Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Match Made In Heaven

Hello lovelies!

I recently invested in MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation again after a little love affair with NARS Sheer Glow, I opted for NC20 which is a shade darker than i usually wear (NC15) but i thought with another holiday on the horizon and a me been a little tanned from Tenerife i would benefit from a darker shade! I LOVE the coverage of the studio fix fluid which i constantly crave although i know its not to everyones taste! 

I was sent the Topshop Skin Glow in Dark a while ago but it has always been too dark for me to use with foundation or to highlight so last night i tried mixing it with the MAC foundation as i always find that it gives a completely matte finish which i dont like, as i like foundation to look quite glowy and healthy. The Skin Glow made the foundation a little darker, which i didnt mind as it still blended in to my current skin tone and it gave a gorgeous sheen to the skin! I think im in love!
Hopefully you will be able to see the sheen that the skin glow gives to the foundation and doesnt look flat and matte as it does on its own. I think this is the start of me mixing highlighters and illuminators with my foundations to give it a little summer glow! I love the finish of this and definitely thinking of investing in the light version to use as a highlight or to mix with foundation when my skin is a little lighter. 

Have you used the Topshop Skin Glow before? Or any of the other topshop makeup products?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

The Topshop Skin Glow is available to buy from here and is £10. 



  1. I haven't tried the Topshop Skin Glow before but I really rate some of their other make up bits.
    I've never thought to mix foundation with a highlighter or illuminator but it's a great idea! Might have to experiment! x

  2. ive heard good things about the topshop makeup although personally im a lover of matte skin, i dont know why... i just look greasy if i try to go for the dewy look :s


  3. I really like the topshop make up range. whenever i go in there i always want to buy like the whole shelf. i have a highlighter from them which is really nice but skin glow looks so purdy *_*

  4. i love topshop makeup, especially the cream blush !


  5. ive been so tempted by the topshop glow stuff, might have to give it a go. love mixing stuff like that with foundations! x

  6. Skin glow is amazing, I mix mine with my foundation to, I think it makes the best medium that way xxxxx

  7. I've never tried any of Topshop's make up although have only heard good things.I definitely need to start mixing highlighters/illuminators with foundations as got NARS Orgasm one sitting there unused at the moment.

  8. Oh I really want to try topshop make up


  9. I bought a cream blush from Topshop at the w/end, I am loving it! Didn't see this in there though xx

  10. I love the final shade you came up with, that looks perfect for the summer. I haven't tried any of Topshop's make-up yet, but I should do. Several other blogs have posted about nice they are. xxx

  11. Great review! I really love that shade, may have to purchase it when my current bronzer runs out! I have a Topshop cream blush and love everything about it!

    Amy xxx


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