Wednesday, 3 November 2010

New Pieces Of Jewellery

Evening girlies

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the big response i had to my jewellery on twitter and on my blog!

Today i have a couple more pieces to show you that i have been working on recently.

If you are interested in any jewellery on this post or from my other jewellery post then please leave me a comment or email me at

U.K Postage is £1.50 no matter how many items you buy
1. Triple Star Charm on a 18'' Gold Plated Chain. Approx 2cm long. £5
2. Horse shoe charm on a 18'' Gold Plated Chain. Approx 2cm tall. £5
3. Triple Butterfly Charm on a 18'' Gold Plated Chain. Approx 2cm long. £5
4. Key Charm on a 24'' Gold Plated Chain. Approx 2cm Tall. £6

I have more than one of each necklace and can use a different chain if you would prefer, i.e swap a 24'' chain for a 18'' chain or vice versa.

Thank you so much! If you have any suggestions of necklaces or jewellery that you would like then please let me know, i will see what i can do!

Love for now



  1. I heart the 3 little stars, soooo cute, might have to buy one for my sis :)

  2. oooo can I have the little stars one please xxx

  3. i love the key its gorgeous looks so vintage x

  4. Please could I have one of the little stars necklaces?
    It's so cute!

  5. the key necklace is lovely. I love the vintage feel to the necklaces

  6. @Karen: Thank you lovely, the triple stars necklace is adorable! xxx

    @Louise: You can indeed my darling, have just sent you a invoice via the boyfriends account! Thanks hunny! xxx

    @Landi: Thank you my love, the Key necklace is truely a beaut! xxx

    @Phoebe: You can lovely! Have sent you a invoice also & will bring the necklace along with me tomorrow! xxx

    @Amy: Thank you my darling, thats so sweet of you! xxx

    @Curves ahead makeup: Thank you for your comment hun, so sweet! xxx

  7. can i have the star necklace please?
    it is really cute and looks like the one in the topshop kate moss collection which was all sold out :(
    i live in the uk~

  8. @ai_kuma: Thank you lovely, the star necklace is yours! Have just sent you a invoice, sorry for the delay my laptop is broken at the minute! xxx


Thank you for all your lovely comments, If you have any questions I will try and answer them for you. You can also email me at or find me on twitter @daintydollymix :)

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