Sunday, 30 May 2010

MAC Haul: To The Beach & Pret-A-Papier & Swatches

Hi Ladies, How are we all? Hope you are all well & enjoying the long weekend!

I have a MAC haul for you which is very overdue i know, so sorry about the delay!

Onto the goodies...

♥ To the beach: 131 Brush - £27 ♥
♥ Permanent: Well Dressed Blush - £16.50 ♥
♥ To the beach: Beach Bronze Cream Bronzer - £18 ♥
♥ Pret-A-Papier: Cut to fit Eyeshadow - £11 ♥
♥ Pret-A-Papier: Tissueweight Eyeshadow - £11 ♥
♥ To the beach: Lazy Day Lipstick - £12.50 ♥
First Impressions:
  • 131 Brush - Have lusted after this forever & was probably the only thing i wanted from To The Beach! Absolutely love it & it hasnt dissapointed! Perfect for cream blush & i have even used it for foundation!
  • Well Dressed Blush - I cant believe i didnt own this before! Perfect baby pink blush for my pale complexion, love this & think every mac lover should own this!
  • Beach Bronze cream blush - I purchased this from the gorgeous Marcia as she didnt get on with it! I personally love it, it s quite greasy which on my oily skin isnt preferable but i can live with it! Its a more orange toned bronze with a hint of shimmer, which i feel is quite sheer on my pale skin
  • Cut to fit Eyeshadow - A reddy brown eyeshadow, which as a neutral girl is perfect to add a bit of colour/darkness to the crease
  • Tissueweight Eyeshadow - A great peach neutral that has a slight shimmer, perfect for an all over the lid colour!
  • Lazy day lipstick - I knew i needed this lipstick before i even saw it, a gorgeous baby pink lipstick which is a lustre so it is sheer but easily buildable, i even had to pick up a back up of this! A gorgeously, wearable everyday lipstick!

♥ Swatches ♥
What are your thoughts on the new MAC collections? & is there any you are particularly looking forward to?


  1. You have got some awesome goodies! I just wish i wasnt on Project 10 pan :(!!!! xx

  2. Excellent haul hunnie, luuurve my 131 tooo :) xx

  3. They look awesome, i love the colours in this collection! :) xx

  4. Yay, love lazy day and well dressed! snap :)

  5. awesome haul , ive just done a wishlist on my blog about the mac to the beach make up :) would love to buy it all :) x
    Follow me please x
    x sophie-lou x

  6. the packaging is just awesome xx

  7. is the 131 brush a flat topped brush? I see it being more like a foundation brush, like a badger 190? hmm... I dunno... I bought the 130 though :)

  8. this collection looks gorgeous x

  9. Ooo I want that Lazy Day lipstick so bad! I might have to buy it when I get paid :) xx

  10. I seem to have completely bypassed this release! I'm intrigued by the 131 though and Lazy day looks nice. I've been considering Well Dressed for such a long time, I really ought to cave and get it ;)
    Jane x

  11. I love lazy day lipstick! its just the perfect every day lip x

  12. OOoh nice hauling lady! :)
    I have my beady eye on Lazy Day lippie. looks lush!
    And crumbs..i CANNOT believe you didnt own Well Dressed before now! *faints* is such a boootiful colour isnt it! xx

  13. Oh Mac ive never tried any i think it's time to invest!

    lovely blog
    Kirsty x

  14. ohhh you've tempted me right back into mac! now adding lazy day and well dressed to my wish list! xx

  15. wow amazing haul. i love the to the beach collection :)

  16. wow cool haul :) i requested to follow you on twitter btw

    shel xo

  17. Hi sweet, You've got an award from me, check it out >>
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  18. thanks for the swatches, that's helpful !

  19. @Sinead: Thanks hunny bun! Project 10 pan must be a nightmare! How do you cope? hehe! xxx

    @Paula: Thank you munchkin for your lovely comment :) 131 is the best! xxx

    @Tugba: Thanks for your comment hun! :) xx

    @Hannah: Thank you hunny! xx

    @Mushine: Wow, thank you for your comment hun! Has made my day! Well dressed & lazy day FTW! :) xxx

    @Sophie: Thank you for your comment! That is quite a big to the beach wishlist you have! hehe xx

    @Liloo: Thank you my darling & thank you for the lovely blog award, so sweet of you! & i will be doing it soon! xx

    @Nikki: Thanks for the comment sweetie, The 131 isnt flat topped hun its tapered, like a foundation brush shape if you undertand? Would be great for cream blushes & foundation xx

    @Jade: Thank you! The collection is gorgeous sweet! xx

    @Charlotte: Thanks hun! I think you do need lazy day lipstick, its so wearable & perfect to just pop on without a mirror! xxx

    @Jane: Thank you for your lovely comment hun, I have such an obsession with brushes i had to pick up the 131 as i completely missed it from the colour craft collection! I have aso lusted after well dressed for a while & its perfect, quite sheer though also another dupe for it is katie blush by illamasqua which is much more pigmented! xxx

    @Lilluna: Thank you sweet :) xx

    @MacJunkie09: Thank you! You are so right, it is so wearble & perfect for everyday! Hence the back up ;) xx

    @Milly: Thank you so much gorgeous girlie! The lipstick lover that you are my lovely, you need lazy day in your collection! It is perfect! I know, what has taken me so damn long to pick up well dressed? hehe but it is beautiful! Me loves it! xxxx

    @Kirtsy: Thank you hun, that has put a massive smile on my face! MAC is super addictive, a few months ago i didnt really own anything either but now i cant stop buying, definitely time for you to invest :) xx

    @Alexandra: Thank you so much hun! Great wishlist so far, lazy day & well dressed are perfect to get you right back into mac! :) xxx

    @Lettyho: Thanks hunny! :) I love the to the beach collection too! xx

    @Shel: Thank you hun, Thank you for the twitter follow :) i have followed back! xx

    @Liloo: Thanks again my dear :) xxx

    @Carine: No problem hun & thank you! If you ever need any other swatches or comparisons just let me know & i will get on it :) xxx

    Thank you so much to everyone for commenting, I really appreciate that each & every one of you takes the time to comment! Thank you! :) xxx

  20. Ooh, thanks for the shade comparison. You know how I love my Illamasqua blushes! ;) xx

  21. woweee all that mac stuff is making me drool! tehehe xxxxxxxxx

  22. Well Dressed is one of my faves too. A classic must have blush I reckon. I am lusting after Lazy Day lippie, and now the 131 brush after seeing this!


  23. These all look lovely, I love the colours. I'll have to try them out at some point. The packaging on the one with the shell on the case is so pretty! xxx

  24. Looks awesome!

    Just came across your blog! It is lovely :)

  25. oooh pretty!
    loving the blog
    great posts
    stop by some time :) xx

  26. Loved the To The Beach Collection!~Well Dressed blush is my newest favorite!

  27. ooo i want everything!!! :)

    Really lovely blog!

    Cheers, Jesa


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