Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Review: Neal & Wolf Shampoo and Conditioner

I was sent some products a few weeks ago from the lovely people over at Neal & Wolf. They have been amazing, even asked which products i would like to try and let me choose myself! They have also kept in touch through twitter and emails which has been really nice! :)

Onto the products:

Neal & Wolf 'Ritual' Daily Cleansing Shampoo
What they say:

'is a shampoo designed to cleanse the hair, leaving it fresh, full of shine and ready for styling. An infusion of silk and milk proteins combine to boost vital moisture and reduce flyaway hair. Liquid shea extract delivers brilliant shine. The result? Luxurious, easy-to-manage, radiant locks. For the ultimate result, use with Ritual Daily Conditioner.'

Size: 250ml
Price: £10.95

My thoughts:

I loved this shampoo. It is a quite thick, clear consistancy and the smallest amount would lather up really well in my hair. I also love the smell, which is really unique and Neal and Wolf say that it was developed in a perfumery. After rinsing out the shampoo alone, i could feel that my hair felt clean and not tangled like it can normally feel after using just the conditioner.
Neal & Wolf 'Ritual' Daily Conditioner
What they say:

'is a weightless conditioner that instantly detangles, leaving hair wonderfully smooth and ready for styling. Silk protein complex delivers vital moisture while shea butter extract creates brilliant shine. Added sunscreens provide protection from environmental damage. The result? Luxurious, easy-to-manage, radiant locks. For the ultimate result, use with Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo.'

Size: 200ml

Price: £11.95

What i think:

This conditioner definitely lives up to its expectiations, it is a white cream and thinner in consistancy than the shampoo. I used quite a bit more of this than i did with the shampoo and that is purely because of reference. I have quite long and extremely thick hair and tend to use lots of conditioner! This felt really luxurious within my hair, covered well and once washed out left my hair feeling really smooth and soft.

The results:

As i was testing out the shampoo and conditioner i didnt use any other styling products like i would normally do. The products detangled my hair amazingly and i was able to brush through it with ease. It left me with gorgeously smooth, shiny and ever so soft hair! It has been a pleasure using these products and they have taken over my normal hair care routine! It is safe to say i have already finished the conditioner i love the product so much! The smell is beautiful! Really one that i love and so different to any other that i have used before! Left my hair feeling a lot cleaner than usual and even the boyfriend commented on how shiny my hair was looking after using these products! Win!

Would i recommend:
Absolutely! As a treat i would definitely recommend. The prices are a little more than i would pay usually but for a nice treat these are perfect.

My only 'concerns':

The products dont have any instructions on, which is okay with the shampoo and conditioner as it is self explanitary (although i must admit i did look for instructions!) but with the other products in the range it would be helpful. Although as i am aware it is because these are sample products and the newer products will come with instructions.

The other thing is that they are not yet to buy on the website and only available in salons, which again they will be avalable on the website soon so i will definitely keep you all updated!

The Neal & Wolf products are yet to be available in stores or on their website but you can purchase them currently from salons.

As i am aware they will be available to buy from the website soon which you can find here, and you can preview all the products offered by Neal & Wolf here .
You can currently buy them from Beauty Bay who also ship internationally!

Have you ever tried any products by Neal & Wolf? What are your thoughts?



  1. Yes, they sent me some a few weeks ago and I am now obsessed. I've run out of one product already and I want more but can't buy it anywhere! Lovely post hun, good job spreading the love xx

  2. ever heard about these products, they're not sold in France, probably :/

  3. I've never tried these products before, but I think I may have to now. Love your reviews! xxx

  4. i've never heard of these products before but they sound gorgeous. my hair is so tangly and needs some love but i never know where to start! brilliant review, thankyou xox

  5. I agree I love Neal & Wolf Im also proud to sell it on my website www.amazinghairadvice.co.uk


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