Thursday, 4 February 2010

Review: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor

I have been using Aussie products for years, my mum swears by them so we always have a constant supply in our household.

One product i love is the Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor which is a 3 minute conditioner that works as a hair treatment.

I kindly received a small bottle of this in my goodie bag from the Aussie night out, which i was thrilled about as i absolutely love this product!

Out of all of the Aussie products this has to be my absolute fave! It smells absolutely gorgeous! & it is such a longlasting smell that still lingers on your hair once its dry!

I use this as my conditioner not aswell as and only need a small 50p amount whereas usually i need a full handful of conditioner as my hair is so long and thick.

I love the consistency of this, it is so thick but covers really well.

From the minute you are washing this product off your hair you can feel the difference, my hair can sometimes still feel quite tangled even after conditioner but this feels amazing!

Once dry, my hair smells amazing and feels so sleek & shiny!

I absolutely love it & would recommend to all!

It retails for £4.49 but can usually be found on offer in
Boots and Superdrug.

So ladies, have you tried this product?



  1. I luuuuurvee this, i usually wash my hair n then put this on n wrap my hair in a towel n get in the bath n soak for ages n my hair feel soooooo great after:)

  2. This is my HG hair product. Nothing makes my hair softer. Absolutely loves it :).

  3. I love Aussie hair products,they smell sooo good!

  4. I use it about 3 or 4 times a week, I've been a believer for the past 7 years! It costs $4 at my local Target (a lot more at a CVS). I'm glad I'm not the only fan, when I ask people they typically don't know what I'm talking about.

    btw - my bottle is taller/thinner and purple. There's also two different levels of conditioning, normal and DEEEEEP, haha.

  5. I love this :-) altough I much prefer the smell of the other products in the range like the miracle moist ones, kinda remind me of bubblegum in a weird way!!


  6. I absolutely love this stuff - ever since I started using it my hair has been in such great condition...and it smells so good too :)

  7. It is the most AMAZING product.

    Can you tell me what mascara you recommend for really long lashes, so the almost look like you're wearing falsies?


  8. I love this product! And now you're making me want to go out and buy some more of it! :) xx

  9. I heart the smell of this conditioner <3 xoxo

  10. I love this and I always go back to it after trying something else! XO

  11. I've heard good things about this product, and I'm always looking for great hair treatments, so I might give it a try!

  12. I love this product :D its one of the things I can't help but re-purchase


  13. @ Jo false lash effect by maxfactor is AMAZING!!

    Ive never used this treatment and ive been looking for a good treatment for a while. i use kerastase mask and its a bit expensive, so im looking for a cheaper alternative!

  14. Okay, you're about the fifth person I've seen that has suggested this, so I guess I might as well try it now. lol

  15. mental note to self....check this out!



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