Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Stiletto Collection By Sleek MakeUP

Afternoon lovely ladies,

This morning i received a couple of new offerings from Sleek Make Up which i do believe are limited edition and absolutely perfect for valentines day!

I present to you the Stiletto Collection!

♥ Sleek MakeUP Blush - Scandalous £4.29 ♥

'Red Hot Blush - Scandalous is created specially to set tongues wagging. The ultra high pigmented colour gives a shot of red to the cheeks. Add dramatic angels with its intense colour or opt for a light dusting for the natural 'flushed' look. 

This definitely looks like a dupe of the Nars Exhibit A blush but for of course a fraction of the price. I will be using this only lightly for a nice flush of colour. Like the other blushes in the collection this is highly pigmented and a little goes a long way.

♥ Sleek MakeUP Pout Polish - Scandal £4.29 ♥

'To join the Sleek MakeUP Pout Polish Family for a limited time only is scandal. Just like the Blush Scandalous, the tinted lip balm gives a powerful pigment to your Valentines Day look. like all pout polishes, Scandal contains shea butter, sweet almond and advocado oil and has a high protection of SPF 15 to ensure its as kind to the lips as its seducing to the eyes! Wear on its own or on top of a matt lipstick for an intense colour and shine without the sticky feeling'. 

I am a big fan of the Sleek MakeUP pout polishes anyway, especially Pink Cadillac and this is definitely not an exception to the rule. Its gorgeous, a well pigmented, glossy red which can be built up and intensified to a bright red glossy finish.

♥ Swatches ♥

The Stilletto Collection is in Superdrug stores now until 16th February 2011. 

Also in the collection is a gorgeous red nail polish called Geisha's Seal - i think i may need this for my collection also!

Will you be picking up any of the Sleek MakeUP Stiletto Collection this Valentines Day?



  1. I saw this in superdrug the other day and it reminded me Illamsqua's throb collection.with all the red I mean. I don't think I would be rushing to get a red blusher, they really dont suit me. The pout polish looks nice though xxxxxx

  2. Only the 16th! I'll need to get into town on Saturday then. I love my Sleek Storm palette, i'm dying to try out more of their products.

  3. @Charlotte: Thanks for your comment gorge! I just went a bit OTT with the blush & literally had to foundation over it! Not a good look! But im sure a tiny dabble will look nice :) Gotta love red for valentines day! The pout polish is really nice! Im sat with it on now! May sway me to a red lip more :) xxxx

    @Smoosh_kissxx: Thanks for your comment honey, yes only the 16th which is quite soon so i would suggest heading out to buy them quickly! I also love the storm palette, one of sleeks best products! :) xxx

  4. They look great! I really like the look of the pout polish. I'll need to make sure I remember to go and check them out this week!x

  5. @Gemx: Thank you for your comment lovely :) The pout polish is my favourite! Definitely have a little look in superdrug! xxx

  6. Sleek MakeUP Pout Polish - Powder Pink as the name implies is a sheer light pink. It is not super bright and enhances the natural pigmentation of your lips. It applies sheer and can be built up for a bit more intensity, but it will not get much more opaque than what you see here. For those who like subtle Barbie Pink lips, you’ll love Powder Pink.

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  7. Love post hun, I love the look of the pout polish! The storm palette is my fav too! I've never been brave enough to wear red lippie! xx


  8. i think i am going to have to buy this blush. its calling my name. ps i love your hair colour sinead xxx

  9. wow, great colours! I need this, too!

  10. @Intel: Thank you for your comment, I have never tried the sleek powder pink pout polish although it definitely looks like my kind of colour :) x

    @Stacey: Aww thank you so much lovely! Pout polish is amazing, especially if you find a red lipstick too much this is perfect! :) xxx

    @Smaira: Thanks for your comment sweetheart, you are too kind :) Thanks hun! Definitely buy the blush, for just over £4 its a bargain! xxx

    @Sassi: Thank you for commenting hun, you do need them both! Such bargains and limited edition for valentines day! xxx

  11. I wish i lived in the UK so I could purchase SLEEK ....so lucky :P)

  12. @TheShopGirl26: Sleek is definitely fab and so afordable! I do think that the sleek website ship worldwide hun so maybe give that a try?! Not sure how much shipping is though! xxx

  13. I am so buying both products tomorrow <3



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