Monday, 14 February 2011

Will You Be My Valentine?

Happy Valentines Day Lovers!

Hope you all have a fantastic day, whatever you do! My night will consist of a Chinese takeaway, some wine & feasting on the biscuits i made for the other half this afternoon! 

I followed the gorgeous Milly's recipe for her gorgeous sweetheart biscuits which can be found here - She has been a great help and has been answering my questions all afternoon so thank you so much for your help Milly! I doubled the ingredients because i had a feeling that my Mum, Brother & Sister would all want in on the biscuit action! 

I do love cooking and baking but by no means am i any good at it and as this was my first time making the biscuits i am quite happy with the outcome, although they are not a patch on Milly's fine baking skills! 

Unfortunately i do not have any heart shaped cutters (Need to add them to the shopping list!) so  i had to settle for round shaped biscuits instead! 

I decorated with pink icing sugar (& a spoon - i do really need to invest in a piping bag!) and different goodies to decorate including pink glitter, pink & white sugar bobbles and also multi coloured stars :) 

As i said i doubled the ingredients and turned out with a whopping 38 biscuits! The family will be pleased! I have been slaving away in the kitchen for the best part of all day!

Heres the outcome...

Far from perfect but they do taste amazing! 

What are you doing this Valentines?

Hope you all have a lovely day 



  1. They look yummy.

    Happy Valentine's Day.


  2. ooo these look gorgeous! I bet they don't stay around long! have a lovely Valentines day hun xxx

  3. Ooh, yum!
    Want somee!! <3
    Izzy x

  4. @Victoria: Thank you so much for your comment lovely :) Hope you have an amazing Valentines day xxx

    @Daisy: Aww Thank you so much my darling! Im sure they will be demolished as soon as the family arrive home! Have a Happy Valentines day sweetheart! xxx

    @Izzy: Thanks for your comment sweetie! Hope you have a lovely day xxx

  5. Happy Valentines day sweetness! Cor! them biccies look amazing! I love baking too hun, I'm making my sister a Lemon Drizzle Cake tonight for her birthday. Enjoy your Chinky lover! lol xx

  6. @G A B Y: Thank you so much lovely! Have a wonderful day! xxx

    @Stacey: Aww thank you so much for your lovely comment hun! Hope you have an amazing Valentines day! Lemon drizzle cake sounds gorgeous - have fun making that :) xxx

  7. hey lovely
    they really look great - you have done a fab job. I just know the boy and mummy daintydollymix will love them :)Thank you again for the link. it was my pleasure to help :) x

  8. They look lovely! Your decorating skills are very good too - decorating seems to be my downfall I seem to get more of it on myself than the actual cake/biscuit etc. lol!

    Happy Valentine's Day :)


  9. Mmm, they look so yummy but so bad for my diet :( I love the way the ingredients photo is all pink, so cute! x

  10. They look so yummy and cute! You did a faboulous job! Love to bake..

    Follow me @

    Your newest follower ~Anya

  11. These look gorgeous!
    Really cute, well done!

  12. ooooh yummy and mega pink! love it :o) xx

  13. @Milly: Hello lovely :) Thank you so much for your comment! So far so good on the biscuit front, everyone loves them although the brother said they look like something made in nursery! Thats boys for you! Thank you again for all your help sweetheart xxx

    @.x.sarah.x.: Thank you sweetie! I feel like i need to develop my decorating skills - and invest in a piping bag, i used a spoon for these! Happy Valentines day to you to lovely! xxx

    @Claire: Thank you lovely! Bad for the diet indeed, mine starts tomorrow! Although i tell myself that every week! xxx

    @Anya Rudn: Thank you! xx

    @LaureN: Aww thank you so much lovely lady! Happy Valentines day! xxx

    @Lulu B: Haha mega pink indeed! The only way :) Thanks so much sweetie, Hope youve had a Happy Valentines Day :) xxx

  14. Ooh they look so yummy! Thanks for sharing x

  15. I want one, they look yummy :)
    I remembered to buy the heart shape cutter for the biscuits I was supposed to make for V Day, but still haven't made him the biscuits...whoops!
    I suppose they can wait until his birthday now! xx

  16. @''this fashion lark'': Hello lovely :) Thank you so much for your comment! You are very welcome! Hope youve had a amazing Valentines day! xxx

    @xXxStundonxXx: Thank you so such for your comment sweetie! Happy Valentines day! Ahh at least you remembered the heart shape cutter, thats a start! I had to stick to round ones :( He will love them for his birthday! xxx

  17. ooh these look lovely hun!! the drizzles are perfect :)
    I am just putting up some snaps of todays valentines cuppies, take a peek xxx

  18. Oh my gosh, yum! These look amazing. I want one!
    I may have to just go and do a spot of baking now..

  19. Pretty! I wouldn't want to eat them i'd use them as coasters lol

  20. Those cookies look yummy! They're making me crave right now! =)

  21. Hi! I’ve awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award! You can view the details at

    Kisses, Melanie

  22. love your blog! check mine out at & dnt forget to follow so you dnt miss out on anything (:

  23. I don't think you were missing out by not having the heart cutter, they look flippin' yummy!!
    Great blog, love the layout - I'll be following from now on :)
    Beth @ Baking and Brogues

  24. This is a great post. Those look yummy!
    Great blog! Really enjoy looking through it. :)

    Hope we can follow one another! :)


  25. miam miam!


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