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Review: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Intensive Daily Face Moisturizer

Afternoon lovelies!

I recently had the opportunity to give the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Intensive Daily Moisturizer a whirl in which i couldn't pass up the opportunity as i already own and love this which i got in duty free last year so i wanted to give another product from the range a try. 

The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skincare Collection consists of a number of products, the Skin Protectant been one of the most talked about and loved products in the range i'm sure! 

However, i'm here to talk about this...

What Elizabeth Arden say about the Intensive Daily Moisturizer for Face SPF 15:

'This daily hydrating lotion leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized for up to 8 hours.

Protects skin from the effects of extreme weather and climate changes while SPF 15 shields skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Suitable for all skin types'.

My thoughts: 

I have been using this moisturizer daily now after i have cleansed using my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. The first thing i noticed was the smell, i'm not sure if all the products in the 8 Hour Cream Skincare Collection smell the same but this smells exactly like the other product from this range that i own. I personally love the quite strong smelling scent that is quite medicinal and it is not unpleasant in the slightest. 

The cream is quite thick in consistency which i like and blends into the skin effortlessly. I like the fact that it is suitable for all skin types as my skin seems to change with the seasons! Sometimes it is quite oily but can also be dry in places! So this is definitely a bonus for my skin type! It leaves my skin moisturized and hydrated without feeling greasy and i love the fact that this  contains SPF 15 for days when i want to go makeup less (this is a very rare occurrence i must admit!) but if i am popping to the gym or taking a walk around the park i like the reassurance that this contains a SPF. 

I also like the packaging as it is a squeezy tube and you can easily dispense the right amount of product that you need without using too much!

Overall i am impressed with the daily moisturizer and will continue to use this on a morning or before i apply my make up and under my foundation. 

The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Intensive Daily Moisturizer for Face SPF 15 is available from Look Fantastic and is priced at £28.00 for 50ml. 

All of the products in the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skincare Range can be found here.

Have you explored the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skincare range?

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  1. So glad you reviewed this - came at a great time! I've been googling it all week - not sure whether to give it a go or not. Will probably pick it up at the airport or on the plane when I go on holiday this summer :) xxx

  2. Oh dear, I bought the 8 hour cream ages ago and I use it when my lips are seriously chapped, it took me a long while to get used to the scent. Not sure if I could deal with that scent all up in me face though :S thats a shame as this sounds like a really nice product otherwise


  3. I use this every day but I find it too thick to wear on it's own. I normally put a teeny ammount in my hand and dilute it with two pumps of Fix+ and it's perfect to apply.

  4. I love 8 hour cream ! but i dont like the smell :) xx its so amazing coz i have really dry skin :)
    im following please follow me back :)
    this is my blog-
    thanks :) xx

  5. I have really dry skin too but i like the smell :) love your blog .
    Following you so please follow back :)
    Thanks xxx

  6. I love this stuff. It makes my skin look beautiful :)
    Can you do me a favour babe if you still have the box? Ive thrown my away and need to know the ingredients.
    Does it have alcohol denat in it?
    Sorry if its a slightly random question.

  7. I love Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream...but not to keen on the smell.x

  8. I love Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream and this intensive moisturizer sounds amaze!
    It's winter coming up here, and my skin get's very dry!
    Great review!

  9. I used to work for Arden! I love 8 hour cream, and the hand cream is one of the best I have ever used!

  10. amazing blog !
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  12. @Lydia: Thanks for your comment hun! :) Im glad you found it helpful! I would definitely pick this up if you get the chance at duty free, its a lovely moisturizer xxx

    @smoosh_kiss: Thank you for your comment lovely, i know what you mean about the scent but i weirdly absolutely love it! I think its quite herbal and nice smelling haha so i dont mind it all over my face! I may have to purchase the original 8 hour cream - so multipurpose! xxx

    @Sangus217: Hello! Thank you for your comment! I dont find it too thick however mixing it with fix plus sounds pretty amazing - i may need to try it for a light summer moisturizer, plus it will last much longer too! :) xxx

    @Olivia: Im glad you love the 8 hour cream, although from the comments i think its just me that likes the smell haha! Thank you for following & commenting! xxx

    @Grace: Hello! Thanks for your comment and for following my blog! The fab thing about this that it is suitable for all skin types so always a bonus! I love the smell too! :) xxx

    @Marcia: Hello lovely! Not a weird question at all hun! I do have the box and although it doesnt say it contains alcohol denat it does contain stearyl alcohol, not sure if it is the same thing? I tried googling but it just went straight over my head! Thanks for commenting hun xxx

    @Katey: haha another whose not keen on the smell! I personally love it, it reminds me of some of the Liz Earle products! :) Thanks for your comment sweetheart xxx

    @Laiqah: I have just read your profile and have seen your from South Africa :) I didnt know it was nearly winter there, its weird because it seems quite close to the UK and were nearly in summer! I think this would be a lovely moisturizer for the winter months and if your skin gets dry this will be perfect! Thank you honey xxx

    @Kat: hello my love! Thanks for leaving a comment! Never knew you used to work for EA! I think i want to give the original 8 hour cream a whirl! xxx

    @Maritenn: Thank you hun :) xx

    @Poison: Thank you for your comment my love :) xx

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  14. I actually feel ashamed as a beauty enthusiast that I have never tried this... It seems to be on everyones beauty essentials list!


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