Friday, 29 April 2011

Whats In My Bag

Afternoon lovelies!
Hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday! Have you all been watching the Royal Wedding?
Today i thought i would show you the contents of my bag! I love watching 'Whats In My Bag' videos so i thought it would do one in terms of a blog post!

This is my bag...
Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 - It was a birthday present for my 21st Birthday last year. 

These are the contents of my bag: 
♥ Make Up Bag ♥
I use my Aussie Miracle Moist Tribe Make-Up Bag which houses all of my make up! However, that is a whole new blog post! Let me know if you would like to see the contents!

♥ Map of Playa De Las Americas - Tenerife ♥
I am going to Tenerife in just over 3 weeks with my lovely boyfriend James, so my Grandma gave me this map so we dont get lost & can find our way around!

♥ Pink Finsbury Filofax ♥
Love this! Even though at the minute my life isnt too hectic i still like to keep organised and everything in check! My personal pink finsbury filofax does the job! 

♥ Iphone 4 ♥
My phone! Complete with a Glee phone cover! You know how i roll! If you follow me on Twitter you will know that last week had a little accident involving my phone and managed to break the screen! Lets just say Apple were absolutely AMAZING & replaced the phone for me for free! So this little beauty is only a week old! 

♥ Cath Kidston Camera Case/Camera ♥
I got a brand new pink digital camera for my birthday & of course it wouldnt be complete without this gorgeous floral Cath Kidston gadget case to keep it looking pretty!

♥ House Key on a 'I love London' Key Ring ♥
I currently only have one key on my key ring (as my car keys are on a separate bunch of keys as i share a car with mum!) I got this cute little I love London keyring when i was in London for IMATS with Paula and Carla for about £1 i think! I love touristy souvenirs! 

♥ Vivienne Westwood Black Patent 'Ebury' Purse ♥
What can i say about this? I purchased this beauty in January when i went to see Usher in Manchester! It is absolute love! The black, patent is so classic & i love the gold orb! 

♥ Lips Tissues ♥
These are a recent addition to the old handbag from new look, you never know when you will need a tissue ;) & these were the bargain price of 99p!

♥ Givenchy 'Very Irresistible' Perfume ♥
Perfect handbag size perfume that i got in duty free last year that came free with the full size. Smells gorgeous, lasts a long time & doesnt take up much room! handbag essential!

♥ Illamasqua 'Purity' Nail Polish ♥
I recently bought this from Illamasqua's new Toxic Tale collection and if im being 100% honest im not really in love with it and much prefer my peach melba from Barry M. This is in my handbag as i took it to Manchester last week but didnt end up using it! If you are interested in buying it i am selling for £8 including postage, it has only been used 1x - If you are interested please leave your paypal email in the comments & i will invoice you! 

Hope you enjoyed reading! What do you carry in your handbag?



  1. Love the bag! It's gorgeous. :) And how is the iPhone 4? I've got my eye on it currently. x

  2. @Stacey-Louise: Thank you for your comment! :) I love the iphone 4, i had the 3g before this and so glad i stuck with a iphone! I dont think i could have a different phone ever! xxx

  3. Hope you enjoy Tenerife! There's so much to do there, especially if you have a car. If you like water slides, go to Siam Park it's the best water park I've ever been to!xx

  4. Beautiful Bag, I did a post like this recently, so much fun, right? xx

  5. I love finding out whats in peoples bags *noseyperson* I recently did this on my blog too!


  6. Love the bag and purse! gorgeous, i have tons n tons in my bag haha x

  7. Yay I always love these posts.
    Loooove that bag, and your purse :D

  8. You are so organised!! Finally someone like me that doesn't have 50 things rolling around at the bottom of her bag :P. Great post, I'm inspired to do this myself now:)

    Rainbows and ButtonsLou

  9. Playa de las americas is amazing!!! :)
    really good night life i went ther a couple of weeks ago :)

    tramps is the best bar and rags is pretty good too! if your after a quiet drink the Dubliner is good especially after 10:30 a band start playing and they are really charismatic always a bit of banter going on they are really good lads! and they can sing too!!


  10. wow your bag is so organised! total bag envy both inside and out

  11. My goodness your bag must be very tidy! Please teach me how to not carry around piles of old receipts and various other things that I don't need! Beautiful bag too!

  12. I love your bag!! I've been bugging my boyfriend for over a year to get me a louis vuitton!! He's not budging yet lol

  13. Show the make-up bag contents! :D

  14. They always say you can tell a girls personality from the contents of her bag! I love your purse, it is a beauty! Emily xx

  15. I love this post! Love your VW purse, I also have filofax and VW purse in my bag!

  16. May I ask how u got apple to replace ur iPhone? I dropped mine the other day too! It cracked!

  17. Love these posts. Must do one myself! xx

  18. I love how neat you keep your speedy, mine is always a mess. I can never find anything. -I'm taking notes! Lol


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