Tuesday, 17 May 2011

P&G Summer Spa

Good morning sweethearts! 

On the 2nd of June, Procter & Gamble (P&G) the company who look after various beauty and grooming brands such as Max Factor and Olay will be holding a Summer Spa event where all 10 of P&G's Brand Ambassadors will be answering questions and doing tutorials about beauty and grooming. Emma and Katie from The Beauty Button will be in attendance on the day to grill the ambassadors! 

Brand ambassadors and beauty experts that will be available on the day include:

Ben Cooke: Herbal Essences
Caroline Barnes: Max Factor
Christel Lundqvist: Wella Professionals 

What has this go to do with you i hear you say? Well P&G would love YOU my readers to vote on the poll below which questions you would like to be most answered. 

A question i would love to the brand ambassadors would be:

What products can you use to achieve big and volumised hair for hair that is straight and lifeless?

Once you have voted in the poll, i would love it if you could leave in the comments below any beauty and grooming questions that are not on the poll that you would love to ask the brand ambassadors yourselves. On the night the brand ambassadors will answer 'wildcard' questions taken from blog comments (so yours could be included!). If your question is chosen you will win a fab P&G prize bag of key P&G beauty items, all for leaving a beauty question you have below! Please leave your email address in the comments with your question so you can be contacted if you are lucky enough to have your question asked and answered! 

Remember to check back on my blog after the event has happened on the 2nd June to see the results and if you are lucky enough to win a prize bag! 


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  1. How can you bronze pale skin without making it look too orange/brown? I want a summer glow as I don't tan. :'(


  2. What is the best and easiest to way to get beach waves, especially for thicker hair?


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  4. My questions is: I have naturally wavy hair but it is also frizzy..being a first time mummy I don't have much time in the mornings so what can I do to stop the frizz but keep the waves :-)


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