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Stylerush Hair Straighteners Review

Afternoon sweeties! 

How are we all this week? Yesterday was my birthday (22 if you are wondering!) & i had a amazing few days (my birthdays always last a few days!) Friday was spent with my amazing ladies with a night of drinking, dancing and a sleepover, Saturday was spent with the mister (hungover but hey at least it was spent together!), Sunday a meal with the family and Monday (my actual birthday) lunch with the girls followed by a evening at the theatre to see calendar girls with my Grandma, Mum & Sister! All in all a amazing birthday weekend!

Anyway! Today i have a hair straightener review! 

The straighteners in question are the Stylerush hair straighteners standard styler that comes in 4 different colours, Violet, Green, Orange and Black. The pair i own are the green version.
What Stylerush say:
This ingenious professional styling tool is the latest straightener to arrive in the UK. Its advanced technology within the body of the straightener allow you to master the art of creating those curls, flicks, waves in the hair you are looking to achieve. Whatever length hair you have you can be sure to accomplish your desired look with ease. 

The rounded barrer, smooth tilting plates and 360 degree swivel cord enable you to create that effortless look. Not only have we produced a styler that is creative but is available in 4 sleek desirable colours for you to choose from. 

With its universal voltage you can use this anywhere in the world. This iron also boats the following features: an extra long cord, auto shut off and it comes with a heat resistant cap and carrying bag.
My Thoughts:

I have been roadtesting these for a couple of weeks and they have completely taken over my GHD's. At first, they were a bit unusual to use, but not because of the straighteners but because my GHDs are wide plates and these are a normal plate so took some time to adjust to the change!

However, these are really lightweight and glided through my hair with no pulling or tugging (always a bonus!). They come with a heat resistant guard which i absolutely LOVE, it means that you can slide it on even when they are still hot (after you have turned them off of course!) and also a travel bag that you can put them in when not in use. 

They have a slide up on/off button and heat up pretty quickly (around 30 seconds), and the light flashes to tell you that they're ready and hot enough. My hair looked and felt shiny and silky afterwards which lasted throughout the day, which with my GHDs my hair becomes wavy quickly! 

I LOVE the white plastic casing which is a change to usual hair straighteners and they have a slight pink iridescence running through them. 
The Results: 
Would I recommend?

Yes! They're light weight, easy to use and a very reasonable price! I love that you can chose what colour you would like (although i would have chosen the violet myself!) They come with a carry bag & heat resistant cap! They heat up quickly and not too hot (180 degrees) so they shouldn't cause too much damage to your hair & they also come with a 2 year warranty! 

These straighteners are available from stylerush.co.uk and are £79.99 with free delivery! 



  1. @Izzy: Thank you so much lovely lady! And thank you for the birthday wishes :) xxx

  2. Thanks for the great review on this amazing product

  3. lOVELY review. Your hair says it all really, gorgeous!! These look fab and I love the packaging :) xx

  4. Belated Birthday wishes hun! Sounds like you had a wicked few days! Oh to be 22 again lol. These striaghtners look good, thanks for sharing. That top your wearing is gorgeous! xx

  5. @Stylerush: Thanks for commenting! Have changed the link so it is now http://www.stylerush.co.uk :) xxx

    @Ashlie: Aww thank you so much my darling! :) These really are lovely straighteners to use! They really are fab! Thanks for your comment sweetie xxx

    @Stacey: Aww bless you! Thank you so much sweetheart! haha 22 seems like such a big scary number but i still feel so young in myself! They are really good, and thanks lovely, the top is a new look find :) xxx

  6. They look so different to the usual plain black straighteners - a bit sci-fi meets retro! Thanks for the review, I'm always a bit dubious about straighteners since I have the world's thickest, curliest, frizziest hair. Glad you enjoyed your birthday!

  7. Lovely review but I am addicted to my GHDs xxx

  8. @Lily: Thank you so much for your comment lovely! They look so much better than the standard straighteners i think, like GHD do coloured straighteners but charge so much more for them! Your very welcome, these have worked wonders and my hair is really thick, quite long & not in the best condition currently! Thanks lovely xxx

    @Miss LV: Thank you sweetie :) Glad you enjoyed! I know what you mean, have been using GHDs for the past 8 years or so and always though no other straighteners would compare but i really like these xxx

  9. Your hair looks incredibly smooth and straight! The green design is just too cute. And happy (belated) birthday too xx

  10. Your hair looks amazing! I love the colour's of them as well.

    I don't know if I can part with my GHD's lol. =)

  11. your hair looks so sleek and shiney!! lovely. These straighteners are on my wishlist :-) xx

  12. Your hair is amazing! You will have to do a post! :)

  13. Wow youe hair looks amazing in these pics...so sleek and smooth! What are the straightners like to curl and wave with? xx

  14. @Sylvieee: Aww bless you! Thank you so much sweetheart! & thank you for the Birthday wishes lovely! xxx

    @Redz2468: Aww thats so sweet! Thank you so much darling! I am loving the different colours & the white casing with pink iridescence! xxx

    @Carly-Anne: Bless you lovely, thank you so much! Glad you have added them onto your wishlist :) xxx

    @Ally: Thank you lovely! Not sure my hair is worthy of its own post though, nice of you to say though! xxx

    @Seanna: Hello gorgeous! Thank you so much my darling! I have tried them to curl yet but that will be my next task and i shall let you know :) xxx

  15. I have the pink version and love it!!your hair look fabulous also!!


  16. Happy Birthday! Woo for being 22! Great review :o) xx


  17. @Irene: Hello lovely! Thanks for your comment! Very jealous of you owning the pink version, they are gorgeous! xxx

    @Lulu B: Aww thank you so much honey! Thank you for commenting! xxx

  18. I love the colors!


  19. LOVE the colour of these! x


  20. Hai great review! The straightner looks really cool. Your hair looks really pretty and shiny! ^_^

    Please check out my blog to!

  21. Hi! I'm after a new hair straightener so thank you for this review!

    Kisses, Melanie

  22. Those look good! Must remember then for when my GHD gives up on me.

  23. Hey!
    Love the review, thanks for it!

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    This is it:

    XOXO Peggy

  24. Utilizing your hair straightener when your hair is wet may consume your delegated grandness. best flat irons for African American hair


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