Saturday, 15 January 2011

Keep Calm & Have A Cupcake...

Its confession time ladies: I have a little obsession with Amazon at the minute!

 As i am a) dieting and b) have too much make up i am buying neither clothes or make up my pennies seem to be going elsewhere! 

The past week i have been spending money mostly on gadgets (a new laptop and a iphone) but also on books and stationery! Stationery geek FTW!

When i spotted this beauty on Sophies twitter i knew that i had to have it! 

Off i popped onto my website of the moment and snapped one of these up quicker than you can say anything!

This little beauty set me back £5.22 and it is beautiful! Am i allowed to say that about stationery? haha I am in love! 

A gorgeously girly pink 'Keep Calm & Have A Cupcake' Journal :) 

What do you think? You can grab yours here! I highly recommend!



  1. Love it babes! Sophie is such an enabler as I got myself one too. eeek its so pretty cant wait for it to arrive! OOo you got an iphone 4? welcome to the "elite club" of iphone 4 lovers! xx

  2. Ahhh love this hun :) Thankyou muchly for the link as well chick!!

    Ps No Way am i an enabler Charlotte pahahahaha ;)

    pps High Five to the Amazon addiction hun LOL X

  3. I may have just went and bought the exact same journal... hehe, thanks for the link, I actually do NEED one of them.


  4. This is cute! Is it just a blank journal inside or a diary layout?

  5. So cute! I love stationary and notebooks, makes me feel like I'm an organised person, even though I'm not at all! x

  6. oh my god, I need it!
    I have been looking for a notebook for a while to jot down make up looks etc so this fits the bill perfectly!!

  7. I've had an addiction to amazon lately too! I've been going on it everyday and adding bits and bobs to my basket! haha I definitely need this though, you can never have too much stationary! :)

  8. i love cute stationary, it cheers me up when i have to do boring work :( lol xx

  9. @charlotte: hehe thank you for your comment lovely :) Sophie is SUCH a bad influence haha! Im glad she is though cos i loves it! I did get a iphone 4! high five! xxx

    @Sophie: Hello my love! Thanks for your comment :) haha loving the amazon addition! we are such cool kids :) mwah xxx

    @DesignerSpray: Haha i am so glad youve gone ahead and bought the notepad :) you will not be dissapointed! You are welcome lovely! Thanks for your comment! xxx

    @Nics Notebook: Thanks for your comment sweets! Its just lined paper inside hunny :) xxx

    @Lilylipstick: Thank you sweetheart! haha i love notepads and list writing :) especially in pink girly books xxx

    @Stylefrost: Glad you love it! Thanks for your comment hun xxx

    @Georgina: haha you do need it lovely! this is hands down definitely perfect! go ahead and order! xxx

    @Daintymakeup: haha im glad its not just me with the amazon addition! It is amazing, such good prices & usually free delivery! fab! your right, never ever can you have too much stationery! thanks for your comment chick xxx

    @Sarah: i love cute stationery too :) thanks for your comment my love xxx

  10. Oh my gosh, what a beaut! Its been ages since I've bought some stationary and I can desperately do with a new notebook/journal. Thanks for the link hun cos I've just gone and bought it! ;) Loving Amazon's free UK delivery too! I feel lucky xx

  11. I know exactly what you mean about stationary. I got some really nice things from Paperchase after Christmas, and couldn't stop just smoothing my hands across the cover of this hand-stitched journal I got. They're about £10.00 from Paperchase, if you're interested? xxx

  12. I love it! I have £30 to spend on Amazing as well... VERY TEMPTING!


  13. Love it alll,
    that journal sure is cute!
    Come check out my blog sometime,


  14. Tha's so cute, I'm very tempted to buy one too!

  15. I absolutley love this. So cute.


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