Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My Current Perfume Collection ♥

Hi girliepops, Hope you are all okay!

I love perfume, im sure most girlies do & i wouldnt say i have a huge collection but a few bottles of sweet smelling loveliness that i thought i would show you all!

My favourite blog posts to read (along with OOTD's) are collection posts, it doesnt matter what collection, skin care, nail polish, make up, perfume any collection really! Im just a nosey girl! hehe!

Anyway, onto my perfumes! They range from super cheap to a little bit more expensive!

Here goes...

The collection in all its glory :) (Told you there wasnt many!)

♥ Back Row♥

♥ Givenchy 'Very Irresistible' - Love this, as you can see my big bottle has nearly finished! ♥
♥ Britney Spears 'Fantasy' - I am quite partial to the Britney perfumes (yes, even though i am 21!) Love the scent of this ♥
♥ Kylie Minogue 'Darling' - All of Kylies perfumes smell amazing, this is super cheap & such a gorgeous scent ♥
♥ Hillary Duff 'With Love' - Smells lovely & is really long lasting! (Says my mum who is quite partial to using this! lots!) ♥
♥ Dior 'Addict 2 Summer' - I LOVE Dior Addict 2 but it is highly expensive, the summer version is the cheaper younger sister which smells just like the original & it is one of my faves! ♥

♥ Front Row ♥

♥ Versace 'Bright Crystal' - One of my little more expensive perfumes, which has nearly ran out, boo :( ♥
♥ Kylie Minogue 'Showtime' - Super sweet perfume, may be too sweet for some but i personally love this! ♥
♥ Anna Sui 'Dolly Girl Lil Starlet' - I love all variations of the dolly girl perfumes & again this lives up to the original! ♥
♥ Hugo Boss 'Femme' - Gorgeous scent, should really use this more! ♥
♥ Gucci 'Eau De Parfum II' - This has to be my all time favourite perfume, smells amazing but quite expensive so a night time only fragrance ;) ♥
Do you own any of the same perfumes? Also, what are your favourite perfumes? Let me know :)
Perfumes i would love to try include Marc jacobs 'Lola' & also Victor & Rolf 'Flowerbomb'
Ciao Bellas!


  1. That's quite a collection! I just have 2 at the moment- Lola by Marc Jacobs and Chloe by Chloe. I'd loved them both for ages so was dead excited to get them for Christmas from my lovely man. I tend to just have one on the go til I use it up. I think Flowerbomb will be my next one, I might pick that up from Duty Free in the summer.

  2. @Primp and Preen: Thank you for your comment! I did actually have the Chloe by Chloe but gave it to my sister! Thats really nice of your boyfriend buying you them for christmas, lucky girl :) I may also pick up flowebomb from duty free, thats a great idea! (I may also sneak in lola!) xx

  3. Nice post :D

    I only ever have one or two at a time, I'm always scared I'll never finish them and they'll go off so I just don't bother buying them.

    I really need a new one though, I'm thinking the new Paul Smith :)

  4. Great collection! I love all Britney perfumes I just don't own them. I just did this post as well, check it out:

  5. flowerbomb is lovely :) i steal it off my mum all the time hehe :) xx

  6. I've collected quite a bit perfume bottle over the past few years.
    I've got almost all the Anna Sui mini bottles!!!

    I love my Marc Jacobs Lola Perfume.
    I think every girl should own it!!!


  7. Awww...I actually don't own any perfume! Can you believe that?! But I hope to get my hands on some Harajuku ones some time in the future...LOL

    <33 Rena

  8. My fave perfume was By from D+G, sadly they've discontinued it :( I do also love Very Valentino L.A.M.B and Monsoon.

    Jo x

  9. Great post lovely. I love Britney Spears perfume too! Fantasy is lovely so is Curious. My favourites are D&G Light Blue and Chanel Chance eau Fraiche. Gorgeous summery scents that stay for hours on end :) xx

  10. great post! my fave perfume is Chanel 'Chance' x

  11. Isn't Anna Sui Dolly Girl lovely? I've had different Dolly Girl perfume in the past, because they always come out with limited edition ones. But to me they kind of all have a grapefruit scent, which is still lovely btw.

    I almost got Britney Spears Fantasy at Walmart yesterday, after watching lollipop26's perfume video lol.

    Anyway, I am trying Marc Jacobs Lola and Daisy, I have those sample tubes, they smell so floral-y. I can't decided which to get. I'm also trying Vera Wang Princess. The one I would really want to try out will be the new Balenciaga perfume. =D

  12. I am SO rubbish when it comes to perfume! I have 3 perfumes:
    Davidoff Cool Water, which I;ve had since I was 15!!
    DKNY Red Delicious
    Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea
    I also have a sample of Jessica Simpson's Fancy which I LOVE. I just forget to wear perfumes haha.

  13. wow! i like your perfume collection^,^

  14. Wow, great perfume stash, i only have about 4. I LOVE Dolly Girl, it's so cute looking and smells wonderful. My favourite perfume is La Belles du Ricci which they don't make anymore :(

  15. I love reading collection posts too! Love all your purfumes! I havent tryed many of them but would love too! Youve made me want to do a purfume collection post now haha! XO

  16. Hi Sinead!

    Love your perfume collection - i loveee Versace fragrances~

    Have given you a blog award.. take a look at my post!

    Love Tx

  17. Great collection, deffo try the hugo boss orange, I don't even like the colour orange but the smell is mmm mm sexxxay!

  18. Nice collection! I don't own many perfumes myself but I'd love to get Armani Black Code, Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy, Cacharel Amor Amor, amongst others. They smell great!
    I tried Flowerbomb once but found it overwhelming...I so wanted to love it though!

  19. I always thought I was following your blog but it turns out I wasn't! Oopsy!
    I love having a nosy at peoples collections :) I've recently bought Britney Spears Fantasy and love it - I think it'll be the start of a love affair with more sweet scented fragrances now! x

  20. i love the pink britney spears parfume! i'm kind of jealous of your fragrances haha

  21. I definitely recommend victor and rolf flowerbomb :) It is the only perfume I have ever purchased more than once! Sadly though I can never wear perfume every day as it gives me a headache :( Not good! Your perfume collection looks so, so pretty! xx

  22. What a lovely post! I really like your perfume collection :) I don't have too many myself. I used to have some small bottle of the Burberry perfume, which was ok, but I wasn't too fond of it. Some Versace Blue Jeans and I did have another small bottle of one, but I've forgotten the name! My favourite perfume though is the DKNY Be Delicious green apple fragrance closely followed by the Roxy Love perfume and Anna Sui Sweet Dreams. Sorry for the long comment! xxx

  23. Great collection! Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb is def worth trying, it's amazing!
    Favorites include, Miss Dior Cherie, Gucci Rush, Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, Chanel Chance, Dolce Gabanna Light Blue, Amor Amor by Cacharel, Promesse by Cacharel, Ralph, by Ralph Lauren, and I think that's all I have for now! lol

  24. Great collection! I had a sample of the Britney perfume and was surprised by how much I liked it! At the moment I'm working my way through a giant bottle of Marc Jacobs "Lola" - I really like it and the bottle design is fabulous! x

  25. I really want to try Fantasy.. I have Curious & I really dont like it! Ive tried Mathew Williamsons Sheer (after Laura/Lollipop26 raved about it!), but Im really not all that keen.
    I love Thierry Mugler's Angel, thats my all time faves.. I really need a new Summery/fresh one!


  26. wow you have a great collection there, I had to stop wearing it as my son who is 6 month's get's really grumpy. I have Angel , I do miss it.
    Great post have a great weekend xxxxxxxxxxx

  27. Nice post- my favourite perfume i Ghost! I LOVE it, and spray it all the time hehe :)

    Hannah xoxo :)

  28. I'm a new subscriber
    I love your blog :) Especially the hauls

  29. givenchy very irisistible!!! very feminine <3 it to da max!

    xoxo elle
    ps: im having a giveaway ^^ ends april 25th

  30. Ooh, you have a couple of my faves here. Givenchy Very Irresistable is maybe one of my top three, all time. I like all the Gucci ones. Gucci 2 is nice and I have Gucci Flora at the moment but my fave is Gucci Rush 2. I love that one, very feminine and sweet. I've never smelt anything else quite like it. Hmmm, I need a new bottle. I have just finished Vera Wang's, Princess which seems very popular but I have mixed feelings which I posted about recently.

  31. I have to admit, Fantasy is one of my guilty pleasures. I really like Chanel No 5 though, and Prada Infusion d'Iris - that's like my HG perfume, if there is one :)

  32. great collection! i love the anna sui dolly's too!

  33. Gorgeous collection...I love perfume...

  34. I really enjoy reading your blog so I've nominated you for an award! ♥

  35. I've nominated you for an award :)

  36. Hi Sinead, I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sweet Blogger Award.. I really enjoy your blog and I do think you come across as a little sweetie! :0)

  37. this is a GREAT collection! : )

    don't forget to enter my giveaway for amazing prizes:

  38. Ooooh, thats a gorgeous selection!
    Dior addict to summer is so pretty :)

    My favourite perfume is Vera Wang - Princess, and Haraguku Girls - G

    oooh, Live by JLO is gorgeous too :)

    :) Eliza xxx

  39. what a brilliant blog and a fanastic set of perfumes :) I agree with you with Britney and Kylie ... beautiful smells and so what if we're 20 odd? :) xx

  40. I absolutely love the Hilary Duff fragrance, but can't find it in the UK anymore :(


  41. I definitely love perfume so much and those perfume looks great. Will certainly visit your site more often now. :)

    pheromone advantage

  42. awesome collection. Victor & Rolf 'Flowerbomb' smells heavenly but it's so expensive! I think the 1.7oz is close to $100 usd. Have you ever tried jessica simpson's perfumes? The one on the gold bottle is the best!

  43. what a collection! I used to have loads but it's pretty depleated at the moment, i'm waiting on someones blogsale with something I like... failing that... christmas! haha x

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