Sunday, 7 March 2010

In & Out

Hello ladies, i hope that you are all having an amazing weekend :)


My 21st Birthday a week today - Hello Louis Vuitton :) ♥
Going to the seaside on Tuesday with my amazing friends - Which means sea life, 2p machines, fish & chips and lots of ice cream - yum! ♥
New clothes - I usually spend most of my pennies on make up & have come to the realisation that i reject my clothes, so i have been buying some pretty new clothes ♥
Making holiday plans with my amazing boyfriend - we didnt think it would happen this year due to money, but we should hopefully be booking it soon :) excited! ♥


Lady Gaga rescheduling her concert - I was meant to be seeing her tonight but she has rescheduled until June - Sad times :( ♥

Spending Ban - I am currently (like as of today) on a little beauty hiatus and trying to spend less pennies on make up & beauy related items, as i have lots & dont think i would ever get through what i have! Heres to saving!

Im glad that my 'ins' outweigh the 'outs' :)
What are your current ins & outs ladies? I would love to know!



  1. I tagged you for the 20 Questions Tag!
    Here -


  2. What are you getting from LV then miss?x

  3. oooooooooooh happy soon to be 21st :D Its so exciting with the countdown... mines in July! :D

    Oooh holidays and beach and birthday and clothes.... all sounds good to me right about now :D

  4. @Jess: Thanks so much sweetie, I will definately get around to this tomorrow! :) xx

    @Sian: I *think* i am getting the LV Speedy 35 :) thoughts & opinions are appreciated! xxx

    Thanks girls x

  5. I'm addicted to 2p machines! If I'm feeling adventurous I'll go on the 10p machines, always feel like I'm winning even if I'm not!

  6. 2p machines! love them... i used to save my 2ps all year for the summer holiday! lol

  7. Great ins and outs hun!
    U will have to show me what you bought, clothes wise, excited that u got some though :)
    booo to the gaga!

  8. gutted..i was supposed to see gaga tomo grrrrrrr xx

  9. i had to smile at the 2p machine comment. it reminder me of when me and hubby went to southport for the weekend when we 1st got together and we were laughing so hard at winning 2p's. ahh the flush of first love...... I hope you have a FAB birthday and get some really nice treats.
    Happy 21st for next

  10. re: spending ban.
    Im saving a fortune shopping in "bedroom-bay"
    Its the new eBay.
    All you have to do is go to your dressing/bedroom and find something you havent used yet/had for ages and been meaning to use and pretend its new and use it.
    I did a vid of this on YT a couple of weeks ago and so far i have used 2 new bags, 3 new purses and a new lipstick for £0.00.

  11. I love the seaside, i hope its sunny for you! x

  12. Yay for the birthday and Louis Vuitton! Join the Speedy club hun, you know you wanna ;)
    I need to cut down on my spending habbits with beauty related products too but it's sooooo hard!
    :( I am allowing myself to get the Lady GaGa lippy though next week :)

  13. Hi hun :) i have an award for you on my blog!

  14. happy early birthday dear! mine is also in a few days. yay for March babies! ;)

    i too am banning myself from buying beauty products this month. except for a couple of the MAC limited edition products coming out, i've decided i need to stop buying so much makeup. i'm starting to shop for clothes instead to get ready for spring and summer weather :D


  15. I have the same problem with makeup and clothes too. I used to spend more in clothes until I got really addicted to makeup. I'm actually planning to buy more makeup, which is sad because I already have a lot of makeup that can last for a long long time. Maybe it's time for project 10 pan. I need some more clothes instead of makeup since Spring has finally came.

    And holiday plans with the boyfriend are always fun.

    I'm planning to hit Disney world this summer... hopefully this trip will happen.

  16. I love the 2p machines, I live at the seaside so the amount of money I've put into those damn things is probably ridiculous! hehe xo

  17. I hope you have a great birthday when it rolls around, and i love the seaside too!

  18. Hello lovey! Ha I'm also on a spending ban, it's so rubbish :(

    I tagged you for an award btw! See it here if you want to do it :) xxx

  19. That is really lame about Lady Gaga :(

  20. U have an award waiting for u on my blog too hun :)


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