Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Pandora & My New Addition

Afternoon lovelies!

   A slightly different post today! As you may already be aware from my Vivienne Westwood Jewellery Collection blog post i am a lover of jewellery, usually of the more expensive kind! I have owned a silver Pandora bracelet for quite a while now and have acquired a few charms for it so far.

My lovely mum (who has asked if i was going to post about my new bead so of course i couldn't say no! :) Hi mum!) was recently holidaying in Venice (jealous much?) and had the opportunity to visit the island of Murano that is famous for its glass making and picked me up a gorgeous glass bead for my bracelet. 
As you can see my bracelet is pretty much heart themed! (with bows & splashes of pink thrown in for good measure!) Pandora themselves sell the huge Murano glass beads so even though the bead i have isn't Pandora itself, it is from the island of Murano (where the Pandora ones are made) so it makes it that much more special & i love it muchly! 

Its quite large, much larger than my other silver beads and is pink, white & swirly! I honestly love it and think it works well on the bracelet with the other beads as the heart in the middle has a a pink crystal in it! 

Thank you again Mummy - I love my bracelets new addition very much!

What are your thoughts on Pandora bracelets? Love them or loathe them?



  1. i love your bracelet, its gorge xxx

  2. I must admit I was undecided about them until about 3 months ago when I was bought one as a present, now I wear it all of the time.

    I love that you can also wear the beads from other brands like chamilia and trollbeads.

  3. I remember spend hours just designing my own Pandora bracelets on their website, but then decided not to buy one and spend my money on makeup instead! xx

  4. It looks like a sweety! I love it! x

  5. i have been thinking about getting one for a while but am still undecided... yours looks lovely though :D


  6. Looks lovely :), i had a Pandora but then sold it as i didn't wear it too much. I prefer my Links of London Sweetie charm bracelet and that's the one i wore the most so had to sell the Pandora as it wasn't getting worn, boo.

    Love your heart theme x

  7. That looks lovely! All your charms are so pretty and go together well xo

  8. I have piece equal to yours : D the all hearts ;D I prefer mine with only silver although ;D

  9. Hi,Pretty! I've been looking for a pandora review!
    I really like them but I don't like them full of beads, just a few I think is nice like yours. I'm hoping to get the brown leather bracelet for my birthday! yey :)


  10. I love Pandora bracelets and am hoping to get a leather one as well as a silver one. I like the fact you can add what you want to the bracelet and rearrange when you want.
    beautiful bead by the way ♥


  11. So lovely and nice design.I like it.
    Animal Planet

  12. I love your beads!!

    My bf got me a bracelet for Christmas and he keeps adding to it, I feel very spoilt!

    Sarah xx

  13. I am totally lusting over a leather strap one, have been for years but never actually get round to buying one! xo

  14. I love the glass bead on your bracelet, it gives it a lovely splash of colour. That must've been cool for your Mum to visit Murano? I love going to place like that where you can see glass-making and other things. xxx

  15. Here's an award for blogger awards from me to you! http://abarrymake-up.blogspot.com/2011/06/top-10-award.html

  16. I love Pandora bracelets they're just so pricey to build up that I'd never really bother starting one. I love this glass bead though, it looks gorgeous with the rest of the charms :) xx

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  17. Gorgeous charm!

    Love your bracelet, the heart theme you have going on is so pretty :) xx

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