Saturday, 16 October 2010

Jewellery For Sale :)

Afternoon Chickas :)

For a while now as a little hobby i have been making jewellery pieces and i have decided to sell a few of them on, the necklaces are below and have all been handmade by myself. If you are interested in any pieces please leave a comment with your paypal address & the necklace you would like.

Postage is £1.50 to the U.K for all items, no matter how many you buy.
For International postage it would be slightly more.

Please Check measurements as they may seem bigger in the picture than they are in real life!
1. Shell Locket on a 18'' Gold plated Chain. Measures Approx 2.5cm wide. £5
2. 'Love' Charm on a 18'' Gold plated Chain. Measures Approx 3cm wide. £5
3. Postcard Charm on a 18'' Gold Plated Chain. Measures Approx 2.5cm long £5
4. Masquerade Mask on a 18'' Gold Plated Chain. Measures Approx 2cm wide. £5
5. Floral Locket on a 18'' Gold Plated Chain. Measures Approx 2cm wide. £5
6. Swallow Charm on a 18'' Gold Plated Chain. Measures Approx 2cm wide. £5
7. Rainbow Charm on a 18'' Gold Plated Chain. Measures Approx 2.5cm wide. £5
8. Hummngbird Charm on a 18'' Gold Plated Chain. Measures Approx 2.5cm wide. £5

9. 3D Teapot Charm on a 24'' Gold Plated Chain. Measures Approx 2cm wide. £5
10. Oui & Eiffel Tower Charm on a 24'' Gold Plated Chain. Eiffel Measures 3cm tall, Oui Measures 2cm wide.  £6
11. Je T'aime & Eiffel Tower Charms on a 24'' Gold Plated Chain. Eiffel Measures 3cm tall Je T'aime measures 2cm wide. £6
12. Lovebirds Charm on a 18'' Gold Plated Chain. Measures Approx 2.5cm wide. £5
13. Adjustable Scrabble Ring. Any Letter You Want! £3

14. Orange Flower on adjustable ring. Measures Approx 2cm £4
15. Mint Green Flower on adjustable ring. Measures Approx 2cm. £4
16. Pink Flower on adjustable ring. Measures approx 2cm. £4
17. Purple Flower on adjustable ring. Measures approx 2cm. £4

18. Mint Green flower stud earrings. Measures approx 1.5cm £3
19. Peach flower stud earrings. Measures approx 1.5cm £3
20. Lavender flower stud earrings. Measures approx 1.5cm. £3

21. Teapot & pearl necklace on a 24'' long chain. Teapot measures 4cm. £8

22. Cup & saucer with a pink bow on a 18'' chain. Cup & saucer measures 2cm. £6
Please let me know if you would like different chain lengths i.e a 18'' chain replaced by a 24'' chain & i will see what i can do! If you have any other requests or duplicates please let me know as i have 2 of some necklaces!

Thanks for looking



  1. wow! they don't look homemade! gorgeous :D xxx

  2. Hi I would like no 11 please! : D first time blogger buying so what do i need to do sweets?

  3. @Chloe: Thank you sweets :) xx

    @Miss Jones: Hi lovely, Do you have a paypal account? If so, let me know your paypal email address & i shall send you a invoice hun :) xxx

  4. Ahhh yes it's

    lovely pieces miss! xxx

  5. Ooo wow! Im on a spending ban, but if I'm successful begging my mum for those green studs i'll be back :) xx

  6. Oh my goodness.
    these are gorrrgiie.
    I love the mint green flowered earings..
    did you make those too?

  7. @Miss Jones: Thank you so much lovely, so sweet of you! Have sent you a invoice for the necklace :) xxx

    @Ashlie: Aww thankies hunny! Just a little hobby ive picked up! Have been doing it a while but thought i would try sell on :) xxx

  8. @The Duty of Beauty: Thank you hun! :) I hand made absolutely everything from scratch! Im glad you like them! xxx

  9. done! so easy and painfree. i must admit i have seen your blog sales before and have been put off buying beacuse i didnt want to be little miss novice.

    BUT NOW i know the crack i'l be clickedy clickin those buys....damn you!

    Dont know if you may be interested in looking at my blog similar stuff make up, beauty blah blah im a fellow northerner too!

    Cant wait for my necklace im going to chic it up in beret and black polo neck to show off the pendant in all it's glory xxx

  10. Do you only have one of each? If you have a duplicate of 11, I'd love that please!

    If not I'll take '10. Oui & Eiffel Tower Charm'.. they're both gorgeous!

    (Will put my paypal email in a seperate comment so I can delete it after you've invoiced! :) x)

  11. @Saz: Hi hun! Thanks for your comment! Have just checked & unfortunately only have one 11 so i will invoice you for 10, hope thats okay :) Have deleted the comment with your email address! xxx

  12. No worries hun, both of them are beautiful (as is everything else in the post! you're so talented!)

    Just paid! :) xx

  13. WOW gorgeous.. How long are the chains, there are a few I'd very much like :)

  14. @Cheeky Beauty: Hi sweetheart :) Chains are 18inch or 24inch if you tell me which length you would like im sure i could do it for you xxx

  15. These are lovely ! I make my own too!

  16. wow I love these! Have you got a lovebirds necklace left??

    Lu xx

  17. @Daisy: Thank you hunny! Ooh i never knew you made jewellery! Exciting :) xx

    @Lu: Hi darling! Yes yes i have spare love birds hunny! So could do you one if you would like? I have a 18 or 24 inch chain sweets, take your pick xxx

  18. hey my love would I be able to have No3 and No19 please

  19. These are so pretty, must be really satisfying to make something so lovely!

    Please could I have one of #8 - Hummingbird on 18" chain?

    My email is

    Thank you! xx

  20. @Louise: Invoice sent lovely lady, Thank you! xxx

    @Beth: Great choice hun the hummingbird is absolutely gorgeous :) will send you ainvoice now! & thank you for your lovely comments xxx

  21. Id love to know where you get the stuff to make them, Im really interested in making jewelery! they are all so pretty! XO

  22. just letting you know my necklace arrived! ty so much, it's even prettier in person! :) x

  23. Hi Sinead, do you have #13(scrabble ring) in letter c? Thank you! ^_^

  24. aww these are so cute! wish i wasn't so skint, you think you'll have more in about a week? :)

  25. any chance of 12 with a 24" chain :)? and a K scrabble ring

    Thank youu :)!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Hey, I love your website and your creations.
    I'd like to purchase number 21: teapot :-)
    I don't have paypal, but I do have credit/debit cards. Can we please do it this way?


  28. hi! ive fallen in love with the 12. Carousel Charm on a 24'' Gold Plated Chain which is on the other page and the 13. Adjustable Scrabble Ring, and 3. Postcard Charm on a 18'' Gold Plated Chain, was wondering if i could purchase them all? and have a 'C' on the scrabble ring???This is my brothers paypal address as i dont have one -

    your jewellery is so cute!

  29. @courts.newman: Hi there! Thank you so much, the carousel necklace, postcard necklace & 'C' scrabble ring are yours! Have just sent you a invoice. thank you so much! xxx

  30. Hiya, love the jewellery! Can I get number 10 please! Paypal address:

    Thank you! Xx

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. hiya (: i hope your still selling these even tho the post was a while a go!
    any chance i could have number 13, and the letter K please

    will let you know pay pal address when you confirm you still do it (: xx

  33. Hello :)
    For the scrabble rings do you have the letters C and H in stock? Also, could you reply to this comment via email to:

    Thanks :D

  34. WOW I love your teapot necklace - have you still got some in stock? Have been searching for quite a while now, and yours takes my fancy :P
    Keep up the good work! xx

  35. hiya could i get the scrabble ring in the letter 'L' please? and could you reply to thanks! x

  36. Hi there, do you still have the no. 7 rainbow necklace available?


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