Friday, 22 July 2011

My Skincare Routine

Hey everyone, 

As you are all probably more than aware, I am such a huge fan of Liz Earle and their skincare products! Whilst my skincare routine will not consist fully of Liz Earle products, It consists of a vast majority (along with a couple of other products!)
♥ Cleanser ♥
I would honestly go as far as saying this is my all time favourite cleanser. It is the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish that i have reviewed here. It smells amazing, is thick and creamy and applies to the skin like a dream. The muslin cloth acts like a exfoliator and removes all make up and leaves skin feeling amazingly smooth and soft.
♥ Toner & Moisturiser ♥
My toner of choice is the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic. Again, this smells lovely and has quite a herbal scent to it. I dont think that it is overally expensive for a toner and the 200ml bottle lasts quite a long time! I have used countless bottles of this so far and i love it, it feels so gentle on the skin and compliments my routine nicely.
The moisturiser i am currently using is the Liz Earle (Broken record much?) Skin Repair Light Moisturiser for oily to combination skin which fits perfectly with my skin type. This moisturiser is light and creamy in consistency and a little goes a long way. It doesn't feel greasy on my skin at all and soaks in well. I did previously use the normal moisturiser which i found a little heavy for my skin, but this is perfect and comes with a pump which i love. 
♥ Exfoliator ♥
I have two exfoliators on rotation. The Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing scrub which i have been using for absolutely years, and the Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator. My main one is the Liz Earle one which i use daily (& need to buy a new bottle of as this one has nearly run out!) It is rich and creamy in consistency, quite like the cleanse & polish but with added exfoliants. I do find it quite gentle, thats why once or twice a week i will use a rougher exfoliator such as the Clean and Clear one and this also combats blackheads, win win!
♥ Spot Solution ♥
I blogged about the Liz Earle Spot On here it is a amazing product which works wonderfully for spots, when i have a breakout i know that i can use this and it will start to clear my skin up. I use it pretty much daily and is a firm favourite in my skincare routine. The Lush Grease Lightening is a relatively new product to my skin care routine that i use in conjunction with the Liz Earle spot on. It is a gel consistency which feels cool when applied to the skin and smells of tea tree and aloe vera. 
♥ Swatches ♥
What products are in your skin care routine?



  1. Hey love, I am a massive Liz Earle fan too! I have the C&P, Tonic, Moisturiser, Face Mask, Spot on stuff, their body gloves. Such a great brand and I'm sure my skin is all the better for using it. I've got the family hooked too. Love the background to your pics! xx

  2. I have only tried the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser so far but I really do love it!!
    I really want to try more of the products that u've mentioned but need to save up first :-)
    x x

  3. I really love liz earl cleanse and polish...I need a new bottle cause Ive run out and I can see my skin getting worse by the second :P xoxo

  4. I am a firm lover of my cleanse and polish! I also love the toner too, I have the moisturiser but to me I can't get past the smell I really don't like it :(

    A firm favourite is also Angels on bare skin by Lush and I love St Ives Apricot scrub and their micodermabrasion scrub too!


  5. i really need to get on the Liz Earle train but I have so much stuff that i'm trying to use up that i got in sets etc... soon they will be mine lol :D

  6. I think Liz Earle is next on my list to try!
    I'm in love with the body shop's Tea Tree collection at the moment and would really recommend anyone with oily or blemished skin give it a try :)

  7. I want to try Cleanse & Polish but I'm no sure how my normal-combination skin would react to it?

    xxx Kat

  8. I dont know why everyone loves the cleanse and polish so much! The best part is the muslin cloth, which you can use with any cleanser for smooth skin! :) I've starting using a combination of essential oils on my skin to fade blemishes!

  9. I loved the liz earle, but it broke me out, booo :( still use the muslin cloths though with a different cleanser and it makes my skin so much more smooth!

  10. where can i get liz earle in the states?? i think i need to go to the uk to get my hands on the c&p, bourjois, barry m, and primark!! :P

  11. Thank you for your comments ladies, i appreciate them all! xxx

    @HelloKittyx94: Hello hun! Cleanse & Polish is perfect for all skin types! I have normal/combination skin too and this is fine for my skin! Give it a go im sure you will love it! xxx

    @rachinald: I love the smell, the ingredients it includes and the rich, creamy texture, which leaves my skin smooth and cleansed, of course the muslin cloth is a added bonus but i dont find the same results when using the cloth another cleanser :) xxx

    @Jess: Hi Jess! I have had a look for you and you can purchase Liz Earle in the states from the Liz Earle USA website here hope that helps! xxx

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  13. Lush Grease Lightening sounds really good. Personally I'm a big fan of body shop's tea tree range for my skin xx

  14. I'd really like to try Liz Earle - you'll have to take me to the store in Leeds when we go to Girls Day Out :D xx

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