Friday, 8 October 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Haul & Swatches

Afternoon my lovelies :)

Hope that you are all well & looking forward to the weekend!

I go on holiday tomorrow so i am super excited, I have a couple of little posts scheduled for when im away! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, Im back at Uni & as it is my final year things are quite hectic at the minute! Anyway onto the haul!

As soon as the collection came online on Monday i placed a sneaky little (& i mean little!) order of the goodies i wanted from the collection! Not everything was online when i had to leave for Uni, so the gorgeous Carla purchased a couple of things for me! Thank you so much darling! I tried to be good and restrain myself and only purchase the things that i would use, & thats what i did! *proud face!*

As you are probably aware the collection was split up into 4 disney villains, Dr Facilier, Maleficent, Evil Queen and Cruella De'vil. I love disney & i love MAC so this was a perfect collection for me & i really like the packaging even though i know others dont!

I was also invited to the MAC Blogger Event/collection preview in London but unfortunately couldnt make it :(

♥ The Loot ♥
♥ 'Toxic Tale' Lipstick - Evil Queen ♥
♥ 'Innocence, Beware!' Lipstick - Cruella De'vil♥
♥ 'Bite on an apple' Blush - Evil Queen ♥

♥ Swatches ♥

I seriously love everything i picked up! Especially the Innocence beware lipstick as it is a gorgeous pinky-nude that is right up my street! Love love this!

Did you pick up any goodies from the new collection? Am i missing out on any amazing products?

Have an amazing weekend lovelies!



  1. Love the haul,we got pretty much the same lol great minds :) x

  2. All the stunning, especially the red lippie! xx

  3. Thanks so much for these swatches. I am particularly in love with Innocence Beware lippie!

  4. Loving the swatch of the Innocence Beware, it looks gorgeous!
    I cant help but feel Toxic Tale is really similar to Rimmel Coral Queen (would love to see someone compare them) xxxx

  5. Ooh I love the products you picked up! I had my eye on all three too! xoxo

  6. I adore what you picked, I am hoping to get some stuff this weekend..I am thinking the purple and the red lipstick!

    Have a fab hol!

  7. I really love this collection it looks amazing! xxx

  8. Those colours are so gorgeous - the nude lipstick is my favourite. x

  9. Ooh lovely purchases! It all looks so pretty xo

  10. lOVELY Jubbly :)
    I just purchased toxic tale, its the only thing I really want from the collection- can't bloody wait. However it does look a lot brighter than I first thought.
    Thanks for showing us mrs

  11. I got a good few things from this collection, but for some reason (i think the packaging) I didnt even look at the cruella stuff and that innocense beware lippir looks really pretty!! x

  12. LOVE this collection! Off to a MAC Counter tomorrow so may have to be super naughty and purchase some items ;) Fab postie as always gorge girly and have an AMAZING holiday!!!!

    Can I come???!!! :( he he xxxx

  13. I hope you have a lovely holiday gorgeous! I think Toxic tale looks really nice in your swatch. I'm very interested to see your Bit of an Apple swatch, it seems to look different in each picture I see!
    Jane x

  14. You're welcome my gorgeous girl! Have a great holiday love ya xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. i love the shade of the blush :) havent got one

  16. Great buy! I'm having a give away this month!


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