in my opinion!) to the bargain price of £15! At that price i had to snap it up and this will have its first outing on Friday for my friends Birthday night out! 
Another dress i have wanted for a while ever since my gorgeous friend Charlotte linked me to it on Twitter as it was something she was buying! So when i saw it reduced to £18 in the sale (with student discount on top! Amazing!) I knew this beauty had to be mine! Again, perfect for Summer (If we ever get some sunshine!) Really looking forward to wearing this! 
♥ H&M Flower Peep Toe Ballet Pumps ♥
When the beautiful Liz wrote a guest post on Charlottes blog of a gorgeous OOTD i spotted these pumps and thought they were stunning! I just needed to have them! I have a bit of a problem of seeing other people buying things and then wanting them myself as you can tell! I asked her on twitter where they were from & when she told me H&M for a bargain price i knew i had to hunt them down for myself! The boyfriend (Thank you James!) finally tracked them down for me after me describing over text what they looked like! He is good like that! My pictures do not do them any justice at all, but they are pale pink peep toe pumps, with a gorgeous lace bow with gems on them! I love them! 

What purchases have you been making lately lovelies? Any amazing sale buys?



  1. The middle dress is a lovely shade of pink. I like the style of the Topshop dresses, I was going to buy one myself. Great purchases.


  2. I must have that New Look dress, gorgeous xx

  3. Beautiful dresses and beautiful pumps, perfect for this time of year.
    Thanks for sharing with us ♥

  4. The pink dress is wonderfull !

  5. The flowery dress is adorable! xxx


  6. Those shoes are gorgeous! I only own dark ballet pumps. I'm lusting after them now as well!!

    Hey ho :')

    Make-Up for Biochemists


  7. Love the pink newlook dress its gorgeous xxx

  8. I actually bought the Newlook dress last week in a pink coralyish colour! I thought it was so simple but fits really nice. Gutted they were reduced to £15 haha xx

  9. I love the Topshop floral dress. Absolutely gorge. xx

  10. that newlook dress is gorgeous, such a bargain! x

  11. love how girly those dresses and shoes are, xxx


  12. I fell in love with the topshop rose print dress after seeing mollie from the saturdays wearing it - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2011071/The-Saturdays-Frankie-Sandford-flashes-bit-leg-struggles-tulip-hem-dress.html - It does look short but it's a beautiful dress x

  13. Pinkish dress very beautiful. Flower Peep Toe Ballet Pumps too it was pleasant :)


  14. Gorgeous dresses, love the first the most :)

    Please check out nicolabear987@blogspot.com

    Nicola xx

  15. i love all the dresses and the pumps are so pretty really girly for the summer time! looking forward to seeing ootd's lol!


  16. Wow, I want want want the topshop floral dress! Its soooo cute. I must buy one. All the dresses are fab though, lets just hope there is enough sun to make the most of them! I'm a new reader of this blog and love it already:-) x

  17. Everything looks lovely! Although I do feel I may have had an influence on your spending,so I apologise to your bank balance lol xx

  18. what a GREAT blog! if you get the chance, i would really LOVE for you to check out mine and tell me what you think. especially on my most recent post. you are so inspirational and your opinions mean a lot!

    thanks so much! :)


  19. hi love LOVE your blog soo cute.

    im defiantly following you.

    why not follow me?


  20. those dresses are lovely :)

  21. I've been eyeing that last dress for ages - I didn't realise it was in the sale, definately going to be picking it up!! x

  22. Those dresses are gorgeous. Love the pumps too. I really need to do a spot of clothes shopping. I'm forever getting distracted by makeup!

  23. Possibly the most gorgeous shoes i have ever seen! <3
    Would love it if you could check out my blog and tell me what you thing

  24. Love those pumps, they are adorable! I've been really rating Oasis recently for sales, they have such good bargains! Got some great peg leg trousers for £15, result! xxx

  25. i love the topshop rose print dress! its to die for! i NEED it desperatly.

  26. love ballerina and want them!
    I followed you now becouse your blog I like`))) Hope you follow me back!


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