Monday, 7 February 2011

Jelly Pong Pong Products

Afternoon sugarplums, 

Happy Monday! 

Before Christmas, I had the opportunity to road test some Jelly Pong Pong products which I am going to give a round up on today.
    ♥ The Muffin & Meringue Set ♥

    This was one of my favourite products that i was sent. This gorgeous box consists of a Cherry Meringue Lipgloss which is a sheer red and a muffin Lipgloss which is sheer pink. They both smell exactly as the name suggests and the cherry is my favourite, it smells lovely! You can buy this set from here for £18.

    ♥ The Shoe Palette in 'Vertical Stiletto ♥ 

    The creamy eyeshadow and lipgloss in the shoe palette is gorgeously packaged and easily transportable. Although the lip jelly didnt work for me as it was slightly too sticky/glittery for my liking i loved the creamy eyeshadow which was quite dry and glided on my eyelid easily. With a primer underneath there is minimal creasing and it looks amazing on its own. This is available to buy from here for £10.

    ♥ Venus Magical Pearls in 'Aurora' ♥

    Again this is gorgeously packaged and is a multi purpose product. You can swirl your finger into the venus pearls and use them as a face highlight or you can crush the individual pearls and use them as a eyeshadow. As i am more of a neutral girl this colour wasnt really my cup of tea however there are 5 colours to chose from and i absolutely love the look of Goddess Skin which is a gorgeous bronze. You can buy this product from here for £15. 

    ♥ Soap Popsicle - Flight of Fancy ♥

    This was one of my other favorite products! This smells & looks AMAZING! I want them all! It would make such a cute present for a fellow girly girl! I love how its packaged with the cute pink bow & the butterflies inside the soap.  It definitely looks too good to use! You can buy the Soap Popsicles (which come in 8 different designs) from here for £7.

    ♥ Crystallizer ♥  

    There is a colour for everyone in the crystallizer and the colours can be used on face, body or hair. I loved the lighest shade white crystal which is a gorgeous peach for a face and eyebrow highlight. These would make lovely, shimmery eyeshadows or can be used mixed altogether for an allover glow. These are available from here for £15.

    Have you ever tried Jelly Pong Pong products?

    What are your thoughts?



    1. I have tried the wake up make up, the stiletto set and a gloss they were all a bargain on asos. I am undecided, there's a lot going on with the brand and packaging but some of the products lack a bit. The wake up make up is wearable though and I do like the gloss!


    2. the packaging is so adorable!

    3. Nice :)
      izzy xx

    4. I'd heard of Jelly Pong Pong but the only products I see seem to be novelty based. This post was a god eye opener :) Thanks!

    5. @Miss Jones: Thanks for your comment sweetheart, i didnt know ASOS sold jelly pong pong, im going to have a little look now! I absolutely love the packaging & some of the products i do love especially the soap & lipglosses :) I will look into the wake up make up, thanks! xxx

      @Alex: I know right?! The packaging is lovely! Thanks for your comment sweetie xxx

      @Izzy: Thank you Izzy :) xxx

      @Meowcake: Thanks for your comment my lovely :) Id not really heard much of Jelly Pong Pong before either! Definitely have a look into the soaps, they smell amazing! xxx

    6. Oooo all these products look so gorge!! Espec the pearls and the last lot of eye shadows-very pretty! And you have to love the adorable name of course ;)

      Fab post sweetie xxx

    7. All of these products are packed sooo cutely, they all look really sweet x

    8. @Claire: Thanks for commenting again lovely! Glad you like the look of the products! The name is adorable, as is the packaging! Love it :) xxx

      @Miss LV: Thank you for your comment! The packaging is very cute indeed :) xxx

    9. loving the cosmetics looks amazing and loving the metallic colours they would totally go with my complexion i will be giving it ago!! x

    10. I love Jelly Pong Pong products. Their packaging is so cute and ditsy. The only problem with the lipglosses, is that they smell so good that I literally want to lick them off my lips!

    11. @Hetal: Thank you for your comment lovely, im glad you are liking the look of the products! Glad that you will be giving them a go! :) xxx

      @Princess Feef: Thanks for your comment hun, adorable packaging indeed! :) xxx

      @Sweet Caroline: The lipglosses do smell amazing, you are absolutely right especially the cherry one! I do believe they are edible so you go ahead & lick them off your lips :) Thanks so much for your comment xxx


    Thank you for all your lovely comments, If you have any questions I will try and answer them for you. You can also email me at or find me on twitter @daintydollymix :)

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