Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bathroom Essentials

Hello ladies :)
Today I want to show you my bathroom essentials and the products that accompany me in the shower!
♥ Hair Products ♥
One of my favourite conditioners out of those that i have tried! Lovely to use, smells amazing (As do all Aussie haircare products!) lingers for a long time and leaves my hair smooth!
I reviewed the Liz Earle Shampoo & Conditioner here (Link!). I mix between Aussie and Liz Earle hair care as they are both a pleasure to use and always leave my hair in the best condition (Especially when used in conjunction with the 3 Minute Miracle. A lovely shampoo!  
My all time favourite deep hair treatment and my Mum's also! We have been using this product for years! Leave this on for a few minutes and it leaves me hair feeling smooth, shiny and completely knot free! Give this  try if you havent already, i can guarantee you will love it. 
♥ Face Products ♥
I use this every shower after cleansing with the cleanse and polish. It leaves my face smooth and extremely cleansed and gets rid of any remaining make up. It is gentle so i sometimes mix this with a rougher exfoliator such as the St Ives one once or twice a week. 
My favourite cleanser in the whole wide world! I kind of dont know what i did before i had this in my life! Although i have been using it for nearly 2 years now and even though i have strayed away at times to review other products i always come back to this and have used countless bottles! I urge you to try it! 
♥ Body Products ♥
My shower gel of the moment! I have only recently discovered the Dove Go Fresh moisturisung body wash and a review is to come as i do really love it and it smells amazing! I much prefer shower gels that are creams like this one and it leaves skin feeling soft and moisturised! 
Another product from the wonderful Liz! I seriously cannot fault any of the products i have ever used from their range! This is my scrub of choice for now, i have tried many body scrubs and really do like this one! 
Lastly, no bathroom essentials is complete without a razor! I have been using the Gillette razors for a while and usually change up the head on these as the razor itself fits different heads. Love the pink handle! 

What are your bathroom essentials? 



  1. This is like looking into my own bathroom, I use all these products daily! I switch between aussie and LE haircare too, my hair seems to appreciate the change. I was just wondering to myself this morning whether you could get a bigger size of the hot cloth cleanser, I run out of mine so quickly. Do you find it hard to get the last remaining product out from the tube?

  2. This post has made me want to try the Aussie Take The Heat treatment even more, I need to get it! Lovely post xxx

  3. I really want to try the hot clothe cleanser need to scribble it onto my shopping list xx

  4. I forgot how much I loved aussie products until I used the 3 minute miracle mask yesterday, now I want to try the take the heat range even more! I wish I knew of a place that sold the dove shower gel in plum and sakura, it sounds lush. :)

  5. I have only recently got the Liz Earle Hot cloth clenser after putting it off for a while but I love it :) x

  6. Love this post :) I love having a nosy in to what other people use! I've just gone back to using Liz Earle - never fails me :) xxx

  7. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks Aussie has the best smelling shampoos and conditioners!

  8. I totally agree with the Aussie comments, love their products!

    Sarah xx

  9. This looks exactly the same as mine!! Love all those products x

  10. Love all those products - i've been using the LE Body Scrub recently and I love it! xx

  11. ah LE Cleanse and Polish will always be a firm favourite in my bathroom. :) x

  12. Ahhh ya gotta love Aussie! I've been using the Colour Mate shampoo and conditioner from them recently and it smells gorgeous, of peaches <3 I've wanted to try the 3 minute miracle for a while so I'm glad you've recommended it!

  13. I love Liz Earle products.
    I use the energising scrub with their exfoliating gloves and find it really wakes me up in the mornings.
    I cannot live without Cleanse & Polish! I use the face exfoliator 2-3times a week and find it makes my skin really

  14. Thank you soo much for entering my giveaway hun! :) I love Aussie stuff so much<3 I wish they'd come out with a perfume or body spray :p love it! x

  15. I love aussoe hair stuff it smells so good! xx

  16. love that conditioner! all aussie products are amazing and smell gorgeous! xxx


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