Saturday, 12 February 2011

Sleek MakeUP's Primer Palette & Swatches

Hello sweethearts, 

Happy Saturday - I hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far! 

Today we have another new addition from Sleek MakeUP is the i-Divine: Primer Palette. 

What Sleek MakeUP Say:

'Take you eye-shadow to new levels of intensity with Sleek MakeUP's new wonder product: i-Divine: Primer Palette. Specially designed to work with your current collection of eye-shadows, it has become a make-up artists secret weapon to powerful colour that lasts all day long.
The different coloured eye primer palette will ensure your eyes have the perfect base for amazing colour, whether it is bold blues, creamy champagnes or slick silvers your make-up routine will change forever after just one application.

The long lasting formula of Sleek MakeUP's i-Divine Primer Palette is like no other eye-shadow base. Each of the 12 creamy shades is highly pigmented to breathe a new lease of life into your existing eye make up. Opt to trend-led block colours or experiment by mixing two shades together. The super smooth texture glides on to  the eyelides effortlessly without creasing, making it the perfect base for your favourite shade. 

Apply make-up like a pro by using the soft brush included. Sweep your chosen shade and apply to the eyelids. Immediately apply your chosen eye-shadow for an impressive colour that will last'.

I actually first saw this primer palette at IMATS and the stand was that hectic that i didn't bother to purchase but afterwards i was a bit disappointed with myself that i didn't! So i am very happy to now have it in my possession! 

I have seen other blog posts & swatches of this palette that have said the palette comes with colour names although mine doesn't, so unfortunately i cant give you any colour names!

♥ Swatches ♥  
♥ My Initial Thoughts ♥  

The colours are creamy and well pigmented. I especially love the colours in the bottom role as they are more neutral and wearable for me, i love the shimmery peach, gold and brown colours which i think i will get a lot of wear from. 

The Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Primer Palette launces in Superdrug and on the Sleek MakeUP Website on the 16th February and will retail at £6.99. 

Will you be picking up the Sleek MakeUP Primer Palette?



  1. ooh, I may have to now... :)
    <3 your blog so much, your such an inspiration to me for blogging :)
    Izzy xx

  2. @Izzy: You are so lovely! Thank you so much Izzy! You have made my day with your lovely comments! :) I have followed your blog! :) Definitely take a look at the sleek primer palette! xxx

  3. Aww thank you babaz! :D
    You make my day with you posts :D lol, im going to town tomoz, superdrug here i come!! :D
    Izzy x

  4. @Izzy: You are very welcome :) You are such a sweetheart! Although the palette isnt in superdrug until the 16th honey so if you go tomorrow you may be dissapointed! Although you can get the valentines sleek goodies if you havent already! xxx

  5. ooh! i'll defo be purchasing this palette, looks brilliant.

  6. This is a great palette but I don't think I would use the brighter colours.

  7. I will def be buying this.Looks great though not sure that i will actually use the brush they provide. xx

  8. I'm quite impressed with it so far. It has a lovely range of colours, but I reckon the champagne colour will be the most used :)

  9. @smoosh_kissxx: thanks for your comment my love! For the price i think its a bargain! :) xxx

    @Cherries In The Snow: I dont think i would get too much use out of the brighter colours either honey but there is some great neutrals in it that i thinks worth the £6.99 just for them! :) Thanks for your comment honey! xxx

    @BeautybyPaula: Thanks for your comment hun! Glad you will definitely be buying these! Dont think i will get much use out of the brush either, although i havent given it a proper try just yet! xxx

  10. @Sparklz and Shine: Thank you so much for your comment lovely! I absolutely love the champagne colour! Lovely and shimmery and will look gorgeous under a range of colours! Im glad you are so far impressed! :) xxx

  11. This pallette looks stunning! the colours are so vibrant love it, really puts me in the mood for summer :o) xx

  12. @Lulu B: Thanks so much for commenting hun, glad you love this! Some of the colours are very vibrant and will be perfect for summer! xxx

  13. Looks like a bargain, im going to get this i think. Great idea to put lots of bases together xx

  14. @Nicoletta: Hi honey! Thanks so much for your comment! Definitely a bargain at just over 50p a base! Some of the neutrals are so pretty too! xxx

  15. OH Sleek have done it again! they really know how to please up make up junkies. This is deffo on the top of my list to buy. Thank you for the swatches. xxx

  16. @DesignerSpray: Hello lovely! Thank you so much for your comment! You are very welcome for the swatches! Sleek have definitely done it again, i think this will be a bargain for 12 primers! Glad your going to purchase hun! xxx

  17. thanks for the swatches! (btw i never received that giveaway prize from her...i can't be bothered to write her again)

    I think i'll be skipping this palette from sleek >_< their customer service was too poor...

  18. The neutrals are really pretty but when would you wear the blue or red base?
    Hope to pick this up soon :) x

  19. @Jennifer: No problem for the swatches! xx

    @Gemma: The neutrals are very pretty, definitely worth picking up just for them! Personally, no i wouldnt wear the blue or red bases maybe they would come in handy for fancy dress etc? I still think its worth it for the other colours! Thanks for your comment xx

  20. Great blog hun, I have a BEAUTY GIVEAWAY on my YouTube channel if you're interested you can enter here:

    Good luck hun, take care x

    Angel of High Heels & Lipgloss

  21. I a definitely going to Superdrug to pick it tomorrow! Haven't been this excited about a product in ages!x

  22. d'ya know id completely forgotton about sleek until i read this!!(blogbrain!!!)
    But i will def be purchasing this palette
    great post LOVE your blog :)
    Love Nat xxx

  23. @Nat: Hello lovely! Thank you so much for your comment, its so nice of you! :) The palette is a bargain & i would say worth picking up! On there own the colours do crease but with a primer underneath or eyeshadow on top they should be fine, although i havent tried this yet! :) xxx

  24. Love your blog! :)
    I was wondering do they crease?


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