Monday, 26 July 2010

100th Post: Aussome Volume 60's Night in Manchester :)

Morning Lovelies :)

On Thursday, I was luckily invited by Emma to the Aussie Aussome Volume tribe party in Manchester! The theme was 60's and the setting was the basement of Bluu bar in the Northern Quarter. It was absolutely perfect! Aussie throw the most amazing events and nights out i have ever been to and this one really didnt dissapoint!

There was quite a few of us meeting up beforehand to do a bit of shopping and get ready together before jumping in a taxi to the event!

The evening was filled with 60's hair, flowing cocktails, nibbles and even karaoke with the gorgeous Shola K! She was absolutely amazing!

A lot of the lovely ladies i had met before but it was amazing meeting the ones i hadnt, especially Paula and Jo who i have been speaking to absolutely months, love lots and when meeting feel like i have known them forever! They are two amazing young ladies! :)

Que lots of photos stolen from the gorgeous Paula and Phoebe (As i only managed to forget my memory card!)

Gorgeous Hairstylists Zara and Amber Rose Volumising Jennifers Hair! 
Lots of lovely ladies up for the last song of karaoke 
Me, Paula & Steph 

The beautiful Paula & Steph 

The beautiful Phoebe and Liloo 
Beautiful Briony with even more beautiful hair! Love this picture! 
Carla & Sinead (The other one!) 

I had the best night imaginable, and i would like to thank absolutely everyone involved! All the lovely ladies at aussie Emma, Lisa and Nicola in particular for putting on an abslutely fabulous night as always! Hairstylists Amber Rose and Zara, the amazing Shola K and last but not least all the amazing girls i had the fortune of meeting! 

I must admit the night didnt end there and a lot of the girls ended up seeing what Manchester had to offer! 

The gorgeous girls that were involved: 



  1. Ahhh babes love this post, your an amazing girlie too :) xxx

    Muah xxx

  2. looks like a really good night
    what lipstick do you have on? it looks gorgeous :)

  3. wow looks like you girls had lots of fun. you all look lovely too ^^

  4. look like you had a great night, glad you had fun :) x

  5. aw what a lovely post hunny :)
    was so happy to be able to meet you again

  6. @Paula: Thank you beautiful lady! Again, was amazing meeting you! You truely are the best and thank you for looking after me! Love you loads & really hope we can meet again soon! xxx

    @Rachel: Thank you lovely! Im actually wearing mac fleshpot which was a little pale on me so i put a tad of mac lazy day over the top :) xxx

    @Amanda: thank you sweetheart, we really did :) was such an amazing night! xx

    @Onna: Thanks sweetie! Hopefully we can meet up at an event soon! Would be lovely xxx

    @Steph: Thank you gorgeous! Was amazing seeing you again, you are one of the lovliest girlies i have had the pleasure of meeting! Thank you for coming up chick! I had the best night ever! xxx

  7. Congratulations on your 100th post! It looks like you all had a fun night. x

  8. @GlamourSkittle: Thank you for your comment darling :) xxx

    @Jane: Aww thank you so much hun! It was an absolutely fabulous night sweets, as much of it i can remember! ha xxx


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