Thursday, 14 January 2010

Review: Lush 'Big' Shampoo

I know that there are a few reviews on this already in the beauty blogging community but after using it for the first time, i thought i would give my say on this product!

Price: £9.90 for 330g

What lush say about 'big': Sea salt shampoo for shine, softness and volume. Big is 50% salt. It looks like semolina and smells like a margarita with lemon, lime and salt, with a handful of vanilla and iris thrown in. Whenever you use it, you'll rush up to strangers, inviting them to feel your lovely soft hair. How does it work? It has a softening seaweed infusion, as well as sea salt and coconut oil, so we knew it was going to be good. But we even surprised ourselves when we tested the first batch on ourselves and found how brilliant it was'

I bought this product just after christmas whilst the 'sales' were on in lush but after hearing such good things about it i had been eyeing it up for a while. I thought as it was 'spend £20 get free goodies' i went ahead and picked it up.

Lush doesnt give much away about this product and i was intrigued to use it, but before i did had to check with a few girlies on twitter whether or not to use conditioner afterwards!

I must admit i was a little skeptical about using a product on my hair that is made fom 50% sea salt!

The reviews id read wernt that this product made your hair 'big' but how shiny it was!

I applied quite a lot as i have quite long, really thick hair and rubbed it all over my head, at first it didnt really seem like it was doing much so i added a little more and then it really lathered up.

After a few minutes i rinsed out and conditioned my hair using my normal conditioner, which is the loreal elvive one in the pink bottle.

I didnt use any styling products afterwards and apart from my fringe i left my hair to dry naturally.

Normally when its left to dry naturally my hair will go really wavy, but it didnt it dried quite straight and SUPER shiny! I was so impressed, it felt so silky and shiny!

I would highly recommend this product, i know that some people may find it pricey but its quite a big pot you get and you dont need to use a big amount each time. I would also use this quite sparingly, maybe once or twice a week as i have read that it can be quite stripping on hair colour.

Overall i am extremely happy, glad i took the plunge in purchasing and if you want super shiny hair then this product is for you! Would recommend to anyone!


  1. Fab review hun, got my full size Big now and I lovvve it :) xxx

  2. Thank you for the review, I'll be sure to check this out next time i'm in Lush :) xx

  3. Great review chuck I've got a sample of this but haven't dared to use it, I thought it would make my hair dry but I'll give it a go. I want super shiny hair :) x x

  4. I dye my hair quite dark from a fairly dark blone natuarally - any idea how stripping? I quite fancy super shiny hair though...

    laura jaye xox

  5. I really want to try this. Great review my lovely xx

  6. I really want to try this but am only using semi permanent hair colour so don't know if I can..

  7. Nice! I've been meaning to try it out lately anyway. I'm also hosting a blogsale right now, so if you're interested, please take a look!

  8. Great review!! I love Big shampoo, I find it especially fab after a week at work to get the product build up out my hair!! x

  9. Thanks for doing this review, its been on my shopping list for ages. Going to try this as soon as I've finished my current shampoo x

  10. @Chloe: Thankyou for your comment my lovely, it is an amazing shampoo! :) Love shiny hair! xxx

    @Ellie: Thank you hun, yeah definitely check it out! xx

    @Natalie: Thank you for your comment chick, definitely use your sample you will love it! :) xx

    @Laura: Thanks hun, not sure about the colour stripping thats only what ive read, i dye my hair and although ive only used it once it didnt seem to strip any colour so if you use it once/twice a week i sure youll be fine :) xx

    @Lollipop: Thank you so much hunny :) xx

    @Sarah: Thanks for your comment babe, Im sure you will be fine hun, as long as you didnt use it as your normal conditioner! xox

    @Y: Thanks for your comment! :) xx

    @Suzi: Thank you hun, your right, it is an amazing product! im glad ive found it :) xx

    @Fei: No problem hun, & thank you for your comment! If your unsure to purchase, definitely ask for a sample :) xxx

    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments :) I appreciate each & every one! xx

  11. I may have to try this out- I keep meaning to venture more into other things in Lush, as i've stritcly stuck to bath bomb/melts.
    glad its so goo :)

  12. Lovely blog!

  13. definately need to purchase this! xxx

  14. Oooh, great review, I'll pick some of this up next time I'm at Lush! Have a fabulous weekend! xxx


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