Thursday, 28 January 2010

Tag/Award: Happy 101 :)

I was tagged by Bicky to do the Happy 101 Tag/Award :)
Rules are simple, alls you have to do is list 10 things that make you happy!

Family - I love my family, they have been there for me & stuck by me through thick and thin. They are all amazing, my rock and i couldnt live without them!

♥ Friends - I have got to the age where i have only just found out who my true friends are, the ones that are there for me i love dearly, know i can turn to no matter my problem & love spending time with them! ♥ love them all!

♥ James ♥ - James is more than a boyfriend, he is my best friend. I love him with all of my heart and wouldnt be able to live without him! Its been an amazing 4 years & i hope theres many more to come!

♥ Make-up - I love make up, i may not be good at it but it is a huge passion of mine. I love finding & buying new products even if they do stay in there boxes and dont get played with for a while :P

♥ Money - Controversial maybe but i love money, without it i wouldnt be able to buy the pretty things i do. I love spending, maybe a little too much but it does make me happy!

♥ I-Phone - This includes twitter, youtube &my blog as i can do all these things on this little beauty! I love it, its an amazing phone & does everything i want it to. Blogging is a major hobby & passion of mine, i absolutely love it & have met some amazing girls! You all know who you ar & i love you all!

♥ Handbags - I own lots of hand bags, i absolutely love them! At the minute i dont own any super expensive bags, although i would never turn down a Balenciaga or Louis V but for the time being i am content with my River Island & Topshop beauties!

♥Tea - I love a good cup of tea, who doesnt? & i have to admit, they always taste nicer when someone else makes them! James makes a good brew!

♥ Christmas - I know its just been & gone but i absolutely love christmas, it makes me super happy & it has to be the best day of the year, the build up is amazing & spending time with the ones you love! Cant think of anything better!

♥ Shopping - Shopping makes me happy! :) Be it online or instore, although admitedly i do tend to sway more towards online shopping, so hassle free!

I know that this tag has been going round so i tag all of my gorgeous followers! If you have done it please link me, i would love to read what makes you all happy!


  1. hehe i totally agree with money ,shopping,tea ,phone part.. these things do make us girls happy:)


  2. @Sarah: hehe Thank you so much for your comment sweetie! :) Its the small things, such as tea that make us happy! xx

  3. cute post =D
    i love money too so your not alone there LOL

  4. Great post hun, I will do one tonight! I'm just in the middle of a '10 random things about me' post, you should do one of those too!

    I love my Iphone too, but I can't get blogger or youtube on mine :(

  5. I agree with you... tea especially tastes better when someone else makes it for you... in my case bf :) Mon Mode Blog

  6. Great post babe, I loved doing this one :)
    I also love money, hehe
    Steph x

  7. Hiiii, I have just finished doing this tag and I have also tagged you on my blog:

  8. It's always good when someone puts people before money.

  9. Lovely post(:
    Shopping makes me happy too!

  10. Mmm, I also love tea, shopping, money, and makeup! And of course family & friends, goes without saying :)
    What a nice lil tag, I think I'll do it too.
    I found your blog from I'm now following, love it!

    - Monica

  11. yay! i'll do this too! :)
    Thanks for tagging. <3

  12. Please check out and follow my blog

  13. i have to say i love your blog!! i have just started my own... check it out if you have a minute. thanks!

  14. I sway towards online shopping too and once I have done my shopping at ASOS etc I never have any left to shop in store! :)

  15. what a cute tag!
    great responses

  16. Cute post!

    Nice blog. I'm going to follow. Check out my blog when you get a chance as well.


  17. I made one of these too... great idea for an award!! Check it out if you get a chance:


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