Monday, 10 January 2011

Mini MAC Haul: Stylishly Yours/Cham Pale & Swatches

Hello lovelies :)

I made a cheeky MAC purchase when the collections came online last week! Both of the collections Stylishly Yours and Cham Pale were right up my street! I love neutrals, and the lipsticks & creme colour bases from Stylishly Yours looked amazing!

I did purchase the Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad from Cham Pale but when it arrived i was highly dissapointed! I didnt think it was worth the £33 and i much prefer my Urban Decay Naked Palette so off it went back to MAC!

I ordered a couple of the paint pots, and then the gorgeous Vivianna convinced me that i needed 'Let Me Pop' in my life! Not one to take much convincing, i popped back to MAC and the little beauty arrived this morning!

The goodies...

'Chilled On Ice' Paint Pot - Light Gold/Champagne ♥
♥ 'Let Me Pop' Paint Pot - Rust/Coral
♥ 'Vintage Selection' Paint Pot - Peach/Rose
♥ 'Something New' Amplified Lipstick - Bright Pink♥


As you can see, the lipstick is seriously bright and the paint pots are seriously shimmery! I must admit, i do love a bit of shimmer so these are perfect for me and i am happy with each and every purchase!

I didnt go as crazy as i would have liked, i would have loved to pick up a couple of the Cream Colour Bases but when i went back to purchase Virgin Isle it had sold out, bad times! But it is a Pro item so i may pick it up when i am in London in a couple of weeks for IMAT's (Very excited for this!) I also managed to pick up 'Tickle Me Pink' Cream Colour Base from the lovely Carly's Blog Sale :)

Did you pick up any items from the new MAC collections? Any star products that i am missing out on?



  1. Yeh.. I got far more than I was expecting to!

  2. Hello, :)

    These swatches are gorgeous! I really want "Let Me Pop" Do you find that "Chilled on Ice" is similar to "Bare Study"?


  3. The paint pots all look gorgeous! I didn't get anything from the collection - I didn't feel like I 'needed' anything and I'm trying to save up for other things! xxx

  4. the swatches look great I want those paint pots!!

  5. i told myself i was going to buy the caviar dreams quad, until i read up on not great pigmentation and the price!
    i'd much rather buy single shadows to fill up my own quad (which is what i'm doing)
    mac are crafty putting the prices even higher after the vat increase.. xx

  6. I bought all four paint pots from the MAC Cham Pale and I love them all. So pretty! I have swatched all my purchases on my blog. One lipgelee and the eye kohl goes also in my shopping bag. I´m a little bit disapointed from the lipgelee, but the eye kohl is the perfect inner corner color and I wear that every day.

  7. @H: Thank you for your comment lovely, had a little look at your blog, youve ordered lots of things! wow xxx

    @Beaty Marked: Hi lovely! Thanks for your comment chick! Ive never had bare study so i couldnt really comment but have just googled it for a swatch and it looks absolutely gorgeous! I think i need this in my life too! They make excellent eyeshadow bases/primers, i prefer them to my urban decay primer potion! sorry i havent been much help! xxx

    @Lydia: Hello hun! Thank you for your comment - i believe that the paint pots were definitely the stand outs from all 3 collections that went up online! Im jealous of how sensible you were, i do not have any willpower at all! :) xxx

    @Liquoredonlacquer: Aww thank you for your sweet comment lovely :) xxx

    @Sarah: Hi hun! Thanks so much for your comment! I was always set on the caviar dreams quad but didnt feel it was worth the price, especially because 2 of the shades are permanent anyways! If they were all L.E shades it may have been a different story :) xxx

  8. @sternchenslove: Hello :) Thank you for your comment! I love finding out what others have bought! The paint posts are very pretty i totally agree! I will hop on over to your blog now to have a little look at the swatches as ive never owned the lipgelees :) xxx

    that lipstick is fantastic

  10. @Eliza: haha! I am glad you love the lipstick hun :) bright pink lipsticks are my downfalls, even if i dont wear them that often :) xxx

  11. Hi there!
    I'm happy I found your blog! It's lovely! Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures and such great inspiration.. Keep it up darling!

    Wanna be followers? Let me know babe!

    Love from Stockholm!! xoxo!

  12. the lippie looks so amazing!xx

  13. yaaay glad your going to the IMATS too! hopefully see you there =) i made a few sneaky purchases too but they are currently sitting in still tapped in the delivery box to be opened when i finish my essay :p xx

  14. Thanks for the swatches. The Paint Pots look gorgeous and I love that bright lipstick. x

  15. Vintage Selection looks super pretty!
    Never tried a paint pot before :O

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