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GlossyBox: May 2011

Hello lovelies, 

Im sure you are all aware of GlossyBox by now, if not let me explain. GlossyBox are a UK company that send out each month a box full of five luxury beauty miniatures for £10 with free delivery. You sign up and each month one of these gorgeous boxes will be delivered through your door. You can also cancel at anytime if you are unhappy or change your mind. 

The May 2011 was the first GlossyBox that seems to have taken the beauty community by storm! I was offered my first GlossyBox to be sent to me for free and after i read about the concept and looked at the website it was a offer i couldnt refuse!

Most ladies received their boxes last week so my apologies if you have already seen a influx of posts but as i have just got back from holiday i have literally just opened it today!
The first thing i noticed is the absolutely stunning packaging. Even the cardboard box that the GlossyBox is posted in is nice. Once open you are welcomed with a handwritten note, a personal touch which i absolutely love and background information of the company. 

The GlossyBox itself is a gorgeous pink sturdy box that will be perfect for storage. Inside is nestled with tissuepaper, ribbon, a leaflet of the products you receive in your box and of course the products themselves! 

I was most pleasantly surprised with the goodies i received in my box.
Products included:
NARS Orgasm Illuminator
All For Eve - Eve Red Lipstick
Bionove Lab - Bioactice Cleanser for Normal/Dry Skin
Alterna - Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray
COMO Shambhala - Invigorate Body Lotion 

Obviously the star product of this box was the NARS Orgasm Illuminator! How amazing is that?! I have eyed this product up for months and still cant believe its mine! 
Overall GlossyBox is beauty luxury in a box. Absolutely everything is spot on. The gorgeous packaging is definitely a plus point and of course the products are a bonus! I really do think it is such a great idea for £10 posted! I absolutely love the concept, all ladies love receiving packages and this is pure luxury from the products down to the packaging. You can sign up to GlossyBox here

A bargain for £10 a month if i do say so myself!

Will you be getting involved with GlossyBox?



  1. Great review, I really wanted the Nars Illuminator after seeing everyone's review on these so I went to sign up but van't get my first one til mid July for some reason :-(
    I still signed up but dissapointed about not getting that product x x

  2. Wow! Do they only send to UK girls?

  3. do you think you will be signing up then? i love mine and even though you pay for it, it still feels like a present i think it's becuase you don't know what you are getting... i love it :D

  4. I have seen this posted on so many blogs and i keep umming and ahhing but still cant decide! It looks so good xx :o)

  5. I've signed up too, but it is only delivering for July. That's kinda rubbish customer service. Hopefully the products will still be good, and they won't have put extra special stuff in at first to lure us!

  6. I love this stuff, you are lucky live in UK...

  7. Glossybox have really disappointed me by selling out so quickly. I have a fear that this box was 'good' just to lure people in and get their money. I don't imagine the next box(es) will be as good. It's a shame as I was excited when I first heard about it. I've heard a few bloggers say they think this box might be just to get the bloggers to rave about it and convince everyone to sign up - would you agree? (not picking a bone with you! just wondering!)


  8. I was really excited to subscribe, but then so disappointed to find out their June Glossyboxes have already run out! I think they should have been a bit more prepared after all the advertising they have done for it! I still subscribed anyway and can't wait to get mine in July!

  9. Amazing for ten pounds! I tried out that Orgasm highlighter in Harvey Nics yesterday, really flattering! I might have to sign up to this xx

  10. I can't wait for the coming months when everyones products will be different.
    I think it's only those that were sent for review that get the personal note. Not complaining though, the packaging is beautiful!

  11. I'm trying to sign up for glossybox but the site is down :( can't wait to finally get my hands on one.x

  12. I'm so tempted to sign up for this! Knowing I'm getting 5 new products a month might stop so many impulse purchases! x


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