Wednesday, 1 September 2010

August Favourites +

Afternoon crumpets,

1st of September already cant quite believe it! This summer has absolutely flown by!

On to the favourites...

♥ Illamasqua Cream Blush in 'Promise' ♥
♥ Inglot Lipstick in '142' ♥
♥ Mac Eyeshadow Quad With 'All That Glitters', 'Naked Lunch', 'Patina' and 'Satin Taupe' ♥
♥ Max Factor Glide & Define Eyeliner in Black ♥
♥ Essie Van D'Go Nail Polish ♥
♥ Mac 109 Brush ♥

Illamasqua Cream Blush - This is the most perfect barie pink blush! I love it & in some shape or form i have used this blush pretty much every day for the past few weeks! I either wear it on its own or layer it! Illamasqua cream blushes are my favourite, they have amazing colour pay off & consistency and last all day! Worth every penny! ♥
Inglot Lipstick - I received this quite some time ago from the gorgeous Marcia and this has been my go to lipstick now for a while! Its a gorgeous light, sheer pink with a hint of shimmer and looks amazing paired with the illamasqua cream blush. ♥
♥ Mac eyeshadows - Even though i own 2 and a half mac eyeshadow palettes this quad has been my go to for the past few months! The eyeshadow combinations that can be made from naked lunch, all that glitters, patina and satin taupe is incredible! If i am being lazy i will just swipe all that glitters all over my lid or add some patina when im feeling a bit outrageous ;) ♥
Max factor Eyeliner - I received this in my goodie bag at the aussie event and it has been true love ever since! I have worn it every day since without fail, it is so quick and fool proof you cant go wrong! ♥
Essie Van D'go - I believe that this nail polish is the marmite of the blogging community, some girls love it and others hate it! I personally love it and think the colour is definitely worth it! I received this from the wonderful Dannii on twitter so thank you ever so much! ♥
Mac 109 Brush - What can i say about this brush? It sheds quite a bit, well every time i use it actually! But it is a perfect match for the illamasqua cream blushes! I use this to stipple it on my cheeks and then buff it in! ♥

♥ Swatches ♥
Thats it for my favourites this month girlies! What have you been loving?

Take care :)



  1. That lipstick looks lovely !

  2. Hey Sinead, I LOVE ya blog! Now following ya xxx

  3. I ♥ all that glitters eyeshadow :) check out my blog miss kirsty adores x

  4. That blush and lipstick have just been added to my must have list, great post! x

  5. The Inglot lippie looks gorgeous! xoxo

  6. i definitely need to try the illamasqua cream blushes! that one looks lovely. xx

  7. @Daisy: Thank you so much hun! The lipstick is gorgeous! I definitely need to visit inglot one day! xx

    @MiniDiva: Aww thank you so much chick :) Thats so sweet & thank you for following! xx

    @Kirsty: I love all that glitters eyesadow too! :) Thank you for commenting! xx

    @GoldenGlow: Great additions to the wishlist hun :) The blush is gorgeous! & you only need the tiniest amount so will last ages! xx

    @Vicky: Thank you hunny! It really is a gorgeous lipstick, my everyday staple! xx

    @Annie: Thank you for the comment my love! You do need to try the illamasqua cream blushes, they really have converted me to cream blushes & i need more! xx

  8. I love all that glitters! I've been only using one eyeshadow at the moment, and it's been that. Great post! :)

  9. Oooo I think I have that inglot Lipstick too ha. Patina and Satin Taupe are my most used shadows, hit pan on both! :( Great faves babe.


  10. @neekeexoxo: Aww thank you hun! All that glitters is great because its perfect on its own and with other colours in the crease :) xx

    @Jo: Thank you for your lovely comment babe! The inglot lippie is amaze! We need a store up north! love love patina & satin taupe, especially together! mwah! xxx

  11. Oooo loving your favourites sweetie, I just purchased Satin Taupe on Sunday, but i'm loving it already - One of my faves for defs! x

  12. I love your blog!! am following you

    welcome to enjoy and follow at

    <3 Anika

  13. @Laura: Thank you so much for your comment peaches :) Satin taupe is amazing, excellent choice sweetie! xxx

    @Anika: Aww thank you so much hun :) xx

  14. love the mac lipstick , so weird this is the first Aug best I've seen

  15. The lipstick looks sooo gorgeous!! :) Great favourites xx

  16. I love reading your faves honey. The blush and the lipstick especially caught my eye! (funnily enough...) x

  17. Great buys, I love the mac 109 brush!

  18. i sooooo want to try the Inglot makeup

  19. all ur eye shadows picks are my faves!!! great post

  20. Great post hun, I have 3 of the four MAC shadows, patina is on my wishlist! x

  21. I love the mac eyeshadow palette you've made! It contains basically my favorite colors! :)

  22. what a cute pinky color~~ pale but I love it~

  23. Think you need to let me have a play with that blush darling!!xxx

  24. the lipstick is such a lovely colour! xx

  25. I'm also loving Essie's Van'DGo nail polish. I find it difficult to apply though. nonetheless, heart the shade!


  26. hi :)
    Love your blog! I'm following your blog!
    I'm new to the world of blogging, follow me too if you'de like :)

  27. Ooh those eyeshadows are amongst my all time favourites, and the lipstck looks tres pretty. Lovely post honey xx

  28. @Curves Ahead Makeup: Its not a MAC lipstick hunny its from inglot, i think theres only one store in the UK and dont think they can be bought online so theyre quite hard to come by! Thank you for your comment lovely :) xx

    @beautifulbrunette714: Thank you darling, it really is a gorgeous lipstick :) xx

    @Milly: Aww thank you gorgeous for your lovely comment :) the lippie is amazeballs & the blush is out of this world! love love it! xxx

    @StyleFrost: Thank you hun! As much as it sheds, i love the 109 too! Perfect for cream blush! xxx

    @Princess Feef: I sooo want to try more inglot makeup! It seems amazing! I need to get myself to westfield asap! :) Thank you for commenting! xx

    @lilladylife: Thank you hun :) The eyeshadows are amazing and really compliment one another! xx

    @Stacey: Thank you sweetheart! Patina is definitely a must have & a mac eyeshadow that doesnt get enough recognition i think! It truely is gorgeous & you wont regret it! xx

    @Kittynail: Aww thanks chick! They really are my most reached for eyeshadows & have used them everyday for as long as i can remember :) xx

    @Kim Hye Rin: Thanks sweet :) It is a gorgeous pale pink shimmery colour, love it! xx

    @Carla!: I know how much you love my illamasqua blushes mrs & this is one you havent played with yet! hehe you can definitely have a whirl of it! love you long time xxx

    @Fern: Thank you for taking the time to comment hunny :) It really is a lovely colour xx

    @DesignerSpray: I really do love Van D'Go aswell :) Your right, quite streaky & hard to apply but the colour is definitely worth it! Thank you for your comment xxx

    @Lara: Hi! Thank you so much for following my blog, means a lot xx

    @Laura: Thank you for your lovely comment gorgeous, i think im onto a winner with these eyeshadows! Endless amounts of combinations! :) xxx

  29. Nice! I'd like to try out that polish as well!

  30. I really love the colours in the MAC palette.

    Lots of love Christina x

  31. i so wanna try that Illamasqua blush...looks gorgeous x


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