Monday, 12 July 2010

Illamasqua Make-Up Amnesty

Afternoon poppets :)

As you may or may not know, Illamasqua is slowly becoming one of my favourite make up brands! I love absolutely everything about them & as a company i think they are amazing!

So i was very excited to hear about their upcoming project, for 2 weeks only you can exchange your used, unwanted make up at Illamasqua counters in exchange for 25% off any of their products! I do think i need to hit the Trafford Centre & definitely take them up on this amazing offer!

Illamasqua’s call to arms ‘Ditch the make-up drudgery and embrace the extraordinary.’
Some make-up can be ordinary – dull, boring, uninspiring. But not Illamasqua’s distinctive, rule-breaking professional make-up range. For a limited time only, you can exchange your second-rate make-up for a 25% discount on Illamasqua’s highly pigmented and exceptional products that give truly extraordinary results.
How will it work?
There is no limit to how many pieces you can bring and it can be in any condition – falling apart, smashed, nearly empty, dried up… we want to help you start again!
This is your chance to get rid of the old, bland, mediocre make-up sitting at the bottom of your bag without feeling guilty throwing away barely-used make-up.
The offer is across all categories and if you bring back a boring lipstick, you can swap it for a fantastic, creamy matt Lipstick. Or how about a Cream Blusher? Or a cult Nail Varnish? Or a Powdered Metal? Or …
What will it cost me?

Nothing! You are simply giving us your old make-up in order to claim your 25% discount on any Illamasqua product. Just pop along to your nearest counter to find out more [sorry, this Amnesty does not apply to our online shop.]
The Illamasqua Make- up Amnesty will begin from 17th - 31st July and is available at:

Selfridges Oxford Street, Trafford Centre, Birmingham Bullring, Fenwick Newcastle, BT2 Grafton Street Dublin, Debenhams Glasgow, Belfast and Cardiff

Sounds fabulous right? So girls tell me, whats on your Illamasqua wishlist? 



  1. Aww I am so jealous of all you UK girls who have this opportunity. I only have access to Illamasaqua through Sephora over here. This program sounds amazing...I already want to pick up a few Illamasqua lipsticks and blushes, but 25% off would definitely be an incentive for me to buy even more. Maybe it's a good thing I can't do that over here then, haha :) What are you planning on getting?


  2. Woww thats such a great idea :) Well done to whose idea it was at Illamasqua :D

  3. Wow, thats an amazing deal! I wish we had an Illamasqua boutiqe here in the states!

  4. Such a great deal!! I'm sure all of us have some old makeup ready to be binned. That's often why I don't purchase drugstore makeup, the packaging it comes in is cheap - and when you travel with it or carry it in your handbag, the product falls apart unfortunately. I can't get Illamasqua in Australia unfortunately :(

  5. I've never tried Illamasqua but that brand sounds amazing. Can't wait till I go to London again and can finally buy some Illamasqua products!! x

  6. I loveee Illamasqua, I can compare it to the likes of MAC. I love thier lippies especially; particularly Obey. My wish list is the cream blush in Promise!!

  7. Just found ur blog – so glad I did !
    Please visit my blog with fashion updates/ behind the scenes at my shoot:

  8. Hi, for some reason I cant find you blog sale of - hang loose, is it for sale still???



  9. Illamasqua counters need to come to the states asap!! I think we may need to start a petition of some kind haha x

  10. Just wanted to let you know I am having a contest for 6 M.A.C products.


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