Thursday, 13 January 2011

IMATS Chit Chat :)

Evening all!

Hope you are all okay!

So the International Make Up Artist Trade Show is in just over two weeks time and for my first time at IMATs, i will be trecking down to London with two amazing ladies, Paula and Carla (who i mentioned in this blogpost) for a fun packed, girly weekend!

We will be travelling down on the Friday and then heading to Westfield to meet the gorgeous Steph for some drinks, dinner and a spot of shopping. Excited is an understatement :)

Saturday is the day of the show and i am very excited, but unsure of what to expect! I know that lots of the blogging and twitter girlies are going so im hoping that i will recognise lots of people! I am very shy myself & also worried that i will recognise people and them not know who on earth i was (cringe!) or i see someone and have no idea of their real name just their blogging name! As Kim said i think we should all wear neon blogger icon signs so were recognisable! I am DOWN for this! ;) haha! All in all i am very excited and think that it will be an amazing day :)

I also want to buy lots of goodies! Especially some crown brushes and possibly the FaceAtelier Ultra Foundation. Aside from this i dont really have anything else on my wishlist! Although the researching and list writing commences now!

Are any of you lovely girlies going to IMATS? Please let me know if you are :) I want to meet as many people as possible! Whats on your shopping list? I need ideas!

Hope your all having a wonderful week



  1. I'm going and hoping to meet you at Westfeilds on Friday too. Is that still ok or am I being a weird stalker girl? :)

    Emma x.x.x

  2. Ahahaha get the neon card and Sharpies out! :D Oo the FaceAtelier Ultra Foundation sounds good! *Adds to list* I'll definitely be hotfooting it over to Crown Brush and to whoever is giving the best deal on MUFE :D I'm also planning on stopping by at the Charles Fox stand to check out Kryolan foundation, Illamasqua as I'm lusting over their cream blushes, OCC for lip tars and then maybe MAC and Sleek :) Looking forward to meeting you xxx

  3. i cant wait for IMATS here in NYC in april!!!

  4. I am soooo jealous, I feel like the only UK blogger not going :( Have an AMAZING time, cant wait to see your haul xx

  5. i'll be there on the saturday =) am so so excited!! hopefully will see you and ill come over and say hi!xx

  6. Meeeee I'm going!! I'm going on the Sunday- will you be there then? I hope so :)

    I'm easily recognisable because by then I'll be 8 months pregnant so basically, a walking whale!

    I want to buy some MAC eyeshadow pans (if they do them in pan form), a MAC Cremesheen (my latest addiction), kabuki brushes, holographic glitter annndddddd probably a lot more! hahaha


  7. ooo hope you have a good time, sounds like good planning!

  8. Looking forward to it! Loving Kims list, you will have to let me know your list lover xxx


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