Saturday, 4 June 2011

my go to eyeshadow look


Hope you are all well my lovelies! If this all goes to plan (fingers crossed) I will currently be in Greece sunning it up with my wonderful girlfriends!

Today i thought i would show you my 'go to eyeshadow look', as most of you are probably aware of i am a neutral eyeshadow girl through and through, possibly a little scared of colour? or dont think my eyeshadow skills are good enough to pull off bold eyes, who knows! So these 3 colours work perfectly and go with pretty much every make up look!

Ladies, meet my eyeshadow BFF's 
♥ MAC All That Glitters ♥
♥ MAC Patina ♥
♥ MAC Satin Taupe ♥
I would seriously recommend these eyeshadows to anyone and everyone! They are my favourites in the whole wide world! They are so versatile! Usually, I wear All That Glitters all over the lid, this can also be worn on its on for everyday if you dont want to go all out. I would then apply Patina to the crease and ever so slightly on the lash line and then i will apply Satin Taupe to the very outer corner and on my upper and lower lashline. Followed my liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and lashings of mascara then i am good to go!
As you can see from above, the 3 eyeshadows when blended out are quite subtle but i love it! 

What is your go to eyeshadow look? Do you own any of my favourite colours?



  1. I also love allthatglitters! Definitely a perfect everyday colour! :D

  2. Where has your love for Naked Lunch gone?! :(
    Haha jk, gorgeous look Sinead, have a lovely time in Greece :)

  3. Love this!

    I purchased All That Glitters and Naked Lunch the other day...gorgeous colours!

    Have a lovely time in Greece :) x

  4. I can see why this is your go-to look. Very pretty! Have a great time in Greece!

  5. 3 really lovely complimentary colours. I am the same, pretty neutral most of the time. Trying to get more greys and blacks in, they're pretty safe too but a little bolder. If you can get bolder with the black then I think you're ready to try other colourful ones!

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  6. This is so cute! I just had to follow your blog, they are such lovely complimentary colours!

    I just started my own blog:
    Check it out, thanks x

  7. I love the look of all of those eyeshadows :) I don't own any MAC eyeshadows so this has given me a good idea of what to pick up x

  8. I dont personally own any mac eyeshadow, but I know for sure which ones I'll be purchasing pretty soon! Lol

    Have a lovely time in greece. xxx

  9. Satin Taupe and All That Glitters are defo on my want list!


  10. that looks so pretty, i can't believe i still don't own all that glitters, i need to sort my act out! xx

  11. I want all these colours! Don't have many Mac products but i've had my eye on these colour a while :)

  12. one fav glitter e/s palette is panning out soon, so like u, i wanna review them before they are totally gone!
    love ya colors!

    xoxo elle

  13. This looks gorgeous, i keep thinking about making my own quad and i reckon these will be the colours i choose... just need to think of one more. great post :D

  14. I love those eye shadows too, do you have Style Snob it is one of my absolute favorites too and its in the same family as those shadows!

  15. I adore all that glitters. Those 3 are great together.

  16. Goodness, that looks so gorgeous. How I wish I could do my makeup like that, but these cursed hands of mine cannot seem to figure it out!


  17. 3 of my favourites! fabulous choice:)


  18. I love all three colours, the eyeliner youve use over the top and heavy lashes looks fabulous! Loving this.


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