Sunday, 4 April 2010

MAC Liberty Of London & Prep For Colour Haul & Swatches

Hi girlies,

Yesturday i did lots of shopping in Leeds with my gorgeous friend Steph, i had such a lovely time with her & it was amazing finally meeting her! We did lots of shopping which was followed by lots of cocktails! I had a fabulous time!

Obviously we hit MAC, which you would expect! & the new collection was out so we had a little lookie at that! Here are the things i picked up!

♥ 'Peachstock' Lipstick ♥
♥ 'Blooming Lovely' Lipstick ♥
♥ 'Petals & Peacocks' Lipstick ♥
♥ 'Speed Dial' Lipstick (Back 2 Mac) ♥
♥ 'Hey' Eyeshadow (Prep For Colour Collection) ♥

♥ L to R: Petals & Peacocks, Blooming Lovely, Peachstock & Speed Dial ♥

Thats my little MAC haul, i hope you enjoyed! Did you manage to pick anything up from the new collections? Or Do you own any of these colours? Let me know!



  1. OOOH!

    Peachstock seems like the perfect nude/neutral lip for me!
    Thanks for the swatches!(=

  2. Yay!! My haul matches your haul (minus Speed Dial and add in Ever Hip). Why you not get Ever Hip girlie? Thought you'd looove it! :)
    So pleased you and Stephie had mucho fun! I cannot wait for a London gathering :)

  3. Fab haul hun! I love the look of Petals & Peacocks but don't think I'd have the guts to wear it. I love the packaging of this collection though so one of the lippies have to be mine!

  4. It's funny cuz I just get Speed Dial recently =D through B2M. It's kind of a brighter colour that I finally have the courage to try, but I'm still trying to figure out how to get it work. Please post some FOTD with this =D.

    I also got two things from Liberty of London. I got Ever Hip l/s and Prim n Proper Blush. Just curious, why you didn't pick it up? It's gorgeous and it's Cremesheen (I love Cremesheen, lol)

  5. Lovely haul! I have Blooming Lovely which I actually regret buying so I am experimenting with it by using it with other lipsticks to find a color that works with me :) I also have Peachstock which I LOVEEEEEEEEEE!!! Speed dial looks like something I'd like, I'll check it out next time I'm at MAC. Enjoy your new goodies :)

  6. Petals and Peacocks looks lovely. Kind of wanting it now...:P xx

  7. Great haul! I've heard that Hey is similar to All That Glitters, do you have both? I love All That Glitters and I'm wondering whether it's different enough to justify having both!

  8. Hey lovely what do you think of peachstock? am in two minds

  9. I got Ever Hip. I'm happy now, lol!

  10. Great haul! I love the lipsticks from this collection, I bought all of them. So pretty, and I love the packaging too, it's so cute.

  11. ooh lovely lippies :p thx for the swatches !

  12. I've passed on a blog award to you :)

  13. Aah I had thought this was going to be the MAC collection I could resist (despite the gorgeous packaging) but the more pics of Blooming Lovely I see, the more I want it!

  14. @Katie: Thank you for your lovely comment hun, peachstock is definitely a darker nude for me (been a pale NW15) but i know can be amazing on darker skintones, give it a whirl :) xx

    @Milly: Aww you are such a cutie! I think i might not be able to resist ever hip when it comes out online though! Cannot wait to meet you & the other girlies in London town! We are gunna have such an amazing time! eeee excited! xxx

    @Kelly: Thank you doll! Im not sure of the bright pink or purple lipstick either hun but i am a sucker for lipsticks & the packaging is beautiful i needed them in my collection! hehe xxx

    @Rica: Amazing taste hun with speed dial! I love it, such a nice pink! I also love cremesheens (creme d'nude springs to mind hehe) & i may still have to get ever hip once it hits the website! xx

    @Ebru: Thank you hun! I am sure you can get blooming lovely to work, i think i will need to do a little experimenting with it too! Peachstock is lovely! As is speed dial! :) xx

    @India: Thanks hunny! Definitely get P&P! Even if it is just for the gorgeous packaging! I am also a sucker for bright pink lippies! xx

    @Laura: Thanks hun! I do indeed have all that glitters so i will defo do a comparison & swatch post for you hun to see if they are similiar! I just love neutral eyes & had to have this! xx

    @Louise: Hi hunny! Peachstock is definitely a very peach dark nude, not the kinda light nude i would normally go for, but i love the packaging & with some experimenting i am sure i will get it to work! I think it would look gorgeous on you hun! xxx

    @Marcia: Glad you picked it up chick! I think i may have to go back & get it myself! Feel like im missing out! xxx

    @So Very Fabulous: Thanks doll! I also love the lipsticks in this collection, definitely the best products! I may have to pick up ever hip so i have a full collection too :) hehe xx

    @Carine: No problem hun! Thanks for your comment xx

    @Jade: Ooh thank you for the blog award! I shall go take a little look now! :) xx

    @Ellie: The packaging is definitely gorgeous! & i love the lipsticks! Blooming lovely is unlike anything i own so i had to have it! You should definitely pick it up :) xx

    Thank you for all your lovely comments girlies :) made me super happy! xxx

  15. Heeeeeyyyy sweet-thang :) Lovely post of beautiful MAC goodies :) I did a little shopping of this collection on Sat and will do a haul postie on my blog tomorrow to show and tell what I got.
    Glad you and the gorge Steph had a fab-a-dabba time and I can't wait to meet you in London town! Woop woop!


  16. woww good choices! i love Petals & Peacocks and Blooming Lovely, might try one of them for myself! thanks for swatching! and i love your blog :) x

  17. awwww I love this post..... and the products look gorgeous!! I'm so jealous of people who get to meet other beauty bloggers - You sounded like you had a great time!!!! I grew up in yorkshire near leeds and really hope some time this year I can go visit my nanna up there and meet some of you ladies... interested?

    P.S Your now on my new favourite bloggers list on my blog :) x

  18. Speed Dial is such a beautiful colour :)

  19. It looks like you had a lot of fun! I love the packaging, makes it even better!

  20. When did Prep for Colour come out over here??

  21. @Andrea: Prep for colour came out here last week in stores when liberty of london came out & it has just come out online now! :)xx

  22. Hmmm, it wasn't there last Thursday when I went in, it was just Liberty and Art Supplies! I'll have to pop in and ask what's going on, thanks! x

  23. I love the packaging for the new MAC collection! I think it's so pretty and the white is a nice change from the typical black, makes the line seem much fresher!! =)

  24. p.s. your blog is SO cute!! Love the layout ^^

  25. Hey doll! I did not get to but the future collections have me drooling! I want Peachstock but I think I may have found a dupe, not sure. I still may get it though because I like nudes/peaches! I didnt see anything I liked besides Sorcery eyeshadow from Prep for Colour. Would love to see a swatch of Hey! I have Tete-a-tint and Somoa Silk ( I think Tete-a-tint may be very similiar to Hey). happy follower of yours! keep in touch pretty* ♥

  26. Hey,
    I'm a new blogger, from Leeds (Y) :D

    I realllly want the nail paint from this collection in 'Blue India' I saw it when i went to London and its soooo pretty :)

    Where is MAC in Leeds!!!???
    I had no idea we had one :(

    Love Lou xxx


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