Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Free Delivery & Make Up Mist & Set at E.L.F

Afternoon lovelies,

Just a quick one today!

As they have reached 100,000 fans on facebook E.L.F are offering free delivery and a free Studio Make Up Mist & Set for all orders over £10.

The code for the UK is:


& Europe


I havent made a order for a while so think i may just take them up on this offer!

Offer ends 10am tomorrow, so get ordering ladies!

Whats on your E.L.F 'to buy' list?



  1. such a good offer, I ordered loads of make up from fragrance direct, and now Im on ELF! haha XO

  2. they couldn't of had free shipping when i placed my order the other day could they? lol typical
    although if i had waited i would of missed out on the 100 piece eyeshadow palette which was half price down to only £7.50 - bargain! :) xx

  3. and now I'm £10 lighter! ;)

    thanks for posting this! x

  4. WOW this is great!

    Ahana x

  5. Thanks for sharing! Heading to the website right now :) x

  6. Ordered mine this morning :)


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