Monday, 22 November 2010

MAC & Nicki Minaj - Pink 4 Friday

Afternoon beautifuls :)

This Friday sees the launch of a new lipstick collaboration between MAC & Nicki Minaj.

The lipstick is a gorgeously bright, bubblegum pink! I cant wait to get my mitts on it!

Love the promo picture for this!
It is available for 4 consectutive Fridays, commencing this week on the 26th and is available exclusively on the MAC website and also on the Selfridges website.

This lipstick looks perfect! Will you be picking one up?

I know i will be!

Happy Monday lovelies



  1. Damn, it looks like Gaga :( I was hoping it'd be slightly darker. Oh well, I'll still buy it.

  2. Yes definatly need one of these!! x

  3. Yes I am definitely going to try and get my hands on this :D xx

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  5. :O i literally squealed when i saw this! i love nicki and the colour is so pretty too. fingers crossed i can pick one of these up!!x

  6. just read that apparently this lipstick is us only?! really hope this isnt true x

  7. @Moxie: haha! I think i will do too! Thanks for your comment! xx

    @Dominique: It does a bit, but i just love bright pinks so this is a must! Thanks for your comment! xx

    @Charlotte: You didnt even need to comment lovely i knew you would be picking this up! haha xxx

    @Vivianna: I will be joining you with trying to get my hands on it! Thank you darling xxx

    @Daisy: I love it too! Thank you xx

    @Starsglittermagic: Thanks for your comment my love, this colour is gorgeous! No no not US only! I received a email from the UK PR for MAC and it will be on sale on the UK website and selfridges for 4 fridays starting this week! xxx

  8. I'm so scared of bright pink lipsticks.. I need to start venturing out so I can be excited like you lot! :D

  9. deffo, i love a bright pink more than anything! i'm loving a bit of nicki minaj too.

  10. eeek you just made my day!!! thanks so much for confirming that it will be sold in the uk =) xx

  11. i need it! it looks very st germain esque!xxx

  12. The lipstick shade looks so fun! Not something that would suit me, but the girly-girl in my LOVES it!

    I have to say, I don't really like the promo picture.

  13. i love nicki minaj but i really dont think i can pull off this color she looks fab though :)

  14. defo getting my hands on this lippie :)
    but erghhhh why onlinee?! i hate p&p charges!

  15. thanks for the heads up cant wait till friday now! yay

  16. It looks like a fun color, i dont see that looking good on me though =)

  17. Great post! Love the promo pic too! Followed!

  18. I love Nicki Minaj!!!!!!!!!!!! i want it!!! omg! the best post ever!

  19. i'd definitely love one of these!! :)



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