Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Ralph Lauren 'Romance' Perfume %

Hello ladies!

I recently received a brand new perfume to add to my perfume collection and it goes by the name of 'Romance' by Ralph Lauren. I have never owned a perfume by Ralph Lauren before although I am extremely familiar with them as my Mum has been a fan for as long as 
I can remember and she always has at least one in her collection!

This is definitely a 'me' scent, its girly and floral without being too overpowering and as it as a EDP it lasts much longer on the skin than other perfumes. The top note of this perfume is Rose which i love, along with lotus flower which makes this perfume extremely feminine and romantic as the name suggests. The bottle is simple but elegant, classic and straight to the point with the name embossed around the lid of the bottle. It sits beautifully on my dresser next to all my other perfumes. 

I think this perfume is perfect for either day or night, but as it is so long lasting i think it would make for a great evening fragrance.

With the Royal Wedding just around the corner - this fragrance is definitely fit for a princess! 

This perfume is available Nationwide in Boots, The Fragrance Shop and Debenhams amongst other places and retails for:

£34 for 30ml
£47.50 for 50ml
£66.50 for 100ml

Have you ever tried Romance?



  1. Ooooo it looks sooo pretty! I've never had a Ralph Lauren perfume, but after this i need this badboy in my life :) xx

  2. I was so obsessed with the adverts(in magazines) for this fragrance. i had them all over my dorm wall! lol

  3. I love this, I wore it on my wedding day and whenever I smell it on someone it reminds me of my special day!!

  4. Love this so much, I also found out that Next do a dupe of this called Just pink :) and it's a lot cheaper! it's gorgeous :)

  5. Well jel, love this perfume xx

  6. Oh i want a Ralph Lauren perfume, they look so lovely. I'm going to have to go check it out. xx

  7. It really is such a lovely scent, the lotus comes through nicely! Your blog is super cute too, glad I stumbled upon it :)

  8. The ads for this scent are my favorites. :)


  9. It is refreshing! That's like one of the perfect ways to describe it! I want to own one to add it on my perfume collections. Thanks! :)

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