Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Wants...

Clockwise from middle

♥ Mulberry Bayswater Handbag in 'Black' ♥
♥ Links of London Gold Plated Heart Charm ♥
♥ Vivienne Westwood Peach Orb Necklace ♥
♥ Disney Couture 'Dreams Come True' Necklace in gold ♥
♥ Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch ♥

Lots of jewellery as you can see! I know i am getting a couple of things from the list from santa, but the Mulberry i can only dream about <3

What are your christmas wants lovelies?

3 days to go...



  1. The Michael Kors watch is on my 21st bday wish list. It's gorgeous! Hope you get some of it for Christmas :)
    Love Belle

  2. Good choice!!! Love it!!


  3. @Belle: Hi Belle, thank you for your comment! I already have the exact same Michael Kors watch but in gold, really excited to get the rose gold! Its gorgeous! Thanks sweetheart xxx

    @Georgie Lowen: Thanks for your comment Georgie! Glad you like :) xx

  4. They are all so gorgeous!!
    I'd really love the Urban Decay Naked Palette :)

    Merry Christmas

    Rainbows and Buttons

  5. that watch is lovely! i'm asking for a new mac laptop this year and some makeup goodies! hope you get everything you want x

  6. Your wishlist is almost exactly the same as mine (: haha
    except i want the oak mulberry :P


  7. I love the Michael Kors Rose Gold watch, it looks so gorgeous! I think it may have to be on my birthday wishlist hehe. :)

    I've asked santa for some Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume <3


  8. you should definitely start saving for the mulberry. i bought my chocolate brown bayswater in may after saving for about a year and i love it - i waited until i was going on holiday and bought it at terminal 5 at heathrow so it was £100 cheaper :) i know its going to last a lifetime, it still looks as good as the day i bought it (they are pretty heavy though so i get back ache a lot!)


  9. I got the square faced rose gold Michael Kors watch for my birthday, it's so flattering on all skin tones. I was blessed enough to get a Mulberry Mitzy Hobo for my birthday too, and I love it, couldn't imagine life without it! I've asked for the peach Orbs :) x

  10. Ooooo Sinead all of these are beautiful and I adore! Espec the Kors watch and the Bayswater OF COURSE!!!! ;)

    Hope you have been a good girly this year?! :)

  11. I would die and go to heaven if i unwrapped a black bayswater bag, it's gorgeous!xx

  12. wow, that VW Peach Orb necklace is beautiful! lovely stuff there sweety, hope you get what you want! :)

    Aysh xoxo

  13. Ahh that bag is to die for! Nice wishlist =)

  14. I just got the Michael Kors rose gold watch today (thank you me)! Its so beautiful! If you want a Mulberry check out Bista Village, they have a Mulberry outlet there and last time I went they had the black croc skin bayswater. Didn't get it as I already have a black one (which I paid full price for damnit) but its well worth a look! Hope you have a great Christmas and get everything you want! xo

  15. Loving the Mulberry handbag, so stunning!
    : )

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    Thx x

  16. That Michael Kors watch is really nice - the gold rose totally does it :)

    Kaushal xx

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    Enjoy your year :)

    xo leah

  18. I need the watch, so cute, just discovered your blog and now I'm a follower!!

    Please check out mine if you have time


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