Thursday, 10 February 2011

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Hello lovelies, 

Happy Thursday! 

I must admit that i'm not much of a reader, I usually go as far as a magazine or two but have never been a lover of books. I have always been a massive fan of Laguna Beach & The Hills and Lauren Conrad is definitely a inspiration and style icon to me, so it was inevitable that i would pick up some of her books.

So ladies, I present to you some of the books i have been loving recently by the one and only Miss Conrad herself:

♥ L.A Candy ♥
♥ Sweet Little Lies: An L.A Candy Novel ♥
♥ Sugar and Spice: An L.A Candy Novel ♥
♥ Lauren Conrad: Style ♥

These little beauties are currently looking gorgeous on my shelf when not in use. 

I would highly recommend picking them up if you love girly books, mine are from amazon for a few pounds each with free delivery.

Do you own any of the Lauren Conrad books?



  1. I own every single one of these! I adore Lauren and I love all of these too xx

  2. I love LC! I have the Style book and will definitely have to get the other 3 some time :)

  3. Ohhh I must get Sugar and Spice...I thought she only had two! I love the Style book as well..I use it for inspiration to pick up nice Primark pieces..x

  4. I have all of her books! She is an amazing writer! :) Hope she writes more! :)

  5. I have the first novel and cannot wait to purchase the remaining 2!!!!

  6. Still have to get my hands on Sugar & Spice but love the rest. Such easy reads.

  7. I have all of these books and LOVE them! I think the 3 novels are her way of giving away some 'behind-the-scenes' secrets of The Hills :) xx

  8. I love LC!

    I purchased the Style book online the other day...just waiting for it to come in the post - excited!

    I intend to get the other three as well! :)


  9. i have all these books and i have the same peperbacks and hardbacks as you have!
    i love these books :)

  10. brill! I love reading chick books but also like the odd thriller every now and then lol.

    I have never read any of her books but will keep an eye out for them x

  11. I have them all & love them!! :)

    Kaushal xx

  12. Oooh they look adorable, but i like a good read, would love to know if they are good! :o) xx

  13. I've got her 'style' book, but unfortently didn't think greatly of it. Never read her books, but keep meaning too.
    They do just look gorgeous there though

  14. I have all four of those too! They were such a good read, I love Lauren!

  15. Ooh I didn't know she had books! I love her style too. Have you read any of the Sophie Kinsella books? I'm thinking one of those for my next read, I'm a massive Martina Cole fan myself xxx

  16. I just finished reading LA Candy and I can't wait to buy the second one!

  17. I love LC but I really wish she'd finished LA Candy in one novel

  18. Totally off the topic, but love the quality of pics you take!!! what kinda camera are you using! xx

  19. @Charli: Thanks for your comment! Great taste lovely! Lauren is the best :) xxx

    @-Molly: Thanks for commenting, i love LC too! She is so gorgeous! The others are so cheap on amazon & free delivery! Deffo give them a go! :) xxx

    @Seanna: Yes you must get sugar and spice! Such good, easy reads! I also love the style book! Thank you for your comment sweetie! xxx

    @Joycexc: I hope she writes more too! They will be a great addition to my collection! Thanks for your comment hun! xxx

    @TheShopGirl26: Thanks for your comment my lovely, make sure you pick up the other 2 :) You wont regret it xxx

    @Phoebe: Hello hun! Thanks for your comment, yes get your mitts on the last one lovely! you will love xxx

    @PinkMademoiselle: I had never thought of them like that! Maybe so! Glad you love them too :) some of my favourite books! Thanks for commenting xxx

    @.x.sarah.x.: I love LC too! The style book is a good easy read which im sure you will love! Hope it comes soon hun & let me know what you think :) xxx

    @Laura: Thanks sweetie for commenting, I think at some point i want to have them all in hardback, i think they look a little nicer on my shelf :) xxx

    @Sherrie: Make sure you do keep an eye out hun! Especially if you like girly books every now & then! :) Thanks so much for your comment! xxx

    @Kaushal: Im glad im not the only one to have & love them all! :) Thanks for commenting doll xxx

    @Lulu B: I havent got round to reading through them all just yet but when i do maybe i shall do a cheeky little book review on my blog :) thanks for commenting chick xxx

    @Steph: Thanks for commenting honey! Aww i like the style book :) but i totally understand what you mean! They look fabulous as room decor though! But i would invest in the books theyre only a few pound each & nice easy reads xxx

    @Saz: Thanks hun! I love Lauren too! These books are perfect for me :) xxx

    @Stacey: Thanks for your comment sweets! Yes she has books :) Think these are all of the ones she has just now! I have never read Sophie Kinsella books but thank you so much for the recommendation i am going to look into them on amazon now! Any book you think i should start with? xxx

    @Cherries In The Snow: Glad you read & loved LA candy! Make sure you invest in the others, you wont regret it! Thank you for your comment! xxx

    @Abby: Aww really? Im quite glad they are split into 3 books, each to their own i suppose :) Thanks so much for commenting honey xxx

    @Miss Educator: Thanks for your commenting! I didnt really think the quality of my pictures was that good and i either use a fujifilm digital camera or for pictures like on this blog post i have actually used my iphone 4! xxx

    Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments! xxx

  20. I haven't read these yet, but I want to. Especially her book on style. Thanks for the recommendation!

  21. My camera is letting me down big time lately :( I have a fujifilm one too but the quality is very poor, thinking of investing in a new one. Keep up the good work xxx

  22. I own all of her book and I've read them all, except the style book which I flick through from time to time, definitely recommend them!

    Loving the blog hun, consider me a new follower!
    N. xox

  23. @Whitney Laura: Thank you for your comment lovely, you are more than welcome! I would definitely recommend them all, great reads! xxx

    @Miss Educator: Thanks so much honey :) xx

    @Sheps: Aww :) Thank you so much for your lovely comment sweetie, glad you agree and recommend them all too! :) xxx


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