Thursday, 10 March 2011

Aussie Lusciously Light

Evening ladies!

As you all probably know, I am a Aussie Angel, which means i get invited to lots of wonderful events and receive some of the Aussie hair care products!

Today i received a very unexpected surprise but very exciting non the less!

I collected a HUGE box from my neighbor after some Twitter speculation that we were receiving a very exciting parcel from Aussie!

I opened it up to find this...
A helium balloon attached with a bottle of the Lusciously Light Aussome Volume Conditioner for limp hair, which honestly smells so amazing! I cannot wait to use this! 
I love the whole idea of the balloon for the lusciously light range :) A great thought of the Aussie team! 

They also suggested as it is time for a spring clean, would i like to boost my barnet and join the Lusciously Lighter Style or boost my body and soul and join the Lusciously Lighter Self! I'm thinking the latter! Angels, which have you chosen?

Thank you again to the Aussie team, in particular Emma! 


p.s: I am now selling the mini adjustable cross rings in either gold and silver for £6 (+ £1 postage no matter how much you buy) and they are available on or you can leave a comment below & i can send a invoice. 
Pictures to follow, although there is one on my Twitpic!



  1. ooh lovely! you lucky thing. xo.

  2. @Katie: Thank you for your comment lovely! Isnt it such a amazing idea? :) xxx

  3. aww how sweet!! love the scent of aussie products..nothing else smells like them!!

    Congrats on being an Aussie Angel xox

    Steph xox

  4. Love the balloon - so cute :)

    How do you become an aussie angel? xxx

  5. Aww so jealous wish I could be an aussie angel x

  6. Ahhh I was so excited when mine arrived!

    I think i'm going to go for the latter too :)


  7. EKKK! just tweeted you about the rings, I want I want :)
    Oh how Aussie made my day with this lovely surprise, my Mum thought it was from my BF- no mother, just Aussie!

  8. The whole box smelt amaze! I'm thinking the latter as well chick! xxx

  9. @Steph: Thank you for your comment lovely! Aussie are most definitely my favourite hair care! love them xxx

    @Laura: I became a aussie angel from going to an event over a year ago set up by the previous aussie angels and got invited to be one :) thanks for commenting xxx

    @Bows & Butterflies: It really is a fab title! thanks lovely xxx

    @Laura: I know i was too! I think i will be choosing the same one as you! xxx

    @Steph: Your comment really made me LOL! Thank you lovely! Such a amazing surprise! :D Have tweeted you back lover xxx

  10. @Carlito86 okay babes we will go with the latter! At least we will be together! :) Love you!xxx

  11. Hahaha the balloon is such a cute idea! Hope you like the product!

    I've never tried any Aussie before.. thinking I may have to take the leap and purchase a few things!

  12. Wow your so lucky to be an Aussie girl , i love aussie products they are amazing! Enjoy your lovely products xx :o)

  13. lucky you i love aussie products and the balloon is such a cute idea.
    Enjoy your product!

  14. I just opened my balloon :) Such a cute surprise! Can't wait to try the conditioner.
    I chose Lusciously Lighter Self what with summer around the corner, feel like I need a bit of a healthkick! x

  15. Oh I'm so jealous, I'd love to be an Aussie Angel!

  16. Wow! I'd love to be an Aussie Angel! I love the Aussie shampoo and conditioner. Very clever idea with the balloon too xx

  17. haha love the balloon idea, such a good concept! x

  18. You're so lucky! I love Aussie products! :) x

  19. would love to try that as I'm constantly on the search for volume for my hair. :D x x


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