Friday, 29 April 2011

Whats In My Bag

Afternoon lovelies!
Hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday! Have you all been watching the Royal Wedding?
Today i thought i would show you the contents of my bag! I love watching 'Whats In My Bag' videos so i thought it would do one in terms of a blog post!

This is my bag...
Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 - It was a birthday present for my 21st Birthday last year. 

These are the contents of my bag: 
♥ Make Up Bag ♥
I use my Aussie Miracle Moist Tribe Make-Up Bag which houses all of my make up! However, that is a whole new blog post! Let me know if you would like to see the contents!

♥ Map of Playa De Las Americas - Tenerife ♥
I am going to Tenerife in just over 3 weeks with my lovely boyfriend James, so my Grandma gave me this map so we dont get lost & can find our way around!

♥ Pink Finsbury Filofax ♥
Love this! Even though at the minute my life isnt too hectic i still like to keep organised and everything in check! My personal pink finsbury filofax does the job! 

♥ Iphone 4 ♥
My phone! Complete with a Glee phone cover! You know how i roll! If you follow me on Twitter you will know that last week had a little accident involving my phone and managed to break the screen! Lets just say Apple were absolutely AMAZING & replaced the phone for me for free! So this little beauty is only a week old! 

♥ Cath Kidston Camera Case/Camera ♥
I got a brand new pink digital camera for my birthday & of course it wouldnt be complete without this gorgeous floral Cath Kidston gadget case to keep it looking pretty!

♥ House Key on a 'I love London' Key Ring ♥
I currently only have one key on my key ring (as my car keys are on a separate bunch of keys as i share a car with mum!) I got this cute little I love London keyring when i was in London for IMATS with Paula and Carla for about £1 i think! I love touristy souvenirs! 

♥ Vivienne Westwood Black Patent 'Ebury' Purse ♥
What can i say about this? I purchased this beauty in January when i went to see Usher in Manchester! It is absolute love! The black, patent is so classic & i love the gold orb! 

♥ Lips Tissues ♥
These are a recent addition to the old handbag from new look, you never know when you will need a tissue ;) & these were the bargain price of 99p!

♥ Givenchy 'Very Irresistible' Perfume ♥
Perfect handbag size perfume that i got in duty free last year that came free with the full size. Smells gorgeous, lasts a long time & doesnt take up much room! handbag essential!

♥ Illamasqua 'Purity' Nail Polish ♥
I recently bought this from Illamasqua's new Toxic Tale collection and if im being 100% honest im not really in love with it and much prefer my peach melba from Barry M. This is in my handbag as i took it to Manchester last week but didnt end up using it! If you are interested in buying it i am selling for £8 including postage, it has only been used 1x - If you are interested please leave your paypal email in the comments & i will invoice you! 

Hope you enjoyed reading! What do you carry in your handbag?


Thursday, 28 April 2011

MAC Quite Cute Haul & Swatches

Morning everyone!

I'm up bright and early today as I had a couple of blog posts in mind!

I bought these MAC Quite Cute goodies quite a while ago so apologies for only showcasing them to you now! Fingers crossed that you can still get them from MAC counters!

From seeing pictures of this collection a long time before it was realeased i was convinced that i wanted all the lipsticks! However, after realising that one was permanent (Saint Germain - which I already own) and two were purple which wouldnt suit me in te slightest, I settled on two!

Onto the MAC goodness...
♥ MAC 'Giggly' Mineralize Blush ♥
♥ MAC 'Candy Yum Yum' Matte Lipstick ♥
♥ MAC 'Playing Koi' Cremesheen Lipstick ♥

I LOVE everything! I heard lots of people say the blush wasn't that pigmented but I used it for the first time the other day & I must admit i'm in love! Gorgeous colour!
Candy Yum Yum is your super bright, barbie bubblegum pink! So much different to what i was expecting but i really cant wait to rock this on a night out!
Playing Koi is a very light peachy-nude, I first tried this as soon as i bought it because i think this would be the stand out product for me, however as i had no makeup on (or so i am blaming) it gave me full on concealer lips BUT i am happy to report I have tried it since with a full face of make up and it seems to work! :) 

Did you get anything from this collection?


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Ralph Lauren 'Romance' Perfume %

Hello ladies!

I recently received a brand new perfume to add to my perfume collection and it goes by the name of 'Romance' by Ralph Lauren. I have never owned a perfume by Ralph Lauren before although I am extremely familiar with them as my Mum has been a fan for as long as 
I can remember and she always has at least one in her collection!

This is definitely a 'me' scent, its girly and floral without being too overpowering and as it as a EDP it lasts much longer on the skin than other perfumes. The top note of this perfume is Rose which i love, along with lotus flower which makes this perfume extremely feminine and romantic as the name suggests. The bottle is simple but elegant, classic and straight to the point with the name embossed around the lid of the bottle. It sits beautifully on my dresser next to all my other perfumes. 

I think this perfume is perfect for either day or night, but as it is so long lasting i think it would make for a great evening fragrance.

With the Royal Wedding just around the corner - this fragrance is definitely fit for a princess! 

This perfume is available Nationwide in Boots, The Fragrance Shop and Debenhams amongst other places and retails for:

£34 for 30ml
£47.50 for 50ml
£66.50 for 100ml

Have you ever tried Romance?


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

St Tropez Rose & Gold Skin Illuminators

Good afternoon sweethearts!

Firstly, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that commented on my Gentry Grooming Event blog post! I will reply to comments very soon! :)

Today I wanted to show you the new Skin Illuminators by St Tropez. They come in three new gorgeous colours, RoseGold and Violet, in addition to the original Skin Illuminator. The two I was sent to try were the Rose and Gold Skin Illuminators. 

What St Tropez say about the Rose Illuminator:

The rose illuminator gives the illusion of effortlessly polished skin whilst giving a gently flushed appearance when applied to the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and on the cupid’s bow of the lips. As seen at Erdem’s outdoor show. Perfect for skin with blue, pink and violet undertones.

What St Tropez say about the Gold Illuminator:

The gold illuminator gives the skin a gorgeous finish and will suit the deep, dark 70s look that was seen at the SS 11 shows. It’s also perfect for highlighting the skin and defining the female form, as seen at the Zac Posen show in Paris. Perfect for skin with yellow or gold 

My thoughts: 

The Rose & Gold Skin Illumintors appealed to me more than the Violet Skin Illuminator as i have quite pale skin so pale shimmery pink and gold highlighters are perfect for my cheekbones so I was extremely pleased when these were the two I received! Both colours are gorgeous, yet quite subtle when rubbed in and give a gorgeous sheen without being too glittery or sparkly. Perfect for highlighting areas of your face, mixing with foundation to give a dewy glow, or rubbing on your legs/collarbone for a gorgeous glow of colour. These will be a holiday essential for me!   

The St Tropez Skin Illuminators retail for £12.00 for a 50ml tube and they are available from the St Tropez Website.

Will you be trying out the Illuminators?


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Gentry Grooming Event in Manchester

Evening lovelies!

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to have the Gentry Grooming Company Event in Manchester at The Living Room.

The event was fun packed, the wine & cocktails were flowing and I had the opportunity to meet with some fellow bloggers and rub shoulders with some celebs!

All in all it was a fantastic evening and i thought i would show you a few of the pictures i took both at the event and on our little night out after!

The gorgeous Jo and Carla
The beautiful Paula and myself
 The lovely Stephanie and Stacey
The beautiful CarolineSara and Gemma
 Me & the gorgeous Ashley-Taylor Dawson (Darren from Hollyoaks!)
Me & Andy Moss (Rhys in Hollyoaks!)
Jo, Jorgie Porter (Theresa in Hollyoaks!) and Me
 Carla, Paula & Myself (Love these ladies!)
Me, Paula & Halima
Me, Jo & Paula in Tiger Tiger

Hope you enjoyed reading! If you are wondering my dress is from the new conscious collection at H&M!

I had a fab night & it was amazing meeting all the ladies I have featured (and the yummy guys from Hollyoaks of course!)

Happy Easter everyone :)


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New Look Goodness..

Afternoon sweeties!

Hope you are all having a lovely day in the sunshine!

I just thought i would show you a couple of goodies that i have ordered from New Look as they currently have a huge sale on and today they are offering free world wide delivery until midnight tonight. 

I managed to nab this gorgeous black maxi skirt in the sale for £4 down from £10, I think this will be perfect on holiday with a pair of flat sandals or gladiators with a plain vest top, a denim cut off and lots of boho bangles. 

I also got this black tshirt dress that i was eyeing up when it was £27 although im glad i held out as it is now down to £15! Bargain! I love the zip detail at the back! I plan to wear this with a belt to cinch the dress in at the waist, leggings and again a pair of sandals with lots of chunky jewellery. I know its not the most summery colour but i feel comfortable wearing black. I love the slouchy sleeves on this!

Lastly, and you may think im mad for this as it is nearly summer! haha but i purchased this jumper that again i was eyeing up when it was £25, now down to £6! Bargain! I think i can get away with wearing this at least once before the summer sets in! I plan to wear with shorts, tights and ballet pumps for a bit of a casual look!

I think New Look has really upped its game recently! I am loving lots of things in there at the minute!

Have you bought anything lately?

Remember they have free delivery until midnight and 20% student discount for none sale items!

Happy Shopping :)


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Review: Sigma Make Me Up Brush Kit

Hello lovelies!

I have been using this daily now for over 2 months and i must admit it is absolute LOVE!

I am trying not to compare these brushes to the MAC equivalent as Sigma have now changed the numbers on their brushes so they are not similar to MAC. Saying this, i am a bit of a make up snob if you will and have a wide range of different MAC brushes as i thought because they cost more they would be better quality! Since receiving these i have only used 2 of my MAC brushes...which i will explain about more later! 

Im going to talk about the brushes individually, so it may equate to a rather long post, hope you dont mind! 

Admittedly, this is one of the brushes that i used least often. Before receiving these brushes i had never used a angled shading brush so this was new to me! The bristles are soft, slightly angled and i have found no shedding with this brush whatsoever. I used this mainly for applying colour to the crease, blending or adding a highlight to my brow bone. 

This brush i have used every single day since receiving it! It is soft, quite dense and has lots of bristles packed into the small head, again i have found no shedding at all! It is great for packing a lot of colour on the lid. 

For days when im not been lazy and use more than once eyeshadow colour, this is another brush that gets a lot of use! Comparable to the MAC 219 pencil brush the bristles on this are a little longer but still dense enough for precise application of colour in the crease. Again, no shedding, the bristles are natural hair so i did find them a little scratchy but nothing more than my MAC brush!

Again, not a brush that i would use on a daily basis as i found the E55 Eye Shading Brush was sufficient for applying one colour to the lid. What i found this brush most suitable for was applying MAC paint pots which i would usually apply with my finger. This picked up the product nicely and applied to my eyelid just as it would if i used my finger (just a little less messy). The bristles are quite firm on this one but again no fall out of bristles. 

Another brush that i have used every single day since i received it! Although i havent used it for what its purpose is! I have used this brush for applying concealer to my blemishes and under eye circles. I must admit, the bristles on this tend to break off and fall out each time i use it (the same happened with my MAC equivalent which i ended up selling) resulting in me having to pick the hairs off my face after each use. Having said that i dont really mind (although it would be better if it didnt shed!) but i do like the finish it leaves when i apply my concealer with this brush.  

Since receiving this brush it has made filling in my eyebrows an absolute doddle (for those that are unaware of this term it means easy!) Before this i never used to touch my eyebrows i could never get the brush/product right although now this brush seems to work wonders! It is quite small, densely packed and angled so applies powder eyeshadow to fill in my brows like a dream. I also use this to apply eyeshadow over my liquid eyeliner to keep it in place. 

I had another equivalent to this brush prior to receiving the Sigma Brush Kit but got rid of it as i didn't really use gel eyeliner. However, as i wanted to road test every single brush so i could give a thorough review i invested some gel eyeliner (again!). No shedding whatsoever from this brush, densely packed bristles and applied the gel eyeliner really well (maybe its just my technique thats got better?!) Although i must admit i haven't used this brush everyday as i much prefer to use my Illamasqua Precision Ink Eyeliner! 

The proper concealer brush in the kit! This brush got some use when i was in a little bit of a rush with my concealer and didn't have the time to be picked hairs that has shed on my face! This applied concealer on my blemishes well but i preferred the finish under my eyes with the E40 Tapered Blending brush. No shedding at all from this brush with nice, soft bristles! If you prefer concealer brushes to be like concealer brushes and not blending brushes like myself, this may be the brush for you(r spots!). 

Again, another brush that i have been using every day! Although  not just for contouring i have been using this to bronze allover my face! This brush seems to have mis-shapen just a little but that may be because of how rigorous i use it! Im sure it will be back to normal after a deep cleanse :) I have experienced minimal and i mean extremely minimal shedding with this brush. Overall it has been a pleasure to use. It distributes product evenly and is large but not too big and feels soft against my skin.

If i had to chose only 1 brush out of the whole kit this would be it! I absolutely LOVE it and it has made me fall back in love with paddle foundation brushes. Before i received this i religiously used this and this brush for my foundation but now i havent used them since! I love the finish this brush gives my foundation (NARS sheer glow) It is soft, the right size and doesnt shed in the slightest! Definite winner from me!

Again, another of my favourite brushes. I know i said i wasnt going to compare (oops!) but this is identical and i mean identical to my MAC 150 powder brush (without the expensive price tag may i add!) I own both and this has been the brush that i have reached for daily! It distributes my powder lovely over my foundation and leaves it not looking too cakey! Amazing value for the price! 

This isnt a brush i have used that often as honestly i didnt really see much purpose for it. The use i have given to this brush is to sheer my cheeks down when i have gone a little OTT with the blush (we all do it at times!) I should really give it a go at applying my foundation with it but right now i am perfectly happy with the F60 Foundation Brush! Not a neccisty i dont think but i do know lots of ladies that apply their foundation with Duo Fibre Brushes! 
Standout brushes:

F60 Foundation Brush & F15 Powder Brush: Have used these both daily since receiving them, i think they are both amazing value and quality! 

What brushes could have been included:

What i think this set is missing is a blending brush although whilst writing this i realise that it does contain the E40 Tapered Blending Brush but i use this instead for concealer! 

Another brush that i think this set is missing is a blush brush! As i said above the 2 MAC brushes that i have used since receiving this kit is the MAC 217 Blending brush & the MAC 116 Blush Brush as i didn't think any brush in this kit was appropriate for applying blusher. 

Brushes it didn't really need: 

Obviously this is personal preference but i felt that this brush kit didn't need as many eye brushes that it did have! Especially the:
As i didn't think they were necessary for my personal needs/uses. 


I am MORE than happy with this kit! I seriously think its amazing and there is something for everyone! It is a great little kit from Sigma and the quality of the brushes are amazing with such affordable prices! I have seriously used this none stop since receiving it and some of these brushes are now in my make up routine for the foreseeable future. 

I would definitely recommend this kit and Sigma brushes in general to all you beauty and make up lovers! I also love the container that these brushes come in and these are what i am currently housing my brushes in on my vanity! 

I admit i was a snob! But i would happily purchase Sigma brushes over MAC, something i wouldn't have said if you asked me a few months ago! 

This brush kit is available from the Sigma website here and is $99 which equates to £60. Which is a bargain for 12 brushes & a holder! 

If you have got to here, THANK YOU! You deserve a gold star! I really hope that you have found this useful in some way! 

Have you ever tried any Sigma brushes? What are your thoughts?


Monday, 18 April 2011

Review: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Intensive Daily Face Moisturizer

Afternoon lovelies!

I recently had the opportunity to give the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Intensive Daily Moisturizer a whirl in which i couldn't pass up the opportunity as i already own and love this which i got in duty free last year so i wanted to give another product from the range a try. 

The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skincare Collection consists of a number of products, the Skin Protectant been one of the most talked about and loved products in the range i'm sure! 

However, i'm here to talk about this...

What Elizabeth Arden say about the Intensive Daily Moisturizer for Face SPF 15:

'This daily hydrating lotion leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized for up to 8 hours.

Protects skin from the effects of extreme weather and climate changes while SPF 15 shields skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Suitable for all skin types'.

My thoughts: 

I have been using this moisturizer daily now after i have cleansed using my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. The first thing i noticed was the smell, i'm not sure if all the products in the 8 Hour Cream Skincare Collection smell the same but this smells exactly like the other product from this range that i own. I personally love the quite strong smelling scent that is quite medicinal and it is not unpleasant in the slightest. 

The cream is quite thick in consistency which i like and blends into the skin effortlessly. I like the fact that it is suitable for all skin types as my skin seems to change with the seasons! Sometimes it is quite oily but can also be dry in places! So this is definitely a bonus for my skin type! It leaves my skin moisturized and hydrated without feeling greasy and i love the fact that this  contains SPF 15 for days when i want to go makeup less (this is a very rare occurrence i must admit!) but if i am popping to the gym or taking a walk around the park i like the reassurance that this contains a SPF. 

I also like the packaging as it is a squeezy tube and you can easily dispense the right amount of product that you need without using too much!

Overall i am impressed with the daily moisturizer and will continue to use this on a morning or before i apply my make up and under my foundation. 

The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Intensive Daily Moisturizer for Face SPF 15 is available from Look Fantastic and is priced at £28.00 for 50ml. 

All of the products in the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skincare Range can be found here.

Have you explored the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skincare range?

You can also check them out on Facebook where they have a competition running to win some products! All you have to do is 'like' their page to enter


Remember you can also follow me on Twitter :) 

Thursday, 14 April 2011

I'm Not Here Today...

Afternoon honeys!

Just to let you know I am on the lovely Em's blog today with a 'getting to know you: Successful bloggers' Interview.

If you would like to know a little bit more about me on a personal/blogging level then please pop on over to Em's blog and leave her some love! 

Thank you again Emma for involving me & featuring me on your blog! I suggest you all go over & have a look as she has a wonderful blog!

Thats all for now lovelies, hope your all well & looking forward to the weekend!

Blog posts i have planned for you lovely ladies, coming soon!: 

MAC Quite Cute Collection goodies

St Tropez Illuminators 

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Face Cream Review  

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