Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Review: Sigma Make Me Up Brush Kit

Hello lovelies!

I have been using this daily now for over 2 months and i must admit it is absolute LOVE!

I am trying not to compare these brushes to the MAC equivalent as Sigma have now changed the numbers on their brushes so they are not similar to MAC. Saying this, i am a bit of a make up snob if you will and have a wide range of different MAC brushes as i thought because they cost more they would be better quality! Since receiving these i have only used 2 of my MAC brushes...which i will explain about more later! 

Im going to talk about the brushes individually, so it may equate to a rather long post, hope you dont mind! 

Admittedly, this is one of the brushes that i used least often. Before receiving these brushes i had never used a angled shading brush so this was new to me! The bristles are soft, slightly angled and i have found no shedding with this brush whatsoever. I used this mainly for applying colour to the crease, blending or adding a highlight to my brow bone. 

This brush i have used every single day since receiving it! It is soft, quite dense and has lots of bristles packed into the small head, again i have found no shedding at all! It is great for packing a lot of colour on the lid. 

For days when im not been lazy and use more than once eyeshadow colour, this is another brush that gets a lot of use! Comparable to the MAC 219 pencil brush the bristles on this are a little longer but still dense enough for precise application of colour in the crease. Again, no shedding, the bristles are natural hair so i did find them a little scratchy but nothing more than my MAC brush!

Again, not a brush that i would use on a daily basis as i found the E55 Eye Shading Brush was sufficient for applying one colour to the lid. What i found this brush most suitable for was applying MAC paint pots which i would usually apply with my finger. This picked up the product nicely and applied to my eyelid just as it would if i used my finger (just a little less messy). The bristles are quite firm on this one but again no fall out of bristles. 

Another brush that i have used every single day since i received it! Although i havent used it for what its purpose is! I have used this brush for applying concealer to my blemishes and under eye circles. I must admit, the bristles on this tend to break off and fall out each time i use it (the same happened with my MAC equivalent which i ended up selling) resulting in me having to pick the hairs off my face after each use. Having said that i dont really mind (although it would be better if it didnt shed!) but i do like the finish it leaves when i apply my concealer with this brush.  

Since receiving this brush it has made filling in my eyebrows an absolute doddle (for those that are unaware of this term it means easy!) Before this i never used to touch my eyebrows i could never get the brush/product right although now this brush seems to work wonders! It is quite small, densely packed and angled so applies powder eyeshadow to fill in my brows like a dream. I also use this to apply eyeshadow over my liquid eyeliner to keep it in place. 

I had another equivalent to this brush prior to receiving the Sigma Brush Kit but got rid of it as i didn't really use gel eyeliner. However, as i wanted to road test every single brush so i could give a thorough review i invested some gel eyeliner (again!). No shedding whatsoever from this brush, densely packed bristles and applied the gel eyeliner really well (maybe its just my technique thats got better?!) Although i must admit i haven't used this brush everyday as i much prefer to use my Illamasqua Precision Ink Eyeliner! 

The proper concealer brush in the kit! This brush got some use when i was in a little bit of a rush with my concealer and didn't have the time to be picked hairs that has shed on my face! This applied concealer on my blemishes well but i preferred the finish under my eyes with the E40 Tapered Blending brush. No shedding at all from this brush with nice, soft bristles! If you prefer concealer brushes to be like concealer brushes and not blending brushes like myself, this may be the brush for you(r spots!). 

Again, another brush that i have been using every day! Although  not just for contouring i have been using this to bronze allover my face! This brush seems to have mis-shapen just a little but that may be because of how rigorous i use it! Im sure it will be back to normal after a deep cleanse :) I have experienced minimal and i mean extremely minimal shedding with this brush. Overall it has been a pleasure to use. It distributes product evenly and is large but not too big and feels soft against my skin.

If i had to chose only 1 brush out of the whole kit this would be it! I absolutely LOVE it and it has made me fall back in love with paddle foundation brushes. Before i received this i religiously used this and this brush for my foundation but now i havent used them since! I love the finish this brush gives my foundation (NARS sheer glow) It is soft, the right size and doesnt shed in the slightest! Definite winner from me!

Again, another of my favourite brushes. I know i said i wasnt going to compare (oops!) but this is identical and i mean identical to my MAC 150 powder brush (without the expensive price tag may i add!) I own both and this has been the brush that i have reached for daily! It distributes my powder lovely over my foundation and leaves it not looking too cakey! Amazing value for the price! 

This isnt a brush i have used that often as honestly i didnt really see much purpose for it. The use i have given to this brush is to sheer my cheeks down when i have gone a little OTT with the blush (we all do it at times!) I should really give it a go at applying my foundation with it but right now i am perfectly happy with the F60 Foundation Brush! Not a neccisty i dont think but i do know lots of ladies that apply their foundation with Duo Fibre Brushes! 
Standout brushes:

F60 Foundation Brush & F15 Powder Brush: Have used these both daily since receiving them, i think they are both amazing value and quality! 

What brushes could have been included:

What i think this set is missing is a blending brush although whilst writing this i realise that it does contain the E40 Tapered Blending Brush but i use this instead for concealer! 

Another brush that i think this set is missing is a blush brush! As i said above the 2 MAC brushes that i have used since receiving this kit is the MAC 217 Blending brush & the MAC 116 Blush Brush as i didn't think any brush in this kit was appropriate for applying blusher. 

Brushes it didn't really need: 

Obviously this is personal preference but i felt that this brush kit didn't need as many eye brushes that it did have! Especially the:
As i didn't think they were necessary for my personal needs/uses. 


I am MORE than happy with this kit! I seriously think its amazing and there is something for everyone! It is a great little kit from Sigma and the quality of the brushes are amazing with such affordable prices! I have seriously used this none stop since receiving it and some of these brushes are now in my make up routine for the foreseeable future. 

I would definitely recommend this kit and Sigma brushes in general to all you beauty and make up lovers! I also love the container that these brushes come in and these are what i am currently housing my brushes in on my vanity! 

I admit i was a snob! But i would happily purchase Sigma brushes over MAC, something i wouldn't have said if you asked me a few months ago! 

This brush kit is available from the Sigma website here and is $99 which equates to £60. Which is a bargain for 12 brushes & a holder! 

If you have got to here, THANK YOU! You deserve a gold star! I really hope that you have found this useful in some way! 

Have you ever tried any Sigma brushes? What are your thoughts?



  1. I only have the Sigma F80 but I love it and will definitely be buying more. Lovely post, I read it all! :)


  2. Where is this gold star??
    I love Sigma Brushes! I have a fair few, I also have Mac brushes and I never see a difference in quality between them.I would buy sigma over Mac to be honest.Great post chick xxx

  3. Amazing review! Thanks so much. I've been going back and forth on whether to order brushes from Sigma and you helped me decide to go for it and purchase a set :) Thanks again!

  4. Very useful post! I'm currently looking into trying out some sigma brushes (I am a bit of a brush newbie). Looks like I will be trying out the F60 first! Thanks for helping me make my decision :)

  5. Great review, have my eye on a few there :) I have the F80 too and absolutely love it, I want the contour brush that Tanya Burr is always using in her videos

  6. @Jess: Thank you for your comment Jess and for reading it all the way through! I know it was a long one! I used to absolutely LOVE the F80 but since getting this kit i havent really given it any love as the foundation brush in this is my new fave! xxx

    @Charlotte: You can have 100 gold stars mrs :) Thank you for reading! I Love sigma brushes too! Arent they pretty amazing?! Some of the sigma brushes that i have MAC equivalents of i see no difference at all! Especially the powder brush and that cost me £35! Insane! Thank you honey xxx

    @The Dollymix Diaries: Aww bless you! Thank you so much for reading and commenting hun! You should definitely give them a try! They are amazing quality for the price! I have spent a fortune on MAC in the past, wish i had of tried these first! xxx

    @River: Hello lovely! Thank you for your comment! When i was a brush newbie i assumed MAC would be best as i believed in you get what you pay for! How wrong was i! These are great! The F60 is a fantastic choice! I love it! Thanks again hun xxx

  7. i have never tried but this looks really really good all mac dupes but affordable! great post thank you lovely! xxx

  8. @Karen: Thank you for reading and commenting hun! I know that it was a long one :) The F80 seems to be quite a few peoples favourite! It was mine too but i seem to have pushed it to the side since i got this! Is that the tapered contour brush? If so, thats the next brush i have my eye on too :) xxx

  9. @Miss Jones: Hello hun! Thank you for reading the mammoth post and leaving a lovely comment! I tried to not compare them to MAC but really they are all fab MAC dupes as i know their brushes are quite expensive! I would definitely highly recommend them! xxx

  10. Ooo i loved the break down of each brush, i only own one mac brush and that broke the bank, i deffo need to invest sigma!! xx

  11. @Hayley: Aww thank you lovely! I thought it would be easier than reviewing them as a whole, as there were some i loved & others not so much! Thanks for taking the time to read the whole thing & commenting! Sigma are so affordable & dont scrimp on the quality either just because theyre cheap :) xxx

  12. Wow, they seem really good! I'm a bit overflowing with makeup brushes atm, but my mum is in DIRE need of some new ones. May have to order this set for her birthday!

  13. @Saz: Thanks hun! They really are good! That would be a wonderful present for your mum if you ordered some for her birthday - im sure she will love them! Thank you for reading & commenting! xxx

    @Caroline: haha they are awesome indeed! Thank you xx

  14. A long review, yes, but so useful so I'm glad I did read it all! I'm in desperate need of some decent brushes and there's no way I can afford to pick up a full set of MAC brushes. This however is definitely more my kind of price range so it's brilliant to know that they're comparable with the MAC brushes. Thanks for this review Sinead xx

  15. @Primp and Preen: Your comment is why i absolutely love blogging, i love sharing reviews with people and helping out others! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! It makes writing a long review so worth it! They are seriously on the same line as MAC regarding quality but definitely not price! If i wasnt such a snob and purchased this in the first place before investing in MAC i would have been set for life! They are very comparable to MAC brushes! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment lovely, it means a lot xxx

  16. I love the powder brush, its so soft! The flat top kabuki is definitely the best Sigma brush I have tried. Thanks for the post! x

  17. Haven't tried any sigma brush but this looks really great! Makes me wanna buy the whole set. LOL :D

  18. I get to the end of all your reviews hun, thank you for this. I have wanted Sigma brushes for ages, especially the F80. £60 is such good value for money! xx

  19. Looks amazing :)
    You may have convinced me to save for this!
    Thanks so much xx

  20. This post was SO useful - I'm actually saving up to buy this exact one as I thought black looked better than the other colours (but I do want the purple one too)!
    When you purchase does it convert it to pounds or does it convert over straight into your bank account, if that makes sense? I know you were sent these so might not know the answer but it would be really helpful!
    Great post. xx

  21. @Becca: Thank you so much for your comment hun! The powder brush is great & even if you buy it on its own $16 is amazing for a brush like this when MAC charge £35! Thank you for reading sweetie xxx

    @MissKatV: haha thank you for reading the whole thing & leaving your comment hun! If your into your brushes i would really recommend these! xxx

    @Stacey: Hello lovely! Thank you so much for your lovely comment & reading the whole thing, i know it was a long one! £60 for 12 brushes & the holder it comes in is amazing value! £5 a brush! Bargain! Definitely give them a try! They sell them on love-makeup.co.uk if you wanted to just try one at a time! xxx

    @Izzy: Thank you for your lovely comment honey, i would definitely save for it! In terms of MAC these 12 brushes would cost an absolute fortune! Thank you for reading xxx

    @Olivia: Hello lovely, thank you so much for your comment and reading, i really appreciate it! I realise how long the whole post is! ha! I was really tempted to get the pink one ha but i wanted to be a bit more sophisticated and for all my brushes to match so i chose the black! Even though i was sent this i have used the sigma website before, you will purchase whatever you buy in $ so you will have to check on XE.com (money convertor website) when you buy as to roughly how much its going to cost, then when it comes out of your bank account it will be in £. Hope that makes sense hun! Thank you again xxx

  22. Great review thank u!!
    Have been looking at this brush set for a few weeks, especially the turquoise blue version! All the brushes look gorgeous! I didnt realise actually how many brushes there were in this kit, it looks brill!

    Fab detailed post!

  23. such a good review :D
    i really want to get this sigma brush kit for my birthday!

  24. Good review! Ill have to try these brushes :)

    I am a new follower, and I look forward to reading your posts. Follow me too? <3

  25. @Amanda: Thank you for your lovely comment hun! It really is a fab set and there is pretty much all the brushes you will need! I do love the coloured versions of these brushes although i opted for black in the end! I hope you found it useful and thank you for reading! xxx

    @Jodie: Thank you lovely for reading and commenting! Sounds like it would make a great birthday present :) xxx

    @Kaizokumousy: It is! Thank you hun :) xxx

    @RinaMarie: Thank you lovely! You will have to give them a try! Thank you for reading, commenting and following :) xxx

  26. Great review. I asked my boyfriend for one of the kits for my birthday last year and have to say I'm really happy with them. I got the 12 brush kit and found a few brushes don't get much use but there are ones I cannot live without. They wash so well and are really soft. I want to get a few more so must place an order soon

  27. I love Sigma brushes and when you do the math - they are a bargain however, I don't agree with the shipping costs and the waiting time to get the products =( it's put me off purchasing it xxx

  28. Oh my goodness I NEED this. The packaging is simply adorable!



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