Friday, 14 January 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection

I must admit ladies I squealed a little bit when i saw the promotional pictures on Temptalia of the MAC Wonder Woman collection.I believe that for make up lovers and beauty bloggers alike it will be like marmite, some will love it whilst others will hate it! Obviously i am in the love camp! The packaging is slightly tacky, but after all it is wonder woman and is exactly what i expected when i heard that this collection was due to be released!

I have already collated a little list of products that i want! Its a full collection including make up bags, brush kits and eyeshadow quads! I am counting down the days till its released! And as it is released in the same month as my birthday i will be having a little splurge as a birthday present to myself! 

♥ My Current Wishlist ♥  

Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish
Golden Lariat Mineralize Skinfinish
Amazon Princess Blush Duo
Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo 
Marquise D' Lipstick (Right) 
and possibly...
Penultimate Eye Liner 

The MAC Wonder Woman collection is due out in the UK in March and February in the US. 

What are your thoughts of the MAC Wonder Woman Collection? Yay or Nay? A big fat YAY from me! 


*All pictures taken from Temptalia


  1. A YAY from me me as well :) I have my eye on one of the palettes as well but trying to work out if I'll use it lol x

  2. OMG! Can't wait for this collection! I want it all haha :) Great post! xxx

  3. omgggg marquise d' is my favourite lipstick!!! i got it from the blonde/brunette/redhead collection and have been worrying about how i could get another for months! i'll certainly be stocking up on this! though i must say i do think the classic mac packaging is better, this is a bit embarrassing!xx

  4. Cheesy yes, but still a massive YAY! xo

  5. I definitely want Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo and Marquise D' Lipstick. I feel I'm going to be very peachy for 2011 :)


  6. I'm not a massive fan of the packaging but I think it's also kinda cute at the same time lol! I like the pink MSF quite a lot actually! :)

  7. i agree on the packaging, it is a bit tacky but it is definitely unique so i guess that it is worth it...the products look great though

    Beauty Bag 411

  8. I want! Not sure if I actually need, or really like enough to buy it- however for the packaging I will find something :)
    Thanks for sharing hunx

  9. i think i just had a little wee
    im so excited for this collection
    great post as usual my lovely :)


  10. i haven't made my mind up on the packaging yet but the products themselves look really good!
    i'm loving the mineralise skinfinishes! xx

  11. They look amazing! I think that the Disney Venemous Villians were my favourite MAC collection though, could be that I am in love with Disney movies!
    I am doing a make up giveaway when I hit 100 followers on my blog, i cannot wait to do that!!


  12. I LOVE his too Sinead! Oh and weve got the same wishlist apart from I want the nude lipgloss and the reflects glitters!! :)

  13. Im looking forward to it. Hope I can afford to get something from it :) x

  14. WOW! I got a few from the villain collection, and I LOVE this!

  15. Very excited for this, think me and you will have to talk each other out of buying the entire collection! LOL actually we should just move in together we would save a bomb on make up we could just share! hahaha love you long time xxxxxxxxx

  16. A definite yay for me! Not sure if there will be any colours that suit me but the packaging is pretty cool! xx


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