Friday, 12 November 2010

Illamasqua Luxury Lashes Are Back!

Afternoon sweethearts <3

Hope you are all having a lovely week!

Illamasqua Luxury lashes are back! And believe me when i say these are bad-boy eyelashes!

The great British public has stood up, demanded to be noticed and cried out for the Limited Edition Luxury Lashes to step back into the limelight; and what better time than the start of the party season?

Originally launched in November 2009, the infamous Birthday Lashes immediately became the centre of attention and sold out at a record time of 5 weeks. Ebay saw the lashes auction for over £180 in the midst of lash-mayhem!

Born from the imagination and vision of the cult nighttime make-up brand, these collectors’ items will instill desire and longing into the hearts of all who lay eyes on them. The fan-shaped Luxury Lashes feature vintage gold and antique silver diamant√© adornments; simply named Decadence and Opulence, they are the ultimate accessories for the party season.

You can pick them up NOW from for £25 for two pairs. Absolutely perfect for the party season!

I want a pair! (or two!)

Oh and did i mention theyre Limited Edition? Grab yours now!



  1. Oh my they are STUNNING! I am so getting my lashes prettyfied with these! :D


  2. Hey darling! I got your lipstick today and it is beautiful. Thanks for selling:)


  3. @Dreams That Glitter xoxo: Thank you for your comment lovely lady! These lashes are seriously amazing! Think i need them! xxx

  4. @Freya: Hey lady! Thank you so much for letting me know you received the lipstick! Glad you love it xxx

  5. i need them! they're stunning!
    great post! i enjoy reading your blog :) xo

  6. Wow,
    they are utterly gorgeous!

    And thank you again for the giveaway prize, the earrings are adorable x

  7. These would be brilliant for a Christmas/New Years party, I heart fake lashes :) LovelyGirlieBits

  8. they are GORGEOUS. perfect for party season coming up ;) x

  9. So pretty!

  10. Wow.. these are amazing! where is the best place to get them before they run out..

    p.s you blog is adorable.


  11. Ohh I think I need these in my life! xo

  12. These look great!


  13. They're so glamorous, perfect for the holidays! ;)


  14. Hi, I really want to buy the illamasqua diamante eyelash for my photo shoot on the 11th March. However, the eyelash in Australia is currently out.

    I was wondering if you could please buy one for me and ship it to my address in Australia.

    I'll pay the product in advance for the item and the postage cost via paypal.

    Thank you so much in advance for your help.


Thank you for all your lovely comments, If you have any questions I will try and answer them for you. You can also email me at or find me on twitter @daintydollymix :)

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