Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Nailene *

Nailene are currently holding a giveaway on their blog to win lots of their goodies! All you have to do is follow them & their twitter and blog about your favourite Nailene products!

I was recently sent some Nailene products and have currently been roadtesting them! I have used and loved Nailene for absolutely years and they are hands down my favourite brand of false nails & the ones i will keep going back to! 

My favourite product by Nailene is:

The Nailene So Natural: Short length, square shape nails 

Heres why:

  • They come in a pack of 24 Nails in 12 different sizes so they fit all different hands and finger shapes! It also means that you have any leftovers incase you have any accidents! 
  • The glue that comes with them is the best ive tried! Stronger than super glue! Its amazing!
  • As the name suggests, they do look so natural! & extremely real! 
  • For stick on false nails, they last a long while! I would personally say 1 week minimum!
  • They are cheap, affordable and easy to access!
  • They are also chip proof!
Need any more reasons as to why these are my faves? 

They also look gorgeous either Natural...

Or painted with a gorgeous colour on top! I especially love the purple with the Lorraine-Stanick-Stylie glittery nail! Please do excuse the St Tropez bottle! How natural do these look if i do say so myself?

I am officially in love with Nailene! The brand as a whole and the wonderful products that they offer! Affordable and accessible for all! 

Here in the U.K they are available from Boots and Superdrug. Prices vary but you can snap them up for around £5!

So what are you waiting for? Get entering the amazing contest & nab yourself some of these lovely nails! More to come on these gorgeous nails! 



  1. those nails look really good, not fake like alot of other falsenails! Good application job, I may just have to try out some of these beauts for myself


  2. Wow those look like you went to a salon! Do they sell them in the US?!xo

  3. They look really good! I find it hard doing fiddly things (IE I am crap at painting my nails!) but false nails I can do... I find them really easy to apply, totally idiot proof!

  4. great post hun, I did my entry on the 200nails kit!

    Lu xo

  5. i love nailene <3 cute nails

  6. Love these nails hun ive got some waiting to be used when my old ones come off :D xx

  7. @JC: Thank you so much hun for your lovely comment! I really do love these nails! I do think you should pick some up for yourself!xxx

    @E: Aww thank you so much hun! I do believe Nailene are a American brand (I may be wrong!) so they should definitely be available in the US! xxx

    @Kat: Thank you darling :) Oh god i am awful at painting nails & mine are such a mess! Hence why i love falsies! Plus theyre easier (& nicer!) to paint xxx

    @Lu: Aww thank you so much sweetie :) The 200 nails kit looks amazing! I really need to track this down for myself! xxx

    @Rhamnousia: Eeee! Completely forgot to mention application! Extremely easy to apply! The longest part really is matching the false nails up to your real nails so that they fit perfectly! Literally buff your nail, apply the glue, press down for 30 seconds or so & voila! Perfect nails! Thank you for your comment :) xxx

    @Elfpixie: I love nailene too! Thanks chick xxx

    @Paula: Hello beautiful :) thank you for your comment! I am in love with Nailene! You will love them babes! Theres no other falsies like them! Look forward to your reviews! xxx

    Thanks girls for your lovely comments :) xxx

  8. Oh my God !!! Seriously, I have never seen nails that pretty !!!! Just Perrrfect :)))

  9. I love how natural they look! Great price too :)

  10. Really Cute Blog and your nails look gorgeous!

    Please check out my blog, it's only in its early days but I'm doing a little vintage giveaway, if you’re interested it's

    Vikki xx

  11. One week for artificial nails is perfect! ... I had them years over years ago and they only stayd two days!

  12. Nails look awesome!! Also, I did a tag this morning and it was pretty fun! I didn't "tag" people, but I'm tagging you now!

  13. i love love love ur blog!!!!! plz return the lovve check mines out
    mauhz xoxo

  14. Oh myy, exactly what I wanted. Just had my acrylics taken off and was so sad to bring the strong, thick, perfectly shaped nails to an end. So I might just have to go out and purchase these!

    I've just recently started my own fashion blog by the way :)


  15. those nails look so good! ive heard good think about the st tropez bronzer but do you know if it works well with sensitive skin! Ive had horrible experiences with self tanners :(
    great blog!!! xo

  16. They look gorgeous Sinead :D xx
    I have tagged you in the sweet friends/blog and tag award :)

  17. You’ve made some good points there. It’s a good idea! Please visit


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