Tuesday, 21 September 2010

New Britney Spears Perfume: Radiance

As you may already know if you read my blog i love the Britney Spears Perfumes! They're reasonably priced and always sweet smelling! Perfect for a every day fragrance! So i was extremely pleased when this dropped through my letterbox this morning!

is the brand new & 9th perfume from Britney Spears by Elizabeth Arden.

What they say:

'Inspired by Britney’s captivating journey of self discovery, we see Britney transformed into her most luminous and confident self. She is poised and ready to choose her own destiny.A sensual white floral, radiance BRITNEY SPEARS™ truly shines with top notes of luscious wild berries and soft dewy petals entice and beguile. In the radiant heart, a pure white bouquet of tuberose, jasmine, orange flower and iris exudes unforgettable femininity. All this wrapped in captivating cashmere woods, luminous amber with the sensual glow of musk. Discover what its like to shine brightly with radiance BRITNEY SPEARS™.'

What I think: 

This perfume is gorgeous! Not just the sweet scent but also the bottle & packaging! I am very happy to have this placed on my dresser next to all my other perfumes. Its a nice smelling, sweet scent but not too overly sweet where it verges on sickly! This is definitely my kind of perfume. Even better is that it is a Eau de Parfum so it is much longer lasting than a Eau De Toilette! 

Would I recommend?

Absolutely! Britters has done it again! If you are a fan of her previous 8 perfumes! Which i must say i am, i am convinced that you will love this! i would of happily purchased myself and will do when it runs out! 

It is due to be released tomorrow, 22nd September 2010 and as i am aware exclusive to Boots and Boots.com, at a price of £28.00 per 50ml.A Bargain if i do say so myself! 



  1. Love the bottle, Love Britney. Can't wait to have a sniff of this :)

  2. @Soph: Thanks hun! The bottle is beuatiful! you will love it im sure :) xx

  3. ohh no doubt i will be getting this since i have all her others!!!


  4. I love it! Had it on all day today.


  5. That bottle is soo pretty haha :) I'll have to try it out sometime x

  6. Hello hun, i just wanted to post a quick comment and say i'm so sorry that my post made you cry, i didn't mean to do that! Thanks for your lovely comment and have a fab weekend x

  7. the bottle is so sweet!
    Come Follow and Vote for me xxo

  8. Hi,

    Looks fab, just ordered a sample so I can see how nice it does smell :). Just started blogging so if I have done anything wrong please tell me ! If you have time please check out my blog.


  9. I want this perfume so so much!


  10. Oh wow that bottle is gorgeous! x

  11. Hi there!
    What a nice blog you have! Keep up the good work!
    Love from Stockholm!


  12. This sounds gorgeous, I love the bottle! :)


  13. Hi Sinead! I'm loving your blog, it's so pretty & girly...I am also from Yorkshire like you - I'm from Barnsley! :) I have to say I'm not normally a fan of britney spears purfumes but this one does look interesting and different to the other one's she's brought out.

    I've just started my own blog - realgirlsbeauty1.blogspot.com please have a look and let me know what you think.

    Zoe x

  14. goodness!
    that is one mighty blog!
    totally. impressed!

  15. Everyone is talking about this one.....
    I am not usually a fan of celeb perfumes but I will def pop to my local boots this weekend to have a sniff!!!

    I am a new follower.


  16. I can`t seem to follow...there are errors under your follow bit

  17. i love your blog, ive just followed (:


  18. I love Britney Spears perfume so I definitely want to try this one out!

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  20. I adore Britney and I will buy her new fragrance. Keep posting!

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